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Beautiful and original skirts for girls with knitting needles (with descriptions and diagrams). How to knit a skirt for a girl with knitting needles (with a description)
Beautiful and original skirts for girls with knitting needles (with descriptions and diagrams). How to knit a skirt for a girl with knitting needles (with a description)

Many mothers love to dress up their daughters, make them different hairstyles and pamper them with gifts. And knitting mothers knit miniature children's things with great pleasure.

knitted skirts for girls with a description

For a craftswoman who knows how to manage yarn, knitting a skirt for a girl with knitting needles (with or without a description) is not a problem. If the model is relatively simple, it can be completed in just a few days.

Material selection

Before buying yarn, you should decide on the purpose of the product. There are winter, summer and demi-season skirts for girls with knitting needles. The description that is usually attached to the model can be checked, but you should not blindly follow it. You need to understand the properties and characteristics of different materials.

The main characteristics of the yarn are:

  • Composition.
  • Thickness.
  • Measurement.

The more natural fibers in a thread, the better. The ideal option is yarn that consists entirely of cotton, wool, or includesboth of these components. For example, it is better to take soft wool (100%) or wool with cotton (50/50%) to knit warm skirts for girls with knitting needles. You need to be careful with the description of the pattern - you should choose only solid ornaments.

Bamboo, linen or silk can also play the role of a softening additive. Of course, when there is acrylic in the composition, the yarn will cost less. But it is worth remembering that acrylic is a synthetic fiber. It does not absorb moisture and does not retain heat, but it is excellent for sweating.

Threads in which the acrylic content is small: no more than 50% can be a compromise.

For summer and demi-season products, those types of yarn that contain only cotton, linen and bamboo or the same components together with acrylic are well suited.

Easiest to knit with medium thickness yarn with medium weight, such as 250-350m/100g.


The photo below shows a universal skirt model. It can be knitted in almost any yarn and can be worn for any occasion. In addition, such a product is easy to recalculate for a larger size. It is enough to increase the number of rapports (repeating parts of the scheme) and the total length.

knit a skirt for a girl with knitting needles with a description

The easiest way to knit from the bottom up. Then the final size of the skirt for girls with knitting needles is known. A description of the creation of just such a model can be found below.

skirts for girls knitting pattern and description

The drawing shows the dimensions for the manufacture of five options for skirts. The smallest is 28 cm long, andthe longest is 53 cm. To determine the right numbers, you should take measurements from the child who will wear the finished skirt.

Then you need to knit a small fragment of the selected yarn to calculate the density of the future fabric. This indicator will be different for each craftswoman, since the numbers depend on the thickness of the thread and the features of the knitter's work.

The finished sample is measured in width and height. Then calculate how many loops (P) you need to dial to form the first row (P). For example, if 10 cm of the sample contains 22 P, then to knit a 47 cm wide fabric, you need to dial 103 P.

Depending on her skills, the craftswoman can choose the way to work in a circle or in straight and return rows. Both methods are convenient. The following describes how to knit a skirt for a girl with knitting needles with a description of a circular fabric. However, if there are concerns that the calculations performed are incorrect, it is better to work with two parts (front and back). This way you can quickly identify and fix the error.

Main steps: how to knit a skirt for a girl with knitting needles (with a description)

On circular needles it is necessary to dial loops for the first row, the length of which should be equal to the bottom line of the product.

Next, the first circular R is performed: all Ps are knitted with facial (Person. P).

To avoid folding the edge, it is worth knitting a few R.

Then the canvas is divided into wedges. Depending on the size of the product, the number of wedges will be different: 14-15-16-18-20 (relative to the sizes indicated on the pattern).

Each wedge separates from the nextlongitudinal scar, which is knitted according to the scheme (in the figure next to the pattern). Based on this ornament, you can make different versions of a skirt for a girl with knitting needles: the patterns and description are universal.

The main fabric is a stocking knit: from the front side of the Persons. P, from the wrong side - Out. P. If desired, the craftswoman can replace this elementary ornament with a more complex one.

The fabric is knitted from the bottom up, the wedges narrow in the process. At the last stage, an elastic band and a lace are made.

Knitting a volume scarf

As shown in the diagram, the volumetric border between the wedges does not affect the change in the number of loops in the rows of the canvas. This pattern maintains a balance: in the first row, a crochet is made (that is, one element is added), but in the third, one loop is cut.

More about rib knitting:

  1. Persons. P, yarn over, person. P. On knitting needles 3 P.
  2. All P according to the drawing (Out. P). On the needles 3 P.
  3. The first P is transferred to the right knitting needle, the next two are knitted together, the first P is transferred to the left knitting needle and put on the P obtained from the second and third. On the needles 2 P.
  4. All P according to the picture. On the needles 2 P.

Next, you need to follow the above algorithm (from point 1 to point 4).

How to properly narrow a skirt

Stitches in wedges are reduced by successive decrease near the rib:

  1. At a height of 3-5 cm from the inlaid edge, cut one P on the left side of each wedge. This means that after almost all P wedges are completed, the last twoyou need to knit one.
  2. At a height of 6-10 cm from the edge of the product, it is required to cut one P on the right side of each wedge. When the scar is completed, the first two P of each wedge should be knitted with one person. P.

Abbreviations should be repeated at the specified frequency. If you ignore the checkerboard cuts and constantly remove the R only on the right or only on the left, the wedges will have a spiral shape.

Finishing a skirt for girls with knitting needles (with description)

To keep the product tightly on the child's waist, you should tie a belt. The width can be varied depending on your own preferences. The described model is decorated with a wide belt made with 1:1 elastic band.

This part of the work needs to be done especially diligently and tightly. You can use thinner needles to make the ribbing really elastic.

This model is designed to be tucked into a blouse. And girls like such knitted skirts with knitting needles (with diagrams and descriptions). Various cords threaded through a knitted fabric look good. This decoration also has a practical function - it keeps the skirt at the waist.

The cord is usually knitted from the same thread from which the product itself is knitted. You can thread it between the loops of the elastic band or make a row with special holes:knit two P together, double crochet. Repeat sequence fromtountil the end of the row.

For those who wish to try their hand at a more difficult test, another model has been proposed.

knitting skirts for girls with knitting needles with a description

It suits both the smallest fashionistas and older girls.

knitted skirts with diagrams and descriptions for girls

The knitting pattern is not difficult, but it requires attention and concentration.

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