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Best Beauty Books Reviewed
Best Beauty Books Reviewed

How can a woman always stay on top? Everything matters: well-groomed hair, a toned figure, the right choice of outfits and makeup, a blooming and he althy skin. Today we have prepared for you a selection of the best beauty books that will allow you to learn how to properly care for yourself!

"Hair. World History”

Who is Kurt Stenn? This is an outstanding world expert who is well versed in hair. He is also the author of a popular book about the beauty of curls! Kurt invites his readers on an exciting journey through the history of hair. He will talk about the role they have played in fashion, art, industry, sports and even criminalistics! Critics call this work a microhistorical study that can reveal many different sides of an amazing fiber.

Books about beauty

“The myth of beauty. Stereotypes against women”

This book about beauty, published by the American journalist and writer Naomi Wolf, will tell the beautiful half of humanity about the origin of stereotypes about female beauty, which restrict freedom as much aspatriarchal domestic slavery. Naomi tried to answer questions about why physical perfection becomes a fixed idea, and why women do not live up to this ideal brings a lot of suffering. Wulf says: even having reached some kind of ideal, young ladies still lose, because they sacrifice not only their he alth and beauty, but also their sexuality and even life as a sacrifice to generally accepted standards! This bestseller, which has been translated into dozens of languages, reminds readers that today they are able to decide for themselves how they want to look, while not looking back at the dictates of an overly cruel beauty myth. It is worth noting that the book may also be useful for the representatives of the stronger sex, because today the myth of beauty draws them into its sphere of influence.

The myth of beauty. Stereotypes against women"

Korean Beauty Secrets

If you're looking for a beauty and skincare book, check out this edition by Charlotte Cho. After graduating from a California college, the girl came to Seoul, where she experienced a real culture shock. True, it was not local customs or cuisine that surprised her, but the Asian way of skin care. Charlotte explains to readers that in Western culture, skin care is a daily boring routine, but Koreans perceive this procedure as an investment in their own well-being. By the way, Cho not only published a book, but also launched her own online store selling Korean cosmetics.

The Science of Beauty

The book "The Science of Beauty", co-authored by two professionalcosmetologists - Oksana Shatrova and Tiina Orasmäe-Meder - will answer all questions about cosmetics for readers. Probably, every girl stood in front of the window for a long time in an attempt to understand the terms that are indicated on the label of the cosmetic bottles they liked. In addition, many went to doctors who offered products of a particular brand, but failed to explain what exactly their miraculous effect was. Oksana and Tiina will tell the fair sex about how this or that cosmetic ingredient appeared, what its effect is, and whether there may be any side effects. And in this book, cosmetologists will try to explain what should be included in the product that is right for you.

"The Science of Beauty"

"Oh la la! French secrets to great looks”

Looking for a book about woman's beauty and femininity? Take a look at this work by Jamie Cat Callan. Probably, every woman thought about how French women manage to maintain their charm and beauty even at a very mature age. And even when by nature they have average data. The inhabitants of this country do not go under the knife of plastic surgeons, do not strive to follow world trends, but they look very dignified, have incredible charm and impeccable taste. Jamie Cat Callan has good news for you: it's all learnable! In her book, she will talk about everything that her charming French women have taught.

Beauty Secrets for Girls

Book "Beauty Secrets for Girls",written by the Frenchwoman Ophelia Nguan, is now available to young Russian women. Under its cover are collected the best advice from recognized world beauty experts. The secrets of flawless facial skin, suitable makeup and manicure, body care rules - all this information is collected in one book. And the girls are waiting for a selection of exercises, performing which they can become owners of very slender figures. It is worth noting that Ofelia has prepared for her readers recipes for incredibly delicious dishes from which it is impossible to get fat.

"Beauty Secrets for Girls"

Beauty is for lazy people

This publication, the authors of which - Joy Pento, Julie Levoyer and Soledad Bravi - is not so much a book as a real training. With his help, any woman can become incredibly beautiful and well-groomed without having to study at a beauty institute and without spending a lot of money. The program of this training consists of the following items:

  • determining the type of hair and skin;
  • selecting the right face and body care;
  • choice of cosmetics and tools;
  • choice of perfumery, suitable not only for smell, but also for character, mood;
  • selection of makeup that will emphasize all the advantages.
"Beauty is for lazy people"


Another beauty book perfect for sloths! Elena Karkukli will teach any young lady to stop the aging process by doing her face for only 10 minutes a day! Who Should Read This Edition? For those who think about attractivenessand he alth and dreams of stopping the appearance of wrinkles. Under the cover of this book are collected face fitness exercises with which women can get rid of the hated second chin, smooth out deep nasolabial folds, remove the wrinkle on the bridge of the nose and restore the so-called "corner of youth"! Forget plastic surgeons, all you need is this book and 10 minutes.

“Audrey Hepburn. Style secrets»

If you're looking for a book about beauty, style and feminine charm, check out this book by Pamela Clark Keogh. The publication tells about one of the most talented and vibrant women, a true style icon - Audrey Hepburn. She had an amazing innate taste, fascinated fans with a great acting game. In addition, she always looked great: she emphasized all her advantages and skillfully hid her flaws. Pamela tells her readers about how the unique style of this woman was formed, how it developed, what features are characteristic of it.

"Audrey Hepburn. Secrets of style»

What would Grace do?

Who is Grace Kelly? She is known to many as the Princess of Monaco. She is also a wonderful woman, a mother, a great film actress and, of course, the epitome of elegance and success. However, her life consisted not only of dizzying victories. Gina McKinnon will share the secrets of a brilliant woman and talk about her mistakes. In this book, you'll learn how to learn modern manners, find your own style, meet a prince, and combine parenting with a career!

A Year Lived Right

Probably, every person throughout his life has repeatedly made various promises to himself: for example, start jogging in the morning, drink two liters of water daily, reduce the amount of sweets in your diet. Usually a person tries to start a new life on Monday, but by Wednesday he realizes that he cannot cope with such a pace. The author of the book "52 Steps to a He althy Lifestyle" says: you need to make changes in your own life carefully. Brett Blumenthal offers his readers a program that consists of 52 small steps. Everything will change: nutrition, sports activities, attitude towards yourself and the world around you!

"A Year Lived Right"

The Beauty of a Woman

The "Beauty of a Woman" series of books includes seven editions that tell how to maintain an excellent figure without tormenting your body with diets, cure your hair and learn how to take care of them. From this series you can learn about facial care - the books contain recipes for masks that give a truly amazing effect! And the ladies are waiting for the secrets of makeup and creating hairstyles, manicure - you can find both festive and everyday options!

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