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DIY time capsule
DIY time capsule

Sometimes time starts to run at an incredible speed. And in such periods, I really want to plunge into memories, flip through photo albums, look at my school diaries. Hands reach favorite audio and video collections, not to mention those recordings that capture our past life. Memories are an important part of everyone's life. But you begin to understand this only after a few years.

A few words about what a capsule is

You can prepare a gift for yourself that will become very expensive in the future. This is a time capsule. With the help of it, you can convey greetings from the past to your future. This item is not just one way to save memories. With the help of a capsule, you can get nice gifts, go through memory, go on an exciting journey. The time capsule is a way to express yourself.

time capsule

In a broad sense, a capsule should be understood as a message to your future generation. Basically, messages are placed in a strong container, after which it must be hidden or buried. You need to choose a place for this yourself, guided by your own preferences. Quite often, a time capsule is created by several people. In such a situation, it often has a historical orpolitical nature.

The first such capsules were used in 1937. However, examples of such messages can be found in ancient times. The purpose of the message is to preserve the history of a certain time period.

DIY time capsule

In this review, the time capsule will not have a global character. It is only necessary to describe how to create it for yourself and your family. In addition, it should be noted that the time capsule can become a wonderful tradition, eventually becoming a relic, a family treasure.

No need to look for reasons to create a capsule

Capsule creation event can be anything. This is the New Year, and the birthday, and the wedding, and the birth of a child. There can be a huge number of options. For example, you decide to create a capsule in which you need to put wishes for your child. It will be possible to open it only when he turns 18 years old. And not before. Accordingly, the capsule will need to be packed and hidden.

Important points to consider when creating a capsule

how to make a time capsule

You can create a time capsule with your own hands. What do you need to consider?

  1. Its shelf life. First of all, you need to decide how long it should lie before opening. If it was created on New Year's Eve, then the period of its storage should be equal to one year. A capsule created on a wedding day can be opened for a specific anniversary. A message addressed to a child can be printed,when they reach adulthood. When laying the capsule in the base of the house, the period of its storage can reach 70 years. In this case, the message will be read by the grandchildren.
  2. If you're wondering how to make a time capsule, find a place to store it. Previously, it was buried in the ground. If this suits you, then you need to find a sealed iron shell. You may not bury the message. It is enough to put it in a box and hide it in a secluded place. For example, in the attic.
  3. To create, you need to pick up a container of a certain size. It can be a beautiful jar, a thermos, a suitcase or a safe. Any container to store the message will do. You should first put a bag inside it that will absorb moisture. Such material is available in new shoes. It will help prevent message corruption.
  4. Do you want to understand how to make a time capsule with your own hands? Figure out how you fill it. After that, it will be necessary to pack the finished box, wrap it with tape or beautiful paper. You can use sealing wax to create a family seal.
  5. Well, you will definitely need to make a reminder. The main thing is not to open the box ahead of time. The date must be indicated on the capsule. In order not to forget about an important event, you will need to send yourself an email with a reminder. At the present stage, there are such opportunities. You can also leave a note on your mobile device.
wedding time capsule

New wedding tradition

At the present stage, there is a hugenumber of different traditions and rituals. However, every year there are more and more of them. You can diversify the celebration in many ways. And among the popular options is the creation of a time capsule.

The meaning of the ritual lies in the fact that about a day before the wedding, lovers should write letters to each other. You can specify anything in them. In this case, you need to be guided only by your own imagination. Items, souvenirs, memorabilia, etc. can be attached to the letter.

what does a time capsule look like

After this letter must be given to the witness and the witness. They must keep the messages until the wedding celebration begins. During the ceremony, the letters are given to the host. He, without opening them, must hide the messages in a capsule. On it you will need to write the time and date when it should be opened. Then the messages are either buried or hidden in a secluded place. This is the meaning behind the wedding time capsule.

It's easy to make your own capsule

You can make a capsule yourself. This will require some capacity. For example, a tea tin or can. A glass bottle might work too. The selected container must be well packed so that it looks beautiful and solemn. You can use wrapping paper, ribbons. In this case, your imagination will be the main assistant. After packaging, the capsule of the message must be corked, close the container. And it should be done as much as possible.thoroughly. You can even hang a padlock.

What can you put in a box of memories?

The above described what a time capsule looks like and how it can be created. But what should be packed in it?

  1. Written message to yourself or your family. You can write anything in it.
  2. Photos. You, your family, pets can be imprinted on them.
  3. You can pack your desires and goals into a capsule. It will be interesting to see what has been achieved in the future.
  4. The capsule may contain a video interview. It will need to be written to a disc or flash drive.
  5. The capsule can hold toys, books, magazines, newspapers, diaries, etc.

What should not be placed in a time capsule?

  1. Food is better not to pack. In the future, you will not want to be near an open capsule.
  2. It is not recommended to place earth and expensive items.
  3. Don't put batteries in.

There are many things that are not recommended for packing. But the above elements must first be removed away from the time capsule. Such a message will not bring pleasure, as well as pleasant emotions.

The capsule's unique ability

how to make your own time capsule

In this review, it was said about a message to yourself in the future. How to create a capsule with your own hands, what you can pack into it, what you need to consider when creating it - all this has been described in sufficient detail. It should be noted that the capsule is a unique opportunity. With it, you cantravel through your memories. Has an important event happened in your life? Create a capsule that will remind you of him ten years from now. You can get a lot of emotions from this. And they will only be positive. It is interesting to know what a person will be in ten years. This time will pass unnoticed. And the capsule will allow him to stop, to remember how you were and what path you have traveled.

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