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Beautiful booties for a girl with knitting needles: with a description, knitting turns into pleasure
Beautiful booties for a girl with knitting needles: with a description, knitting turns into pleasure

If a woman looks at cute knitted socks or booties with tenderness, it will probably not be difficult for her to create them herself. Why buy ready-made, when in just a few hours you can knit unique ones that you can’t find in any store? Yes, and shopping takes a lot of precious time. How to knit beautiful booties for a girl with knitting needles? With a description, it is much more convenient to do this, especially for beginner craftswomen.

Love from Mom

Before the appearance of the little one, many mothers do not just prepare a wardrobe for him or her, but try to do every thing with their own hands. When the baby is already born, it is so nice to put beautiful and warm booties on tiny legs. For newborn girls and boys, they will be both protection from minor injuries and cold, and a comfortable element of clothing.

bootiesfor girls

Modern booties add originality to any children's outfit - mom will be very happy. By the way, not all babies who are starting to learn to walk will be comfortable in hard shoes, and booties are just right for this.

To your princess or as a gift?

How to knit beautiful booties for a girl with knitting needles? With a description and a photo, it's easier to do this - you can find some useful advice. For beginner craftswomen, it is better to choose a model that is easier, and those who have been knitting for more than one year can add lace and decorative details.

Before starting work, you need to find out the length of the foot of the baby or baby - measure from the tip of the thumb to the extreme point of the heel. If the booties are knitted as a gift, it is easier to use average sizes.

Comfortable baby booties

In newborn babies, the length of the foot is 9 centimeters, at the age of three months to six months - 11.5 centimeters, from six months to a year - 12.5 cm, from one to one and a half years - 14 cm, and from one and a half to two years - 15.5 cm.

How to knit beautiful booties for a girl with knitting needles? It is much more convenient to do this with a description.

Knitting should start from the sole. On the knitting needles, dial the number of loops that you need (you need to calculate in advance). The work is done in garter or face knit. For a newborn baby, 10 loops along with hem loops will be enough. Make additions through one row - along each edge and in the middle of the canvas. It is more convenient if the knitter marks the middle loop and makes four additions. Next, knit with an even clothten rows.

From decrease to new set

The next step is decreasing stitches. So the sole will be correctly framed. Continue until the same number of loops remain on the knitting needles as it was at the beginning - ten. The last row does not need to be closed.

If the booties are knitted for the first time, it is better to write down each action so that the second one turns out exactly the same.

Beautiful booties for girls with knitting needles with a description are better to knit as follows.

On the sides and back of the sole, you need to pick up new loops and knit them in a circle. For the convenience of work, pieces of elastic bands can be put on the ends of the knitting needles. Knitting of the toe begins after twelve rows. To get a smooth beautiful edge, you need to knit a row evenly, to the last loop. Knit the last one together with the first one on the side.

Now the fabric needs to be turned over, and the wrong side should also be knitted evenly, neatly, and the last loop should be knitted from the side at the same time.

Beautiful baby booties

The toe will increase slightly, and the side part, on the contrary, will decrease. You can decorate the top when the number of loops on the knitting needles is the same. In the first row, the craftswoman can make holes for the laces. How to do it? In the right place, it is enough to knit two loops together, and then gradually add the same number of loops and knit evenly.

The last row must be finished with purl so that the edge does not wrap. You can decorate to your taste - knitted flowers, bows or regular beads.

28 eyelet shoes

Beautifulbooties for a girl with knitting needles with a description of the procedure for performing actions can be easily knitted.

The thread will only take 50 grams.

Cast on 28 sts on straight needles with main color yarn. Make 52 rows in garter stitch (the size of the booties will depend on how many rows are knitted). Cast off 8 sts on the right side in one step, leaving 20 sts.

Continue to knit in a different color: work 4 rows with the front surface, the same number - wrong side. Rapport must be repeated 7 times. Finish with knit stitches, finishing with a one-step closure.

Booties for girls

It's time to put the pieces together. First you need to sew the main part of the booties, lay a basting seam along the rest and pull everything to the center.

The upper part of the booties is made in the same way. Edges that protrude should be turned away.

You can decorate as you wish. Agree that knitting beautiful booties for a girl with knitting needles for beginners with a description is not as difficult as it seems.

In closing

After describing the options for making comfortable shoes for the smallest young ladies, even a novice craftswoman will be able to knit them on her own. You just need to set a goal, choose a model and purchase the necessary yarn. Everything is ready. You can start knitting beautiful booties for a girl with knitting needles. With a description, it will, of course, be more convenient, especially if mommy gives such a gift to her baby for the first time.

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