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How to crochet a bow for decoration
How to crochet a bow for decoration

At all times, people tried to decorate their clothes. Decorative elements that bring zest to outfits have always been treated very reverently. It could be flowers, ribbons, beads, embroidery, precious threads, etc. But the classic is a bow! Various variations do not lose their relevance, giving the product elegance and femininity.

Crochet a bow is very easy, because almost everything is decorated with them: hats, gloves, bags, shoes, home decoration, accessories and even jewelry! In women's attire, it can be present in the form of a brooch, necklace. By making a simple little bow, you will turn an ordinary everyday look into a more elegant and delicate one.

How to crochet bows large and small, simple and more complex, we will tell further.

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How to crochet a bow for beginners

Each needlewoman sooner or later faces a problem when you need to decorate a knitted product with a bow. Make a similar decor with your ownhands will not be difficult if you follow the instructions below.

bow scheme

Here's how to crochet a bow for beginners step by step:

  1. First of all, roll an amigurumi ring out of yarn and knit five air loops from it.
  2. In the same ring, knit five to seven columns with two crochets, and then dial five loops again and connect the chain with the ring with a half-column.
  3. Knitting must be carried out inside the ring, without splitting the thread.
  4. Next work five more stitches and five to seven double crochets.
  5. We continue to work with five loops and a half-column in the ring.
  6. Cut off the working thread, leaving a tail of about 15 cm.
  7. The amigurumi ring needs to be tightened, and we wrap the center of the bow with a long thread, laying coil to coil.
knitting a small bow

Hide the ends of the threads with a needle or hook. A cute little accessory is ready!

Simple flat bow

The next decoration can decorate any knitted product.

Before you crochet a bow, stock up on the following:

  • Yarn (you can take two shades).
  • Crochet matching thread number.
  • With a needle (better than a darning needle).
  • Scissors.

At the beginning of work, it will be necessary to dial a chain of sixteen air loops. Then, starting from the second loop from the hook, work single crochet to the end of the chain (15 pieces).

One lifting loop, turn the work and knit another row. Soknit from six to ten rows. It turns out a rectangle - this is the main detail of the bow.

Now we need to tie the product around the edge with one row of single crochets. If you decide to create a two-color bow, then take a yarn of a different color.

The jumper is formed from the same thread (in the case of knitting a two-color bow) or from the main one. Cast on 6 stitches for her and work 8 rows with single crochets.

design idea

It remains only to assemble the bow. In the center, pull it with a thread, wrap it with a tied jumper over it. Sew the edges together, and hide the ends of the thread.

How to crochet a small bow

Sometimes, to finish some small thing (for example, a baby blouse, booties, hats), you need a tiny delicate decor. How to crochet a bow so that it harmoniously fits into the concept of the product? A method is suitable in which they first knit a chain of air loops (50 pieces will be enough), and then knit a double crochet, half crochet or single crochet into each loop.

small bows

The thread is cut and hidden inside. The resulting strip is folded into a pretzel and fixed in the middle, decorated with a bead, cabochon, rhinestones, etc.

A bow imitating a knotted ribbon

Small voluminous crochet bows are wonderful decorative elements. They are suitable for decorating clothes, and for creating jewelry, and for many other purposes.

It looks rather serious, but there are no special skills for makingrequired. It is better to crochet a bow for a hat from thin yarn. Don't use a very thick one: it will give the product a rough look, because crochet is already very stiff.

The bow looks great in a two-tone version: the border will emphasize the beauty of the accessory.

So, first knit a narrow strip with the main shade of yarn. For her, dial 50 loops, and then go through nine rows of single crochets. Tie the edge with another thread, to form corners in each extreme column, knit four columns of strapping.

Fold the resulting rectangular element in half, connect the edges with a needle. Fold the ring with a seam in the middle.

In the same way, a jumper is created: from a chain of 15 loops, we knit a strip using single crochets (five rows will be enough). We lay it in the middle and overlap the seam, fasten it.

Now knit another long strip in the main color yarn (the same width as the bow loops), fold it in half at a 45 degree angle and sew from the inside out.

This is how an original accessory is created from a few simple stripes.

Openwork bow

And for the hairpin of the little princess, tie small openwork bows. Take cotton, thin yarn: it will perfectly emphasize the knitting pattern and hold the shape. The leftover threads, for example, white and pink, will come in handy.

Let the main yarn be pink. From it we will collect 81 air loops, close the chain into a ring and continue knitting in a circle. The diagram is attached below.

openwork scheme

On reachingtie the edge with white thread to the desired width.

The jumper of the bow is knitted with pink yarn. Assembling the accessory.

openwork bow

Now it remains to decorate it. To do this, we will knit a small flower.

In the amigurumi ring we knit five air loops, connect with a half-column. Then, in each column of the previous row, we knit two air loops, a magnificent column of three crochets, two air loops. This flower will be sewn into the middle of the item.

That's it, the openwork bow is ready! It remains to attach it to a hairpin or elastic band and decorate the hair.

Double bow

It's very easy to do. A stunning effect is obtained when using sectional yarn.

Cast on 15 air loops and continue to knit with single crochets for a length of about twenty centimeters. Each craftswoman has her own knitting density, so the number of rows will be different.

Then we knit the second strip. It will be necessary to dial 10 loops, and tie 24 cm.

Sew both strips into rings and put the smaller one into the larger one. We combine the seams, lay them in the middle and tighten.

Create a jumper: cast on 4 air loops and knit a strip to a length that can be wrapped around the tightened middle.

Done! A stunning bow with smooth color transitions is ready!

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