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"Metro 2033": a summary of the chapters of the book
"Metro 2033": a summary of the chapters of the book

Maybe someone just decided to refresh their memory, maybe someone after a long enough break decided to read the sequel - "Metro 2034" and "Metro 2035", but there is no time to re-read the previous book. For them, we publish a summary of Metro 2033. There is only the backbone here, the basis of the storyline that revolves around the main character.

Preface to summary

Let's start our summary of "Metro 2033" by Dmitry Glukhovsky with a brief excursion into the post-apocalyptic world of the subway as a whole. The book tells about those who, at the time of the nuclear attack on Moscow, were lucky enough to be in the subway. All doors were closed on alarm, and people were cut off from the outside world. Now they live underground. Over time, the metro has been divided into various confessions, there are sections where the communists rule, there are adherents of democracy, such as the Hansa, but in the remote parts of the branches there are ordinary people who do not care aboutpolitical and other struggle.

They eat mushrooms grown on plantations and rats. Some people are lucky enough to have pigs. Each station has its own specialization. For example, at the VDNH station, where the main character Artem lives, they grow something that they brew and drink like tea.

First chapter

Watchmen in Metro 2033

So, Glukhovsky's "Metro 2033", a summary of chapter 1. Previously, the main character Artem lived at another station that fell under the invasion of rats. He was rescued by one of the soldiers and subsequently lived with him among the small population of the VDNKh station.

Recently, from the side of the neighboring station, some incomprehensible entities began to make themselves felt, which were dubbed Black people. Artyom suspects that they may well have come from the surface, because, as teenagers, he and his friends tried to make a sortie to the surface and on the way back they were unable to close the hermetic doors at the nearby abandoned Botanichesky Sad station.

Second chapter

An experienced stalker nicknamed Hunter comes to the station, having heard about black people. After a short conversation, he cunningly lures the truth from Artyom. He tells him about the remaining open door at the next station.

Stalker said they should be executed for this. But after he slightly frightened the guy, he gave him an order. If he does not return from his trip towards the Botanical Garden station, so that the guy goes to Polis (the central station of the Hansa association, located near the Centrallibrary"), tracked down a man named Melnik and handed him a capsule made from a cartridge.

Third chapter

Hunter told him to wait a couple of days. They passed, but the hunter never appeared. And Artem is going to go. Uncle Sasha (his stepfather) was against his adopted son wandering around the metro, but when he announced that he had signed up with a friend in a caravan at the Riga station, he did not resist.

So, four people, armed with Kalashnikovs, set off on a railcar. He never told his father that he was going to continue on after Rizhskaya.

Fourth chapter

Subway Fighters 2033

The caravan arrives safely at Alekseevskaya station. Artyom thinks about how to make it easier to make the way to the huge station “Biblioteka im. Lenin", the final path. Like it or not, it turns out that his path lies either through the “Reds”, adherents of communism, or through stations that preach fascism and call their association the “Fourth Reich”. Passing through such stations does not bode well.

The caravan sets off again. On the way, Artyom begins to hear some kind of muffled voices. Nobody else heard them. Instead, his comrades simply fell into some kind of trance and began to fall asleep. Artyom, who did not fall into a trance, had to save his squad alone. But the voices had a very strong effect on his psyche.

On Rizhskaya, Artyom met a guy named Bourbon, who found out that Artyom was not subject to any "trances" and stuffed himself into his partners along the tunnel to the station.Sukharevskaya. For two full automatic magazines and food on the road, Artem agrees to take Bourbon with him.

Fifth Chapter

They safely reached the station. “Prospect Mira”, except for the fact that Artyom heard a voice this time, somewhat different from those heard from the pipe to the station. "Rizhskaya". At that moment, a kind of insight almost descended on him, but the next moment everything was gone.

Further, their path went directly to Sukharevskaya, and at some point some kind of psychic wave began to dominate the travelers. Artyom began to hear voices again, and Bourbon, meanwhile, died. Artyom could not leave his body to the rats, and began to drag him further on himself. But a traveler who met him on the way dissuaded him from this occupation. Subsequently, they went to a dark station, and Artyom fell asleep exhausted.

Metro map 2033

Sixth chapter

Summary of "Metro 2033" chapter 6 let's start with the fact that, waking up, Artyom finally met his random companion. He called himself the last incarnation of the great Genghis Khan and a sorcerer, but he allowed Artyom to call himself simply Khan. The other day, in Bourbon's backpack, Artem came across a very detailed metro map and took it with him. Khan called this strangely marked map the legendary Guidebook, which has the ability to warn travelers who follow it of impending danger.

Khan could really mentally influence people, which helped him gather several people from the dark station in order to escort Artyom to Kitay-Gorod, because, according to himAccording to him, circumstances will not allow him to reach Polis alone along the path he has chosen.

Seventh Chapter

On the way, on the "Turgenevskaya", there was a discord in the caravan and their detachment broke up in two. Some wanted to go through one tunnel, Khan, Artyom and Tuz - through the second. They survived and those died.

Haunted by some invisible threat, they finally came to the station, "Kitay-Gorod", which was under the rule of two bandit groups. There they were finally able to come to their senses somewhat. Here their paths with Khan diverge.

Eighth chapter

The station was attacked and Artyom had to run away. Along the way, he helps an older man who is having a heart attack. He was with a child with Down syndrome. They spent the night among the technicians who lived in the car. They were arranged in a tent, in which Mikhail Porfiryevich (that was the name of the man he helped) told him something about the Reds and about the metro legend - the Emerald City. Most likely, someone managed to eavesdrop on their conversation, since the Reds wanted to arrest Mikhail Porfiryevich. Artyom somehow imagined that Hunter was warning him of a future danger, and they ran towards Pushkinskaya.

But there, one of the fascist officers didn't like Vanechka, a boy with Down's disease, which is very reminiscent of a mutation. He shot him, and then Mikhail Porfiryevich. When trying to save the man, Artyom kills one of the officers, for which he is thrown into a cage.

Nine Chapter

Station in metro 2033

Further briefwe decided to simplify the content of Metro 2033, and more precisely, chapter 9, since nothing happens in it, for the most part. Artyom sits in a cage for the entire chapter and endures bullying by the Nazis. Only at the end, when he is executed by hanging, out of nowhere, a gang of reds appears and saves the guy from the noose.

Chapter 10

After spending some time with the Chegevara detachment, all the fighters of which Artyom really liked, and to such an extent that he seriously thought about staying with them, he continues on his way. Disembarked by the fighters on Paveletskaya, he meets a guy named Mark, who explains to him that without a passport, which the Nazis still have, he is barred from entering the territory of the Hansa.

He decides to take part in the rat race. The prize for winning will be a free pass to Hansa. In the event of a loss, he and Mark had to clean the local outhouses throughout the year. The untrained rat of Artem and Mark lost and they set to work. But on the fifth day, Artyom got sick of it, and he ran down the tunnel towards Dobryninskaya. He entered the station under the guise of a plumber, but he was immediately tied up and thrown out at Serpukhovskaya. Thus, Artyom again found himself outside the Hansa. At the abandoned station "Polyanka" he was picked up, washed and changed by members of the post-Armageddon sect.

Chapter Eleven

Further summary of "Metro 2033" will be incomplete if not to mention that from local conversations he learned about the existence of some secret passage on the "Metro-2" for the elite and about the Invisible Observers, beings of a higher order,waiting for the remnants of humanity to atone for their sins.

Further on, thinking about how his path is developing and that he is slowly but surely approaching the goal, he “dumped” from the sectarians as well, stepping on his last tunnel on the road to Polis.

Twelfth Chapter

He was let into Polis as soon as he named Melnik's name. He stopped at the "Borovitskaya" from Danila, from whom he learned a lot. In particular, that Polis is ruled by the Council, and that it consists of brahmins, the keepers of knowledge, one of which was Danila himself.

The next day Melnik appeared, Artem handed him the capsule and told him about the Black people. He said that he was aware of such cases and introduced him to the Council, which refused to help the residents of VDNKh in the fight against Black people. They also did not believe Artyom that the Polyanka station was not dangerous for people. According to them, hallucinogenic gases were released from it.

The Thirteenth Chapter

Artem was about to go back when one of the brahmins overtook him and told that they had some belief about the Chosen One. Allegedly, if he is able to meet spirits at the station "Destiny" (as he called "Polyanka"), then he may well be one. Therefore, he should try to go with a detachment to the building of the Central Library on the surface in order to get an ancient Book about the history of mankind, which, for some reason, they desperately need.

Having heard plenty of stories about mutants living in the library building, he nevertheless decided to make an attempt and got ready to go to the surface, because for this he was promisedgive something that can help save the residents of VDNKh from misfortune. He was properly equipped and among the group of stalkers for the first time since the memorable incident at the station. "Botanical Garden", rose to the surface.

The Fourteenth Chapter

No matter how the Brahmins exhorted him that if he was chosen, the book itself would call him to itself, he did not find any book in the library building. But the detachment ran into mutant librarians. Brahmin Danila was mortally wounded, and before interrupting his suffering, Artyom received a package from him, a kind of payment for a book that he never found.

Artyom's way to the metro was blocked, and therefore the stalker Melnik told him to head towards the Savelovskaya station along the city streets. He had to hurry, because the sun was dangerous for him and he had to have time to get to the descent underground before sunrise.

Barely dodging mutant predators, Artem managed to get down to the subway station just before sunrise. "Savelovskaya", where Melnik was already waiting for him. Burning with curiosity, they decided to open the package.

Fifteenth Chapter

Another one of the metro stations 2033

Those who want to refresh their memory and remember how it all ended should carefully read the summary of "Metro 2033" from this very place, since the main events begin to unfold exactly from chapter 15.

In the package, as it turned out, there was a map of the location of the missile military unit that survived the nuclear strikes. It was with her help that they decided to deal with the Blacks. The path to it lay through Metro-2, the passage to whichshould (judging by the map) be near the station. Mayakovskaya. He and Melnik got to the station. "Kyiv". Melnik, who disappeared for a while, returned, bringing with him a rocket specialist named Tretiak.

Chapter Sixteen

Children have been disappearing somewhere for a long time, and while Artyom was at the station, another boy, Oleg, disappeared. Together with his father, they set off on a search, and Artyom discovers a hatch in one of the tunnels through which they get inside the technical passages, where they were caught by savages who lived within the boundaries of Art. Victory Park.

These savages believed in the Great Worm from whom everything came. The tunnels, which are subway lines, were allegedly dug by him. They also had a high priest, who, as it turned out later, was an ordinary normal person before the catastrophe, and now, for some reason, he came up with such an “interesting” religion. And again Artyom was imprisoned in a cell.

Seventeenth Chapter

In this chapter, Artyom and the boy's father were saved from the hands of the possessed, who almost ate them, by a detachment of Melnik's stalkers who passed through Metro-2. During the release, they had to use explosives, due to which one of the tunnels was destroyed. It was on it that the stalkers wanted to go. Now, they had only one way, again, along the Metro-2 branch, passing under the Kremlin itself, in which something terrible and unpredictable lived. It attacked them (if I may say so, since it consisted entirely of some incomprehensible gel-like mass), but the stalkers managed to drive it away with the help of fire, which it was afraid of.


Tretyak (rocketeer) was killed in a fight with savages, but it so happened that the father of the rescued boy turned out to be a rocketeer himself and decided to help. Now the detachment, led by Melnik, went to Mayakovskaya, in the direction of the missile unit. Artyom, on the other hand, was given the task of getting as close to the Black people as possible so that they could know where to launch missile strikes.

Metro 2033 appearance of one of the stations

The nineteenth chapter

Summary of the book "Metro 2033" is coming to a climax. Artyom and his remaining partner rode a trolley to Prospekt Mir, where they learned that VDNKh had been attacked by Chernykh, which means that the dream he had recently had turned out to be prophetic.

In the same place, he learned that in Hansa they decided to blow up the metro line going towards VDNKh in order to protect themselves from the Black invasion. Here Artyom again meets and says goodbye to Dry (stepfather) before his trip to the surface to serve as a gunner on the target.

He thinks a lot, remembers, and still can't find an explanation why people so desperately cling to life in this underground structure called the Moscow Metro. After all, it is hardly possible to call this miserable existence “life.”

Twentieth chapter

Artem climbs the Ostankino tower and pinpoints the black lair, which could be seen with the naked eye. Melnik got in touch, they corrected the target, and the rocket man struck.

The lair has been destroyed. But before that, Artyom lost consciousness and saw in a dream Cherny from his last dream,which he dreamed the day before. In it, the Black Man was waiting for him at VDNKh and called him the chosen one. It finally dawned on him that those black creatures were also sentient beings and had come to the human world to help them. Due to the fact that they could only communicate mentally, people, of course, did not hear them. The only one who understood and heard them was Artyom. So they wanted to make contact with him.

But, as usual, everything went wrong. Saviors, alas, were destroyed. And Artyom… Artyom went underground again.


Summary of "Metro 2033" chapter by chapter is only a "squeeze". The book has a lot of different twists, descriptions and other plot branches, and characters. Therefore, for those who decide to read this book for the first time, it would be better to evaluate it in a normal reading.

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