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Patterns for knitting berets with diagrams and descriptions. How to knit beret with knitting needles
Patterns for knitting berets with diagrams and descriptions. How to knit beret with knitting needles

It's not summer anymore, and the cold season only inspires the creation of something warm and cozy, namely, a knitted headdress. The beret is the perfect accessory to keep your head warm during bad weather, hide your hair if it's not styled well, or just add something special to your look.

Where did the beret come from?

Beret is a national French headdress, which is usually made of wool or felt. Such an accessory is the subject of adoration for many fashion designers and designers, because to this day it remains a classic, stylish and versatile headdress. Often seen on style icons.

The history of art tells that headdresses similar to modern berets were worn in the Bronze Age. First they began to be worn in Northern Europe, and later berets became widespread in the south. In a state like Ancient Crete, they were worn by the Minoans - local peasants. The beret also served as a headdress for the Romans and Etruscans, a mysterious people who inhabited Italy. The beret has been especially popular among European artists throughout history.humanity.

The Basque national beret was a traditional headdress worn by shepherds from the Pyrenees Valley (the mountain range that divides southern France from northern Spain). The industrial production of Basque berets began in the 17th century in Oloron-Saint-Marie, in the south of France, the first factory was Beatex-Laulhere. From 1810 to 1920, berets were exclusively for the working class, and by 1928, more than 20 French factories and some Spanish and Italian factories were producing millions of berets for everyone.

In Western fashion since the 1920s, men and women have worn berets as part of a sports uniform, and later as a stylish headdress. Military berets were first adopted by the French Chasseurs Alpins in 1889. After seeing berets worn by the military during the First World War, British General Hugh Ellis suggested that the beret be used as a necessary headgear for soldiers.

How to wear a beret?

The beret can be worn in different ways, but this does not prevent him from being, perhaps, the most elegant headdress that has won the love of many. In the Americas, berets were usually worn pulled over one side of the head. In Central and South America, it is considered a local custom to wear the beret so that it lies in the shape of a square and is pulled over the front of the head. It can be worn by both men and women.

Military berets were made from wool. They were usually with a drawstring that allowed the headdress to be tightened. The beret was often decorated with metal or fabric items.

Knitted beret

When it snows or rains outside, I want totake cover under something warm, and first of all cover your head. And what can warm your head better than a warm hat? Of course, store shelves are full of a wide variety of hats. But why buy them when you can knit! Knitted things are very beautiful, and most importantly, profitable. After all, you can knit exactly the way you want.Tie a hat is trite. And to look like a true lady, tie a beret. The advantage is that the beret knits very quickly. Its thickness is enough to provide warmth and comfort. Who doesn't love fast work with quality results?

patterns for knitting berets

Knitted beret will look very nice. The beret will always be in fashion. If you combine it with the right things, then your image will be feminine, sophisticated and elegant. Some people think that berets can only be worn in winter. But that's not the case at all. A beret will look appropriate at any time of the year, and even in summer.

In a word, if you need a headdress and you like to knit, then combine business with pleasure and knit a beret with knitting needles. Patterns and ornaments will make it even more unusual and original.

Patterns and ornaments

If you still decide to knit yourself a stylish headdress, then before you start thinking about the pattern, you need to choose a color. Be sure to consider the color of your eyes, hair, type of appearance. An irregularly shaped beret may not suit you. Therefore, take the choice of form responsibly.

Now you can start the creative part of the work. Patterns for knitting berets can be foundeverywhere: in magazines, in books, on the Internet. And you can invent it yourself. Patterns for knitting berets are not limited to ten - in fact, there are many more. A huge selection will allow you to make your beret unique.How to choose a pattern? If your beret is designed for the winter period, then you can choose snowflakes or any New Year ornament as a pattern.

beret knitting patterns

If you are a fan of original prints, you can use "animal" patterns for knitting berets, such as leopard or zebra.

patterns for a beret with knitting needles

Also, your beret will be very decorated with small elements, such as a button or a fluffy pompom. They will make your look more cute and gentle.

takes knitting scheme and description

If you think patterns for knitting berets are overkill, then a plain beret will be a great option for you.

Knitting process

So, you are thinking of knitting a beret. Where to begin? Here are some tips on how to knit correctly with knitting needles.

Even beginners can knit a beret with knitting needles. You need to read the description of the actions in advance. Therefore, before buying balls of yarn, evaluate the amount of work that you have to do.

Then you need to choose a headgear model and think over the design of your beret. Patterns for knitting berets play an important role.

The next step is to calculate the size of the beret parts, you can even create a pattern. After you determine with the model, sizes, yarn,patterns and knitting density, you can start knitting beret with knitting needles. The diagram and description of the knitting process should always be at your fingertips so that you can refer to them if you notice any mistake.

There are different beret knitting techniques - you can choose the one that you like best. You can knit a beret from several parts, knit it entirely from an elastic band, or, conversely, from the crown. For beginners, it is better to use the elastic knitting method, as it is the least difficult. Berets, knitted from several parts, are most often created from motifs that have the shape of a triangle or rectangle.

An example of a description of knitting a beret with knitting needles

Let's look at the process of knitting a voluminous beret with braids.

takes patterns with knitting needles

So, you will need: 200 g of yarn, circular knitting needles No. 4.

Explanations: the front surface consists of facial loops and purl loops.

Openwork pattern knit according to scheme 1. Fantasy - according to scheme 2.Note: knit with a thread in two additions.

So, first you need to dial 104 loops and knit an elastic band, alternating between purl and front loops. The height of the gum should be 2 cm. Next, continue to knit with a fantasy pattern (diagram No. 2). When cast-on measures 15 cm, cast off 20 sts on every 3rd row. Knit until there are 5 stitches left on the needles. Pull the loops with a thread and sew the back seam of the beret.

knitting patternand description

Beret patterns

Patterns for a beret with knitting needles, the schemes of which are not at all difficult to understand, will certainly make your beret only brighter and better. Of course, if you are just learning how to knit, you can choose simple patterns for knitting berets. Or you can refuse them altogether. In order to understand pattern patterns, you first need to learn how to knit well with regular knitting. Patterns for berets are knitted, like patterns, for example, for a sweater. The technique is no different. You can find individual fragments of ornaments and combine them however you like! Let your imagination run wild, and any knitting beret (with or without a description) will be an easy task for you!

takes knitting needles with a description

Knitting symbols

Crochet and knitting have their own designations that you definitely need to know. Otherwise, you simply cannot tie the beret. Each scheme has its own designations, but there are standard symbols.

takes knitting needles with a description

For the diagram above, the designations are as follows:

takes patterns with knitting needles


If you want to knit not so much a warm, but more beautiful beret, then you can use a crochet hook. Crochet is simply adored by those who love openwork, because it is he who allows you to knit beautiful, openwork, neat patterns.

Crochet is usually knitted in summer berets. They look very stylish and elegant when combined with the right things. Therefore, if you want to diversify your summer look, buy yarn,pick up the hook and start knitting!

simple patterns for knitting berets


And a few words in the end. Everyone has free time. Even if it is not as much as we would like. But, you must admit, you watch TV, read or just drink tea. Sometimes we waste time. But you can watch TV and knit! Do not waste time and rather start knitting beret with knitting needles. Diagram and description, yarn and skill - that's all you need. And, of course, desire. If you really want something, then any problems are within your reach!

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