Four-blade hat pattern for adults and kids
Four-blade hat pattern for adults and kids

In the cold season, the most necessary item of both our wardrobe and children's is a warm hat. In the modern world, four-piece hats made of fleece or knitwear are quite popular. They can be single-layered, lined, smart, sporty and the like.

And what hats do we choose for our kids? Yes, exactly the same - warm and comfortable, so that the head does not sweat and nothing pricks. Fleece is also suitable - an ideal material. It is anti-allergic, breathable and keeps you warm.

Next, consider how to sew some variations of these hats.

Tools and materials for sewing thin four-blade hats

To create such a thing, you need to prepare the fabric. They mostly use thin or thick knitwear, and even better - fleece.

For an adult hat, you will need approximately 40 cm with a width of about a meter. There will be some fabric left, but it's better to have excess than not enough. For children's hats, you will need 20-30 cm, depending on the size of the head.

hat - mouse with embroidery

We also need threads in the color of the fabric, very sharp scissors - blunt will be"chewing" it, instead of cutting it, and patterns of a four-bladed hat. The diagram below fits the size of an adult, but you can reduce a few centimeters on each side, based on measurements, to get the right option.

If you plan to decorate your product, then beads, rhinestones, cabochons, print stickers and the like will come in handy.

Winter hat with lining: pattern building and cutting

Doing everything with your own hands is not difficult. The pattern of the four-blade hat in the article is built according to approximate sizes, and you will change them to your own and build a new one.

So, the circumference of the head is 52 cm, subtract 4 cm and get the girth of the cap - 48 cm. Further, this value must be divided by 2 - so we get the width of the pattern. In our case, it is 24 cm.

double layer hat pattern

To determine your size, measure the circumference of your head, clasping it with a centimeter tape.

Don't forget to check the material to see if it shrinks after washing or not. Steam and iron the fabric, or you can cut off a small piece and wash it.

Find the top and bottom of the fabric by pulling the thread at the cut. The top loops should open up, but the bottom loops should not.

So, let's start building a four-blade hat pattern on the fabric:

  1. Lay the fabric on a flat place inside out, turning the bottom cut in your direction. On the left, fold the flap 24 cm + 1.5 cm=25.5 cm. The right side is inside.
  2. Immediately set aside 1.5 cm for allowances.
  3. Top divided by 4cut - we got 24 cm / 4=6 cm each.
  4. Next, we look for the midpoints of these segments - 6 / 2=3 cm.
  5. From the top of the cut, set aside 6 cm down and connect with smooth lines the markings from above with the dots in those places where 6 cm are set aside. Add 0.5 - 1 cm for the allowance.

The four-blade hat pattern is ready, cut it out.

We cut two blanks - the outer layer and the inner one. Very interesting are products made from two matching colors. They can be worn either side out for two pieces in one!

The process of sewing caps

You need to sew with threads to match the material, otherwise they will show through when the fabric is stretched:

beanie with appliqué
  1. First of all, sew all the upper sections, moving in a circle.
  2. Then sew the seam in the middle - watch carefully so that the sections do not move. It is better to chip them or sew them with large stitches. Be sure to leave a small gap - it will come in handy for turning the hat inside out.
  3. As a result, we got two parts - the main outer and lining. They need to be sewn together.
  4. Turn the top inside out, the lining on the front side. Insert each other, not forgetting that the front sides should look inward. Align all edges, align each cut and pin off with pins.
  5. Sew everything with a zigzag seam, leaving a hole for eversion - the bottom must be elastic, otherwise the seam will tear.

Everything is sewn, it remains to remove the pins, stitch and trim the edges evenlyfabrics.

fleece cap

Turn right side out, and carefully sew up the hole by hand. Steam off, and that's it - the hat is ready! We wish you to wear with joy!

Baby hat with ears

Children's hats can be sewn very interesting and fun. To do this, you need to prepare:

  • hat pattern;
  • several shades of fleece;
  • sewing threads of different colors - for sewing on different colors of fabric.
  • cap - bear for baby

This hat pattern for boys and girls is perfect and will give you the opportunity to create many completely different variations.

Determine what kind of thing you want to get as a result. In our description, there will be a gray hat with a black lining.

Firstly, sew the ears. We fold 2 parts inside out, sew and turn inside out. We sew each seam on both parts, stitching the ears on top (if they are provided by the model), but do not connect them together.

First, decorate with an applique in the form of an animal's muzzle in front of the cap. We embroider eyes, mustaches. We sew in cords - ties.

Fold the upper and inner layers and stitch. Turn it inside out, sew the seam to the end and steam it. Everything, a beautiful hat for the baby is ready!

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