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How to draw a chessboard and its pieces
How to draw a chessboard and its pieces

The chessboard is an integral part of the table sport process. Its presence provides the possibility of the game itself, and a beautiful appearance gives aesthetic pleasure to the participants. From time immemorial, the playing field was wooden, but with the development of technology and human imagination, the chessboard has acquired a new look and material.

What should be the chessboard

Before you draw a chessboard, you should know what it looks like externally. The field consists of 64 two-color cells, the color of which changes sequentially. The cells are arranged in 8 rows, each with 8 cells arranged vertically. The horizontal row is indicated by Latin letters from A to H, and the vertical row is indicated from bottom to top by numbers from 1 to 8. As a rule, the first cell H1 is light in color. The figurines begin their arrangement from it. It must be remembered that cells of the same color can never be adjacent to each other.

Chess board

Whatpieces must be in chess

Like a chessboard, on a separate sheet of paper you should draw figures with a pencil. As a rule, they also come in two colors - white and black. The player of each side owns two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one queen, one king and eight pawns. For easier perception of the game, each figure is indicated in the usual way for players:

  • The king is the most important figure on the field. She is usually taller than others and is distinguished by a crown on top.
  • Queen is the second most important piece, even if it is the strongest one. Usually smaller than the king and has a small ball on top.
  • The rook is usually depicted as a tower and smaller than the above.
  • The elephant is depicted in the form of a dome or a drop - just like that, in the European manner, the figurine has a design in the form of a priest.
  • The horse is often depicted in the form of a rider or horse.
  • The pawn is usually the smallest piece and does not attract attention, only its tip has a rounded shape.
  • chess pieces

How to draw a chessboard on paper

1. To begin with, you should acquire such necessary tools as:

  • Sheets of paper (to draw the desired elements).
  • Ruler (for drawing accuracy).
  • Pencil (felt pen, pen).
  • Scissors (chess pieces will need to be cut out).
  • Adhesive tape (for gluing two opposite sides of the field and other elements).

2. First you need to attach 2 sheets to each other as carefully as possible with tapepaper to draw a chessboard. Then cut off the excess part to get a regular square, the middle of which is at the junction of two sheets.

3. Before you draw a chessboard, you should make appropriate marks on the resulting square sheet of paper with a pencil. The square should be divided into 64 identical cells. To do this, it is best to mark 9 points on each side of the sheet and connect the opposite points with lines. All points of one side must be at the same distance from each other. As a result, you should get 64 cells that need to be painted in accordance with the above rules.

4. Other sheets of paper will be needed to draw the chess pieces. Like the sheets of a chessboard, each sheet must first be marked with dots at both ends at the same level with a pencil, and then connected. The resulting rectangles will serve as the basis for the figures. Each rectangle should be bent in two places to form 3 equal parts. Both ends of the rectangle should be connected. You will get a triangle, on the edges of which you should draw figures.

What will happen

painted chessboard

As a result, in just 30 minutes of simple work, the chessboard and figures will be ready in a beautiful design. For added durability, the board and figures can be laminated to make them even more durable.

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