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Fascinating creativity: 2 ways to draw with a toothbrush
Fascinating creativity: 2 ways to draw with a toothbrush

Perhaps all kids love to draw bright and funny pictures. Most often, familiar pencils, felt-tip pens and paints are used for this lesson. However, there are many other interesting ways and techniques of drawing. One of them is drawing with a toothbrush. This fun activity will appeal not only to kids, but also to their parents.

Preparation of tools

Before you start an exciting drawing, you need to prepare everything you need. The first thing parents need to consider is that such a technique is quite dirty to everything around. Splashes from the brush scatter in all directions and can easily ruin both the surface of the table and the child's clothes. Therefore, take care of a protective apron and a special oilcloth for creativity in advance. The rest of the set is quite simple:

  • gouache paints (you can also use watercolor);
  • medium hard toothbrush;
  • brush;
  • jar lid.

Having prepared everything you need, start creating!

How to drawbrush?

The toothbrush technique itself is quite simple. First of all, take the lid and put some paint on it, then dilute it with water. Do not add too much water so that the shade does not lose its brightness. Put a clean sheet in front of the child and, dipping the brush in the lid, offer to draw something. Typically, mock-ups are used in this technique. To do this, an adult draws a tree trunk, an outline of a house, a sketch of an animal, etc. on a sheet in advance. A child adds strokes with a paint brush. You can offer your baby a Christmas tree, because the New Year holidays are approaching.

tree toothbrush

To do this, draw a spruce trunk and dilute the green paint in the lid. Using a brush, the needles of the Christmas tree can be depicted quite realistic, and the drawing itself turns out to be interesting and unusual. Decorate the finished spruce with balls drawn with an ordinary brush.


Another unusual technique is brush painting with a toothbrush. However, for this you need to prepare stencils or large tree leaves, ideally maple. Take a white sheet of paper and place a stencil on it. Now dip the brush into the lid and run the brush over its bristles for a lot of splashes.

sprayed with a brush

It is best to use a brush not for paint, but for glue, as it is more suitable for hardness. Alternate different shades of paint to make the spatter look multi-colored. When the white sheet is covered with paint, remove the stencil. The place under it should remain perfectly white. In this way it is possibledraw not only leaves, but also animals, fruits and vegetables, etc. The main thing is to cut out a suitable outline from paper.

Combining two techniques

The most beautiful and unusual drawings are obtained by combining two techniques together. To do this, first use a spray, which will serve as a background. And then drawing with a brush.

Because it can be difficult for a small child to draw complex subjects, offer him the most elementary pictures. Invite the child to draw a cat on paper. With a simple pencil draw an oval torso, paws, tail and head. Then give the child a brush with gray paint and ask him to make the cat wool. Due to the hard bristles, the animal's hair will turn out just the way it is needed. After the cat is ready, draw small details: a muzzle, ears and whiskers.

cat drawing

With the use of drawing with a toothbrush in kindergarten, the development of fine motor skills of young children, as well as the development of imagination. In addition, such an original way of creativity perfectly calms the nervous system, activates brain activity and, in general, has a positive effect on the emotional background of the child. Drawing with a toothbrush is suitable for children and school age, and even adults. Immerse yourself in creativity, giving free rein to your imagination!

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