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Air markers: how to draw? Ideas for creativity
Air markers: how to draw? Ideas for creativity

Creativity is an indispensable condition for the harmonious development of any baby. Drawing is one of the main aspects of children's self-expression. It becomes a communication tool for the little one, a reflection of his world. When the drawing skills are still very small, the child cannot masterfully use the sharpener and adjust the pressure of the pencil, felt-tip pens come to the aid of the novice artist. Bright and light, they will help to realize the idea of ​​the baby. However, today I would like to talk not about ordinary, classic felt-tip pens, but about very peculiar air options.

air markers

Nothing can motivate parent and child to work together like bad weather on a day off. However, air felt-tip pens can be used not only on rainy weekends, but also on sunny days. They open up endless possibilities for the realization of the most daring ideas. In this article, you will learn about what air felt-tip pens are, how to use them. In addition, here you will find photo ideas forcreativity.

What makes them interesting?

This kind of felt-tip pens is interesting in that you won't be able to draw in the usual sense of the word with the help of them. Drawings with air felt-tip pens are rendered with paint blown onto paper. It must be blown from a distance of approximately 8-10 mm. This will create fun splatters and splashes of various colors.

how to draw with air markers

At what age can you draw with such felt-tip pens?

The recommended age indicated on the package is from 4-5 years. However, if your baby is a little younger, but you are sure that he can already be trusted with air felt-tip pens without prejudice to the wallpaper and surrounding objects, then the child will be happy to create with the help of magic paint tubes. With their help, he will create truly unusual and original masterpieces.

drawings with air felt-tip pens

How to draw with air markers?

Each air marker is designed the same way. Inside it is a rod with paint. In addition, it has two caps: transparent and colored. When the air markers are closed, the colored cap protects them from drying out. In order to prepare an unusual felt-tip pen for drawing, you just need to swap the caps. And you can blow!

Air felt-tip pens are a reusable material for creativity. Before each use, they must be collected, and after use - torn apart. However, this is done so simply that it will not be difficult even for your baby! Airfelt-tip pens with a stencil are included. However, it is best to first try to draw with the baby in the usual way - without them, so that the child gets used to the new material. In addition, by creating in free mode, you can create a very beautiful background for the application. Next, you can already use stencils.

air markers with stencil

Idea for creativity

Find some simple black and white pictures, print them out, cut them out and use them as a stencil. In the process of drawing, you can use one color or several: for this you need to blow on the same area of ​​the drawing, first through one felt-tip pen, and then through another. Then you get a beautiful mixture of multi-colored splashes. In order to control and adjust the saturation and intensity of the color, you can blow weaker or stronger, raise the felt-tip pen higher or lower it above the paper, linger longer in some places. You can make the paint coating more delicate and blurry or more dense and uniform. It all depends on your patience and imagination!

air markers

With air felt-tip pens, you can show your creativity and experiment with the end result, if, for example, cover part of the drawing with a piece of paper during coloring, draw a slightly damp brush over it, or use pieces of lace or braid as a stencil. In a similar way, original backgrounds for applications and postcards are obtained. You can supplement the drawing, which is obtained with the help of air felt-tip pens,other materials: watercolor, gouache, colored pencils. Or you can go further and use colored paper, glitter, colored tape, other materials.

how to draw with air markers

Air markers and speech gymnastics

One of the main advantages of this material for children's creativity is its beneficial effect on the baby's speech apparatus. If a child regularly draws with air felt-tip pens, he can significantly strengthen the articulatory muscles, learn to control them better. It will also set the stage for pure sound production. So parents can complement the traditional articulation gymnastics with such an interesting and creative exercise.

Despite the age limit, these markers can be recommended to those kids who are just learning to speak. In this case, the lesson must be held under the supervision of adults. Older children can improve their diction and oratory skills with the help of air felt-tip pens.

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