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Knitting dolls with knitting needles: a step-by-step description for beginners
Knitting dolls with knitting needles: a step-by-step description for beginners

Currently, knitted toys are very popular. Moreover, it is difficult to resist the beauties not only for kids, but also for adults. However, just wanting to do such a thing is not enough for the process to actually go smoothly. Therefore, in this article we propose to study a step-by-step description on the topic "Knitting dolls with knitting needles".

Manipulation preceding creativity

It is not difficult to connect the studied craft. However, it is important to consider that you will have to fiddle with miniature parts. For example, fingers, neck, nose, ears. Therefore, at first, you should not take on a too detailed chrysalis. It is better to tie a simpler one in order to understand the technology.

Also, experienced craftswomen note that professional work in most cases has natural hair. To do this, you need to purchase or make your own special tress. Beginners can make hair from knitting threads.

how to make a dollknitting needles

Yarn Selection

Since we are knitting a doll that looks like a person, the yarn of any of the flesh shades will act as the main material. In addition, you should prepare a skein from which we will make hair. If you want to make a more natural doll, you need several related tones, with which you can create interesting highlights and transitions.

It is also important to mention that for the conceived product, it is imperative to prepare underwear and outerwear. Most often these are panties or knickers and an interesting bright dress. For each item of clothing, you should also purchase yarn. To make the doll look even more impressive, you need to put it in beautiful slippers.

Tool Selection

doll spokes mk

Description "We knit a doll with knitting needles" means working with this particular tool. However, the success, speed and beauty of the work directly depend on its quality.

Experienced needlewomen advise beginners to choose metal knitting needles. They guarantee a good glide of the yarn and allow you to knit evenly, that is, with the same loops throughout the entire process. But it is important not to choose too long tools. Especially for knitting miniature pieces.

It is also important to be careful when choosing your needle size. Professionals recommend focusing on purchased yarn. To make the fabric dense, you should use knitting needles equal to the thickness of the thread or slightly smaller in diameter.

Knitting a doll with legs

doll knitting master class

Having completed the preparatory stage, we start knitting. In this case, no calculations or measurements are required. The work is completely creative, therefore it depends only on the wishes of the needlewoman.

In the presented master class, we will not describe the technology of knitting toes. The necessary manipulations are too complicated for beginners. Therefore, we simply cast on a small number of loops (5-7), distribute on circular needles and knit in the round.

Then we divide the "tube" into three parts. We do not touch one, we knit the second, and with the third we hook the loops, knitting the row to the end. When it is possible to collect 2/3 of the separated loops, we knit 3-4 rows of them only. And then we knit the entire circle again. Next, we knit the leg in height. We just move in a circle the desired number of rows. We are preparing an identical part. And we complete the initial stage of the instruction "Knit the doll with knitting needles".

Knit lower body

do-it-yourself doll

In the next paragraph of our description, we will consider the knitting technology of the main part of the studied craft. Since we will not knit the hips and waist, even beginners will be able to cope with the work. The process involves the following steps:

  1. We do not close the loops on the legs, but use them to knit the torso.
  2. Distribute stitches on four needles.
  3. We knit the first two rows in a circle without increases and decreases.
  4. In the third row, add one new stitch every three stitches.
  5. In the fourth - in five.
  6. In the fifth - in seven.
  7. We knit the sixth row without increases and decreases.
  8. In the seventh - add one air stitch, maintaining an interval of three loops.
  9. Next, we knit just in a circle. If it seems that the size of the circle is small, we knit the row without changes and repeat the seventh row one or two more times.

Knit upper body

we knit a doll with knitting needles

In this master class, we describe the principle of making a knitted doll with knitting needles for beginners. Therefore, we propose to tie the torso to the armpits. And after that, add on the sides the loops necessary for the handles. Traditionally, their number is 2/3 of the girth of the legs. Then we proceed to further work:

  1. We knit three rows without increases and decreases.
  2. Decrease stitches one by one after three and knit the next row without changes. Repeat this step until there are no loops left for the neck.
  3. Moving in a circle, we knit this part to the desired length.
  4. We return to the holes for the handles, we collect loops in a circle with a hook and knit the details. If you want to make a full-fledged handle, divide the total number of loops by five and finish each finger separately.
  5. After we begin to form the head.

Knit head

knitting doll for beginners

We knit a doll according to the description for beginners, so we suggest doing without knitting small details. Just make a ball, and then pull up with a thread with a needle places for the eyes and mouth, emphasize the nose. So,the head is knitted as follows:

  1. We double the number of loops for the neck.
  2. In the second row and the fifth we add a loop through three.
  3. Third and fourth - knit in a circle without changes.
  4. In the sixth - add a loop through four.
  5. Seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth - we knit without changes.
  6. Next, we start making reductions. In the eleventh row with an interval of six loops, and then in every odd interval is reduced. Even rows are knitted without increases or decreases.
  7. When there are four or six loops left, we complete the work and pull the tip of the thread through them. The most important thing is not to forget to stuff the doll first. Experienced needlewomen recommend doing this as you knit.

Completing work

We complete the finished product with eyes (beads, shop parts or home-made ones), embroider the mouth and nose. If desired, we attach ears - two circles that need to be bent in half and sewn to the head. We also attach hair. How to make them from yarn can be seen below.

After that we knit clothes for the doll. We offer a description of a simple but interesting dress below:

  1. We cast on the number of loops equal to the width of the skirt.
  2. We knit to the armhole without increases and decreases.
  3. We collect loops for the sleeves and begin to gradually reduce the loops, trying to reach the width of the collar.
  4. After we knit the sleeves of the desired length.
  5. Take a hook and tie the bottom of the skirt, the edges of the sleeves and the collar with yarn of a different color.
  6. Knit a chain strap and carefully skipthrough the dress.
  7. Decorate the finished product at will. Then put on the doll.
doll knitting description for beginners

This concludes our instruction "Knit a doll". Dress, hair, facial expression and many other elements can be changed at your own discretion. The basis - the doll itself - in any case, can be performed according to the description presented.

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