DIY leather panels: photos of interesting ideas, step by step instructions for beginners
DIY leather panels: photos of interesting ideas, step by step instructions for beginners

Old leather items can get a second chance, as the material has a long service life and aesthetically pleasing appearance. A particularly original product is a leather panel, which can have several functional features at the same time. It is easy to work with the material if you know the scheme for making a picture.

What skin should be used to create a panel

Panel made of leather is an original and stylish decoration of any room interior. But there are limitations regarding the material itself - not every old thing can become the basis for a panel.

Old things for panels

When choosing leather, it is worth considering several nuances that can affect the quality and result of the work:

  • It is advisable to use soft leather. Such material is more plastic in work.
  • Exclude places where there are seams and bindings, rivets and other types of decoration - they can violate the integrity of the canvas.
  • Old leather that is damaged and discolored should not be used. Such elements can significantly degrade the appearance of the picture.
  • Skinany color and texture can be used in the work. However, the best option would be soft natural leather.

Get inspired

It is easy to make a leather panel according to the master class, but you can take as a basis only the execution technique and show your imagination. Or find the perfect master class, where the production of exactly the picture that will fit into the design of your interior will be shown.

Flower panel

The first stage, which allows you to determine the set of materials and tools, is the making of a sketch. Creating a sketch will not cause problems if a person knows how to draw at least a little, otherwise it is an insurmountable obstacle.

In order not to squeeze ideas out of yourself, waiting for inspiration, you can use other sources. A sample for a picture can be found on the pages of any children's book. In literature, there can be thematic and neutral plots. There are especially many ideas in modern books.

The technique of making paintings by world famous artists is another source of inspiration. By imitating the techniques of the Surrealists, Cubists and Abstractionists, you can create your own masterpiece.

Flowers for panels

The most popular and versatile theme option is flowers. Baskets, vases, still lifes, fields with flowers, flowerpots - all this is a plot that will fit perfectly into the design of any room.

Method for creating a flower from leather

Making flowers on a leather panel is actually easier than any other element. It is important to choose the type of flower and the appropriate templatefor him, make blanks for the petals. From cardboard you need to cut out templates for the petals. Circle the blanks along the contour on the skin, cut with a clerical knife or scissors.

When all the petals are cut out of leather, they need to be fastened together with a glue gun. The connection of flower parts is carried out using tweezers. Decoration depends on the preferences of the master.

Required tools and additional materials

Before starting work, you need to prepare the necessary tools and materials. Making a leather panel with your own hands does not require professional tools and machines - everything you need can be purchased at a needlework store.

Blanks for leather flowers

In the process of work, you will need such items and materials as:

  • Leather scraps.
  • Textile that will be the background. Burlap is more commonly used because of its strength and cheapness.
  • Frame for the future panel.
  • Glue gun.
  • Paraffin candle.
  • Scissors, stationery knife, pencil, tweezers.
  • Blanks and templates for making decorative elements.
  • Film strip.

If the picture will have additional scenery and elements, then you need to take care of the availability of material for their manufacture. Preparing the work surface, observing safety rules and good lighting are important components of preparing for work.

Leather painting workshop

Make a panel of leather with your own hands according tothe master class will not be difficult. It is important to follow all the recommendations and adhere to the work algorithm. Learn the basic steps:

  1. Draw a sketch of the future picture.
  2. Prepare templates for each element of the picture by cutting them out of durable cardboard.
  3. If the element can be made three-dimensional by joining, then no additional procedures need to be performed. Circle the template, attach it to the material and cut it out with scissors.
  4. If the element needs to be given volume, then a template is cut out of cardboard with a margin, this margin is then attached to the surface of the base of the picture, which will create volume. Stick the template on the skin. Cut the element along the contour, leaving a skin allowance.
  5. The material for the base is pulled onto a purchased or home-made frame: burlap, satin, mesh.
  6. We fasten the elements to the textile base with a glue gun.
  7. Other details need to be processed with a candle, singeing the edges and also attached to the base.

Other working methods are used as needed.

Techniques for creating leather panels

Leather work

When creating an original jewelry, it is important to take into account a lot of nuances, especially those related to uniqueness. Photo panels made of leather are so diverse not only due to the use of leather of different types and colors. Diversity can only be guaranteed by the use of different techniques. There are some of the most popular and simple:

  • In working with leather, you can use the origami technique. Create the simplest shapes, but they lookwill be effective and aesthetically attractive.
  • Usually panels are made using the appliqué technique. Individual elements are combined into a single composition.
  • Mosaic is an unexpected technique for panel-style work, but effective and attractive as a result.

Techniques can be combined with each other, combine some elements and technologies. For auxiliary decoration, other types of treatments are used: beading, working with metal, burning, oil paints.

Additional panel functionality

Some craftsmen use leather panels to create other masterpieces, expanding the functionality of a decorative item. If you have a little experience, you can experiment by combining several things.

Panel can become the basis for hours. The dial is made using the panel technique, and the mechanism is “hidden” behind the picture. The product can become a wonderful basis for a room thermometer. A mirror can be placed in the prepared leather plot base.

The panel can become a back wall for a small shelf, on which figurines, candlesticks and vases will be placed. A leather frame for a portrait or photo is also a great idea.

You can think of other options regarding the original use of panels in interior design.

Additional decoration materials

A leather panel will seem empty and incomplete if you do not use additional materials in your work that will harmoniously complement it. Standard options are:

  • Beads, beads.
  • Stones and rhinestones.
  • Satin and nylon ribbons.
  • Tows and bindings.
  • Guipure, lace.
  • Various textiles.
  • Shells and sea stones.
  • Fur, suede, feathers.
  • Polymer clay.
Additional finishing materials

Before using decor to decorate a leather painting, you should make sure that you can work with this type of material. Methods of fixation on the main surface should also be considered when choosing a decoration. Experienced craftsmen use more complex decoration methods, combining seemingly incongruous things and execution techniques.

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