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Sewing a cat from felt according to patterns
Sewing a cat from felt according to patterns

Who at least once in his life tried to sew a small toy out of felt with his own hands, he will definitely do it again. Sewing from such a soft and supple material in the hands of a master is a pleasure. Firstly, on sale you can find matter of any color of the rainbow, which is also important for successful undertakings, and secondly, the fabric is warm, pleasant to the touch and easy to sew. The edges of the cut fabric do not split, the felt can be cut with scissors and sewn together with threads, small parts can be glued with a glue gun. A pattern drawn on paper is easy to transfer to fabric with chalk or pencil.

In the article, we will consider how to sew a cat out of felt according to a pattern, we will tell beginners how to perform the steps step by step. How can you fill the inner space of the figure and how it is recommended to decorate the craft. You will learn all the subtleties of working with such a fertile material as felt.

Felt cat pattern

Before you start, be sure to draw a pattern on a sheet of thick paper. Samples of some interesting images can be seen in the article below. If you yourself are notIf you know how to draw this pet, you can print it from the Internet on a printer. The picture is cut along the contours with scissors. For convenience, it can be glued to a sheet of cardboard. The pattern of a cat made of felt should be small, as this fabric is sold in sewing accessories stores already cut sheets.

felt toy pattern

Then the template is transferred to the fabric of the selected color and on the wrong side is drawn around the contours with chalk. You can cut two parts at once. For speed and convenience, fold the sheets on top of each other and cut out two parts of the cat at once in one fell swoop.

Sewing toys

The main work on sewing a cat from felt according to a pattern is to sew two parts of the animal's body along the contours. You can make side seams on the wrong side with small stitches, leaving a small hole for the filler. It looks interesting toy with external decorative seams over the edge, made with floss threads. As a filler, you can choose either a synthetic winterizer or artificial cotton wool.

cat made of felt according to the pattern

When the toy has acquired the necessary volumetric outlines, the seam is brought to the end and a knot is tied. Thin cavities, such as a tail, are filled with improvised materials: a stick, a pencil, a knitting needle, or other long objects. Try to fill the space inside the toy completely so that there are no voids.

Decorating crafts

When the cat is sewn according to the pattern of felt toys, work on small details begins. Pussy can attach pink ears,add stripes to the tail, attach a mustache or put on a hat. Eyes are most often made either from beads and buttons, or embroidered with floss threads. A bow around the neck or a heart made of pink or red felt will look beautiful.

three cats made of felt

If you sew seals in the form of key chains, then do not forget to sew a loop from a thin rope or piping. The photo below shows an image of three cats made of felt. According to the pattern, the contours of the figures were transferred to sheets of fabric of different colors. After the main tailoring, the crafts were decorated with details of a different shade. So, on a light background, the black ears, muzzle and tail of the cat stand out well. A heart is visible as a bright accent spot. Such a keychain can be made to your loved one for the keys on Valentine's Day.

As you can see, making soft toys from felt is not difficult at all, even a school-age child can handle it. Get creative and enjoy your work! Good luck!

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