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Casio cameras: review of the best models and their comparison with competitors
Casio cameras: review of the best models and their comparison with competitors

Digital cameras have filled the photo equipment market for a long time. They are compact and mirrored. Each class combines both positive and negative aspects. Quite often, disadvantages arise just against the background of advantages. For example, compact Casios (cameras) can be carried everywhere with you, just put in your pocket, but the small body does not allow you to make good quality internal components, which is why the pictures of compacts cannot be called worthy, comparing them with those that can be taken by large and heavy gadgets. Naturally, SLR cameras are better in terms of image quality and performance. But at the same time, they cannot take a lot of shots quickly, while the compacts do an excellent job of this task.

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Paying attention to this shortcoming, Casio has released a SLR camera, the shooting speed of which can reach 60 frames per second. EXILIM Pro EX-F1 just hit the market, but its cost is high enough that not every photographer is able to purchase such equipment formyself. But the same company has a wonderful alternative - the Casio Exilim EX-FH20 camera.

FH20 Key Features

Considering the features of a camera model of a well-known company, it is worth first of all to note the resolution of the matrix, it is quite pleasant and amounts to 9.1 megapixels. The lens has a twenty-fold zoom, which allows you to shoot objects that are at a decent distance. If you are looking for a compact camera with a high burst speed, then this model has up to 40 frames per second. The camera is equipped with a 3-inch LCD screen and is capable of video recording.

EX-FH20 review

When testing the camera, it was found that the quality of pictures at low sensitivity is quite good. All details are visible well, digital noise is not visible. Compared to other compact cameras, this model is able to take high-quality pictures even at ISO 400. If you increase the sensitivity, then problems begin, noise appears, and the built-in system starts to reduce the sharpness of the photo, blurring low-quality fragments.

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But even with ISO 800 you can still work, but if you increase it to 1600, then it is better not to put the photo in print without additional modifications. Since this is a compact camera, you should not expect clear pictures from it at high sensitivity levels. Although, compared to competitors, Casio cameras give quite good results.

Advantages and disadvantages of Pro EX-F1

BasicThe advantage of this model of a SLR camera is the presence of manual modes for setting shooting parameters. Also, the gadget has a built-in optical stabilizer, which has a positive effect on the original image quality. The camera enlarges the image by 12 times. Naturally, you should pay attention to the burst shooting function.

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It can take up to 60 frames per second if the image size is 6 megapixels. You can also connect an external flash to it, which is very good when working in the studio. Among the shortcomings, the most striking is the lack of shooting at a wide angle, the inability to rotate the monitor and the poor quality of the electronic viewfinder. If these disadvantages do not confuse and do not scare the price, then the camera is ideal for capturing high-quality images.

Pro EX-F1 review

The ergonomics of the camera is very good, everything is done comfortably and wisely. When setting high-speed modes, you can set the parameters quite flexibly. The functionality of the camera is at a high level, and its unique high-speed shooting capability is so amazing and unusual that you simply don't pay attention to other functions.

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As for the quality of the received images, the indicators are quite decent, the video, by the way, is also at a high level. The price, of course, is not low, but given the unique characteristics of this model, it is fully justified. Of course, this model is inferior to many professional devices, but the combination of ultra-high-speed continuous shooting and modern functions andsettings still distinguishes Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 from the total number of cameras.

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It is worth noting that it was created for specific purposes, that is, for shooting dynamic scenes, where every moment counts. But it is pointless to buy Casio, a camera whose instructions provide good instant shooting characteristics, for portraits and landscapes, because then its main functions will be unused, and, accordingly, the investment will not be justified.

Comparison with competitors

Compare Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 with other models or competing manufacturers is simply impossible, because its functionality is completely unique. At the moment, there is not a single similar camera on the market that could be called a direct competitor to the model in question. That is why, if you are looking for a camera with similar features, the Casio (camera) EX-F1 may be the perfect choice, as other models simply do not live up to its level.


No less popular in the market of photographic equipment is another model from the Japanese manufacturer - Casio EX-ZR700. This camera gained its popularity thanks to the new processor. For a compact camera, three speed characteristics were quite unusual. In addition, the versatility of the camera attracts attention, because it is designed for all kinds of shooting options. These Casio digital cameras are equipped with a 25mm wide-angle shooting mode, a powerful zoom that can enlarge the image up to 18 times. At the same time, he has a decentaperture up to 5.9.

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It is also worth paying attention to the presence of two processors that allow the camera to work quite quickly, it turns on in 1.4 seconds, autofocus is set in 0.18 seconds, and high-speed shooting allows you to take a picture every 0.26 seconds. In addition to the technical characteristics, which are good enough for such a camera, there are also many effects. It is possible to take shots with focus on the back and front objects, and you can also stitch pictures to get one, better one. This feature is very helpful when you need to take a photo in a poorly lit room. Therefore, many choose Casio cameras for personal use.

EX-ZR700 Design

This model is not special in terms of design, it is very similar to thousands of similar compact cameras. When creating it, the manufacturer focused on technical indicators and software.

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The model is rectangular, the upper part of the case is made of glossy plastic. For convenience, the protrusions are made embossed, matte. The front side is metal, while the back of the case is plastic. Although the model is small, the lenses are still good.


The cost of Casio EX-ZR700 is low compared to similar models from other manufacturers. The camera is quite compact, while equipped with a good lens. The versatility of the model is amazing. Thanks to optics and internal detailsnight shots are quite clear and attractive. The battery holds a charge for quite a long time. In addition, you can install removable cards with a capacity of up to 2 terabytes. The only drawback of this model is the size of the matrix, although it is quite acceptable for the cost of the camera. In general, Casio cameras have many advantages, and each model is designed for different types of shooting, so when choosing a camera, you should definitely pay attention to the products of this company.

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