Santa Claus beard: 6 original ideas on how to make an accessory with your own hands
Santa Claus beard: 6 original ideas on how to make an accessory with your own hands

On New Year's Eve, not only children, but also quite adult and sane people are waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus. After all, at least once a year you really want to believe in a fairy tale and touch the real magic. Arrange an unforgettable holiday for yourself and find the performer of this most important role in advance. To create a full-fledged image, you will also need a suit and beard of Santa Claus, which, if desired, are easy to make with your own hands.

Santa's beard

Magic in minutes

We bring to your attention the easiest way to make a carnival beard, which is perfect for short scenes. It is unlikely that such an accessory will convince someone of the realism of the wizard, but it is very possible to take original photos for memory with him. Best of all, a simple DIY Santa Claus beard can be done in less than an hour. The half-mask fromcardboard or thick paper. Start by making a template - draw a contour of the future product that is suitable in size and shape, then transfer it to cardboard or thick paper and cut it out. Your beard is almost ready. It remains to attach an elastic band on which it will hold, if desired, you can draw individual strands on the front side. Another option for a simple beard is to cut it out of fleece (we also make a template in advance), sew it from two identical parts and attach a mustache separately.

handmade santa claus beard

Paper Miracles

We bring to your attention a more interesting option on how to make a Santa Claus beard out of paper. We start, as in the previous method, with the manufacture of a cardboard base. If cardboard is not at hand, a piece of whatman paper or other thick paper will do. From an ordinary white sheet for printing or drawing, we cut strips of the same width. We glue the resulting “noodles” in rows, starting from the bottom, so that each subsequent layer closes the place of attachment of the previous one. An interesting idea - paper strips can be twisted with a pencil so that they hang in curls. No worse than the beard of Santa Claus, it will turn out from corrugated paper or ordinary napkins for table setting. Rows of strips or small "tufts" of the chosen material, cut in a suitable way, can also be glued onto the base. Or you can make a "torn" applique, to create it, tear off small pieces of paper, crumple them and stick them close to each other on the base.

How to make a bearddo-it-yourself Santa Claus

Wood beard

The classic version of the Santa Claus costume involves the manufacture of the most important accessory of the old wizard from medical material for dressings. Purchase sterile cotton wool rolled up at the pharmacy. And try to tear it off in long enough pieces. The beard of Santa Claus in this technique can be made on a cardboard or fabric basis. In the first case, we will glue cotton wool. But if you have enough time and have a white fabric on hand, cut out the base from it and sew the decorative material with blind stitches with matching thread. If you only have cotton pads on hand, and you don’t have regular cotton wool, you can try laying out the beard in rows of them. What is especially nice, if you do not like the result, you can always correct it by simply trimming the outline with scissors.

"Natural" wool beard

Very high quality and realistic imitation of hair wool for felting. It is sold in many craft stores. Prepare a textile base-form with a cut hole for the mouth and sewn on elastic bands. Santa's beard will look more interesting if you take a thin elastic band and white fabric for the bottom of the product. Separate the wool in separate strands and sew it onto the base. Pay special attention to the very top and give an interesting shape to the mustache, securing it in the natural direction of growth. The finished beard can be additionally decorated with sparkles or twisted individual strands a little.

Santa Claus beard photo

The old wig is turning…

If you suddenly found an old synthetic hair wig, you can try to make an original and realistic beard. Separate overhead carnival strands are also suitable. If you wish, you can buy in the store for creativity and just artificial hair without stitching or hairpins. It is believed that it is better to take wavy strands - they will make the most luxurious beard of Santa Claus. Photos of professional artists in this image confirm this idea. Many of them choose curly wigs and accessories that imitate facial hair. How to make a beard of Santa Claus with your own hands from strands of artificial hair? This material can also be sewn to the base, having previously been divided into thin strands. Try to tighten the thread tightly enough and sew each row several times - in this case, your accessory will definitely not start to "bald" in the process of wearing.

How to make a Santa Claus beard

Santa Claus's beard made from non-standard materials

In fact, you can make a carnival wig or an imitation of facial hair for a holiday from almost any material of a suitable color. Don't believe? Try to collect a beard from threads for Santa Claus or even crochet it. You can make this element of the costume using a light washcloth for the shower or trimming tulle. No less interesting is the option using thin ribbons or small pompoms. How to make a Santa Claus beard with your own hands from non-standard materials? Everything is very simple - as in all previous master classes, make the base of the half mask withrubber band. And then attach the selected decorative material in the most convenient way. We wish you creative success, remember - in the described techniques you can make a carnival accessory for adults and children!

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