What is a voluminous application? How to make it?
What is a voluminous application? How to make it?

What is this mysterious voluminous application? Why is it so loved by those who have ever tried to make it? Very simple! This is an amazing pastime and a unique result! In addition, it is better to make such crafts with your child. And who better than children to appreciate the opportunity to tinker in the same company with their mother, using glue, paper and a bunch of scraps?!

What materials will be needed

Volumetric paper applications

Volumetric paper applications require for their manufacture materials that every home probably has.

  1. Colored paper. If there are children in the house, then there are also several crumpled packages of paper. And you can endlessly remind about the need to carefully fold it - nothing helps … But this one will do for us.
  2. Scissors. Ideally, we will need both large ones, for paper, and small ones. They are great for cutting small parts. But if necessary, you can get by with one.
  3. Glue. For the manufacture of applications from paper, ordinary stationery glue is suitable for us. If you plan a craft option made of fabric, then it’s betterchoose fabric glue. For example, "Moment".
  4. Filler. It can be thread trimmings or cotton wool.
  5. Cardboard or thick paper.

Volumetric application. Manufacturing technique

Volume application

Let's talk about the sequence in which such an application is made. We choose the basis on which our application will be attached - it can be cardboard or a dense landscape sheet. If you are not satisfied with the color of the base, then you can invite the child to stick a sheet of colored paper on it in advance or paint it with watercolors or gouache the night before. If the baby has chosen the painting option, then carefully wash the child, the surrounding objects and dry the colored paper.

Then cut out the blanks. Let's say we decide to make a field of dandelions. Take a few ordinary paper napkins. We need bright yellow and white napkins. It is necessary to fold each napkin from the initial state in which it was in the package, two or three more times, and then fix it in the center with a stapler. Cut out a circle with an uneven, as if jagged edge. Next, very carefully raise the layers of the napkin in series to the center. We have a charming dandelion head. We make both yellow and "old" - white - flowers.

Then we cut out stems and curly leaves for our dandelions from green colored paper. It remains only to stick them on our blank, and the voluminous application is ready!

What can be done with this technique?

DIY applications

Using technique,which is called "3D Applique", you can make great gifts for all relatives and friends. In addition, you can lime a huge amount of unnecessary shreds of fabric and the remnants of colored paper in order to make applications. Crafts made of paper and shreds are sure to please grandparents, aunts and uncles. The main thing is that you will do them with your child. Handmade gifts are much more valuable than those that were just bought in a store, because a piece of soul is invested in them!

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