Tilda Bunny is a stylish, cozy and forever fashionable toy
Tilda Bunny is a stylish, cozy and forever fashionable toy

What do you associate the word "Tilda" with? What comes to mind? Comfort, good smells of a country house, natural colors, the highest quality fabrics. And, of course, the cutest characters: tall-legged fairies with long legs and button-eyes, pot-bellied snowmen, reel snails, long-eared hares and many, many others. Tilda-world is replete with the most interesting images, which are united by common features. After all, at a glance at the toy, all of us understand its "pedigree" and just want to exclaim: "Wow! Tilda!"

The first animal "Tilda" - a hare with long ears

To be honest, the first Tilda was a fairy girl. She was "born" in 1999 in Norway. And soon its creator, Toni Finnanger, began to create other images: clothes, furniture, and even household items in the Tilda style. And the main characters of her book "Tilda. Easter" were, of course, hares - after all, in those parts they believe that on Easter magical hares carry colorful eggs. So we can say that Tilda the Hare is a long-liver of the toy world, which already has its own history.

tilda hare

Hare Images

Tony's fictional hares are humanoid. They walk on two legs and holdbouquets and gingerbread, garden tools and even cameras. They like to dress up in overalls, touching lace dresses, pajamas - depending on the weather and the situation. The classic tilde hare may have ears sticking up, or hanging over the shoulders, like a donkey. And as for the images, here the flight of fancy has no limits! A shy lover, a bride or groom, an artist, a street musician, a cook - the Tilda Hare can play absolutely any role!

toy hare tilda

DIY in the best traditions of the genre

There is one more character trait, without which the Tilda toy is inconceivable. This is handmade. The world of Tilda does not tolerate consumer goods and low-quality, hastily crafted industrial parts. Each toy is sewn by hand according to a classic pattern, each seam is worked out, a nose is embroidered (less often drawn) on the muzzle, curious eye beads are sewn on. This also applies to accessories. Everything that the hare wears and everything that he holds in his paws is also made by hand.

A little about materials

Linen, thick cotton, coarse calico are perfect for any Tilda-style toy. Do not abuse synthetic fabrics - they will simply look illogical. Moreover, the Tilda Hare toy is not just another fun that will soon get bored and settle in the closet. Children like such toys, it's nice to sleep with them, you want to take care of them.

Tilda hare toy and manufacturing technology

Sewing a bunny is not so easy. Therefore, for the first attempt, you should not choose a pattern that is too intricate. Let's start withthe most common:

Do-it-yourself tilde hare

In the picture we see a large part of the torso - we need two such parts symmetrical; leg detail - cut out 4 of them; and the detail of the handle - there are also 4 of them. To make the ears, cut out a strip about 4 x 20 cm in size from the main fabric and round the ends. We cut out the same strip from colored fabric, the one from which we will sew the dress. By the way, about the outfit. For the first time, we will build something light, unpretentious, for example, a sundress with ties. It remains to carefully sew the details and fill the toy with padding polyester or holofiber. Everything, Tilda Hare is ready! But how long will he live alone? Maybe you should make him friends, improving your skills with each new toy and creating more and more amazing images?

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