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Commemorative coins of the "City of Military Glory". Coins 10 rubles of the series "Cities of Military Glory"
Commemorative coins of the "City of Military Glory". Coins 10 rubles of the series "Cities of Military Glory"

Perhaps there is no such numismatist who would not know about a whole series of coins in denominations of 10 rubles, which has the name "Cities of Military Glory". For the first time, its samples were released in 2011, and since then interest in it has not faded. Many people in Russia and abroad have begun to purchase these unique coins, as they have some individual features.

Cities of military glory

The settlements that are awarded this title are cities, on the territory or near which fierce battles took place, where the defenders of the Motherland showed extraordinary stamina, courage and heroism.

In connection with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, signed in December 2006, they were given the status of "City of Military Glory". They must necessarily have a special commemorative stele depicting the coat of arms and the text of the presidential decree conferring an honorary title on him. In addition, various ceremonial events are held in these cities andfestive fireworks dedicated to the City Day, May 9 and February 23.

Some people don't see much point in highlighting just a few dozen settlements. Since during the Great Patriotic War, the most difficult battles were going on throughout the European part of Russia. Therefore, it seems somewhat strange to single out a particular city and its significance to the country, if this trouble has affected all settlements without exception.

Issue of coins

Commemorative coins of the "City of Military Glory" were decided to be issued in the order in which the decrees on conferring this title are issued. At the very beginning, the series was planned to be completed in a 4-year period, but over time it became clear that production could continue for some more time, as new regulations are released every year.

Coins of the City of Military Glory

In accordance with the law, commemorative coins made from base metals go to the banks of the city or region to which they were dedicated. Therefore, if you are lucky, then they can give you the change. But if you have absolutely no desire to wait for such a happy accident, then you can easily purchase the commemorative coins of the "City of Military Glory" in numerous online stores and at auctions.

With the current schedule for issuing coins, which is 8 pieces a year, the release of the series will continue until at least 2015, provided that there are no new decisions on assigning this status to other cities.

In 2011-2013, the procedure for minting money completely coincided with presidential decrees onawarding honorary titles of the "City of Military Glory". Coins issued in 2014 do not follow this order. After the issue of money with the coat of arms of Vyborg, everyone expected that the image of Kalach-on-Don would be the next one. Instead, they made a Stary Oskol coin, while skipping 6 cities.

It should be noted that the emblem of Malgobek was slightly changed after the money was put into circulation. This is due to some inaccuracies noticed by the Heraldic Council operating under the President of the Russian Federation.


In 2011, the Central Bank of Russia begins to issue coins of 10 rubles of the "City of Military Glory". The place of their minting is the mint of St. Petersburg. They are made of steel with an additional uncirculated quality brass plating. The coin is 2.2 mm thick, 22 mm in diameter, and weighs 2.63 g. It is issued in a circulation of 10 million pieces each.

Coins 10 rubles Cities of military glory

All coins were made according to the sketches of the artist A. A. Brynza. A. N. Bessonov was the sculptor in the creation of some copies, and the rest were modeled using a computer.

The external data of the “City of Military Glory” coin is quite bright and attractive due to its coating. But without proper care, the shine can fade over time.


On the obverse in the center of the coin the denomination is displayed - 10 rubles. If you look at a certain angle, then inside the zero you can see the number 10 and the inscription "rub".Near the edge itself, there are inscriptions around the circumference: on top - "Bank of Russia" and on the bottom - the date - 2014. In addition, images of branches are applied on the sides: on the left - olive, and on the right - oak.

Coins 10 Cities of military glory

Reverse of the coin 10 "Cities of Military Glory" is always very interesting. On top of it there is the name of the series written on the tape, and on the bottom - the city itself. Each coin dedicated to a certain settlement that has received an honorary title has an image of its coat of arms.

First samples

The series of coins "Cities of Military Glory" begins with eight copies minted in 2011 and dedicated to the cities: Yelnya, Yelets, Orel, Belgorod, Rzhev, Kursk, Malgobek and Vladikavkaz. All of them have the same obverse and differ from each other only in reverse.

Belgorod was the very first to be awarded the status of "City of Military Glory", and this is not surprising. It was subjected to German occupation twice. The first time - from the end of October 1941 to February 1943, and the second - from mid-March to early August 1943. He was liberated by Soviet troops during fierce battles on the Kursk (Fire) Bulge.

Series of coins of the City of Military Glory

At the end of April 2007, a decree of the President of Russia was signed on awarding him the title, and on May 23, 2011, the coins of the “City of Military Glory” dedicated to this heroic city and its liberators were put into circulation.


During this period, 8 coins were also minted, and they were dedicated to the cities of Dimitrov, Tuapse, Rostov-on-Don, Luga, VelikyNovgorod, Polyarny, Voronezh and Velikiye Luki.

April 2, a coin dedicated to Voronezh appeared in circulation. She continued the series "Cities of Military Glory". At the very beginning of the Second World War, the factories of Voronezh launched the production of such military products necessary for the front.

Coins of Russia Cities of Military Glory

June 9, 1942, enemy motorized infantry and tank troops managed to break through to the city and capture its right-bank side. And its left-bank part managed to be defended. In July, a large group of fascist troops tried to break through to Stalingrad. But the courageous defenders of the city managed to stop them and frustrate the barbaric plans of the Nazi command.

For 212 days the front line was on the territory of Voronezh, where Soviet troops tried to hold back the onslaught of about 10 German divisions. As a result, these actions helped to defend and defend Stalingrad, as well as completely disrupt the enemy’s rapid summer offensive. During the fighting, Voronezh was almost destroyed, and most of its inhabitants ended up in the occupied territory.

Series continues

2013 was marked by the release of the same 8 coins. Their reverses depict the emblems of the cities: Vyazma, Volokolamsk, Naro-Fominsk, Bryansk, Arkhangelsk, Kronstadt, Pskov and Kozelsk.

With coins issued on April 1 and dedicated to Vyazma, they continued the series of anniversary ten-ruble notes. It was in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthis city in October 1941 that perhaps the most dramatic defensive operation took place not only during the years of the Second World War, but throughout the entire existenceRussian state. Here the German troops were able to defeat the huge, almost a million strong group of the Red Army. According to the German side, more than 660 thousand Soviet soldiers and officers were captured.

Cities of military glory coins

In 1942, the forces of two fronts, Kalinin and Western, tried to liberate the city of Vyazma, for which a truly large-scale Rzhev-Vyazemsky offensive was undertaken, which also ended in failure. It is considered one of the bloodiest battles of that war.

The occupation of Vyazma lasted 17 long months. During this time, enemy troops almost razed it to the ground, and most of the civilians died. In March 1943, Vyazma was liberated.


To date, 6 coins have already been issued, dedicated to the cities included in the series. These are Vladivostok, Vyborg, Tikhvin, Nalchik, Tver and Stary Oskol. The Central Bank also plans to issue two more 10-ruble coins of the City of Military Glory this year - Kolpino and Anapa.

Commemorative coins of the City of Military Glory

On April 1, a coin dedicated to Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, appeared. As in many cities of the Soviet Union, products needed for the front were produced here in wartime. From the end of October 1941 until the beginning of January 1943, Nalchik was occupied by the Germans. During this time, he underwent very significant destruction, but immediately after the liberation from enemy troops, the city began to be restored.


As it became known, next year the Bank of Russia plans toissue of the next eight coins. This list of cities included: Khabarovsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Kovrov, Maloyaroslavets, Taganrog, Kalach-on-Don, as well as Lomonosov and Mozhaisk.

Many collectors are already wondering today: "What is the value of the coin of the "City of Military Glory" and how much can it really cost?" Professionals recommend taking a sober approach to evaluating each item included in the collection before deciding to sell it or buy it at auction. It should be remembered that the main value of the coin of Russia "City of Military Glory" is that it tells about the heroic past of our great country.

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