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DIY organza skirt for girls: description, ideas, master class and reviews
DIY organza skirt for girls: description, ideas, master class and reviews

Tulle, organza, veil, tulle - a delightful material, airy. A skirt from it for a girl is much more than just an outfit. She is the embodiment of magic, fairy tales. Any mother can make such a gift as an organza skirt for a girl with her own hands. It takes a little time, desire, fantasy.

Every day ballet

A tutu skirt like a ballerina's is the embodiment of romance, airiness, elegance. Recently, it is perceived as a practical thing. It looks very easy (like the ballerina herself), gently sways on the female figure. Made from lightweight fabrics. The volume is adjusted by the number of petticoats.

do-it-yourself tutu skirt for girls

Today the classic tutu is a very puffy knee-length skirt. It is not an everyday outfit, but is widely used in photo shoots, New Year's holidays, parties. But this applies to adult women. A sewn organza skirt for a girl with her own hands looks verydelightful in any setting.

Sewing tips for organza, tulle, tulle, veil

Before starting work, it is worth studying a few features of the sewing technique from airy fabrics (to simplify and correct the process).

1. Do not sew with too long stitches. The fabric in this case will gather up. If the stitch is too small, the thread may become caught in the sewing machine plate. The optimal stitch length is 2.5 mm.

2. Use as many pins as possible and use as many pins as possible if hand-gathering the fabric.

3. In the process of manufacturing the product, it is necessary to constantly iron it. Ideal - after each seam. Seam allowances are ironed to one side. The temperature is set to the minimum. So the fabric will not be deformed.

4. If the material is gathered on the sewing machine, the longest straight stitch is sewn. The bobbin thread tension must be loosened. So the fabric will pick up automatically. It remains only to make sure that the thread does not break, the line is straight.

do-it-yourself puffy tutu skirt master class

Tutu skirt for girls: do it yourself

The easiest option is without sewing. It is ideal for a beginner seamstress who can not decide to start a difficult thing, and for those who are in a hurry. You can make a plain skirt or use all the colors of the rainbow.

Required material:

  • multi-colored (solid) organza, tulle;
  • elastic band;
  • threads.

You need to take more fabric, so the skirt willfuller.

Process Description

How is a do-it-yourself tutu skirt made for a girl? The master class is presented below.

The first thing to do is to sew the elastic band. To do this, its ends are superimposed one on top of the other and grinded twice. Can be done by hand or on a sewing machine. Next, the fabric is cut into strips. Width - 60 cm, length - double the length of the skirt.

A strip of fabric is folded in half - so that a loop is formed at the top. Then it is applied to the elastic band from behind, and the open lower ends are folded up, pulled through it and gently tightened. The fabric strip should lie flat.

Then, on the elastic band, the next strip is tied in a knot close to the first. If a multi-colored fabric is used, it is necessary to alternate the segments each time. You need to tie the stripes on an elastic band tightly to each other.So, a do-it-yourself tutu skirt for a little princess is made! Quick and easy!

do-it-yourself tutu skirt for a little princess


Let's consider in detail how to sew a do-it-yourself tulle tutu skirt for a girl. How to make its lower part three-stage, and the upper half-sun?Required material:

  • tulle;
  • skirt fabric;
  • inlay oblique;
  • elastic band;
  • threads.

Production process

First, cut out the material. The lower skirt will be three-stage. The width of the panels is 150 cm, the length is 30 cm. The first (upper) step will consist of 2 parts, the middle- out of three, lower - out of five. The result should be 10 panels.

do-it-yourself tutu skirt for girls master class

The length of this sample skirt is 87 cm. If the product is made longer or shorter, then the fabric consumption will increase or decrease. The number of panels may vary depending on how fluffy the skirt will be.

Next, the panels must be stitched into a ring. To do this, we fold them face to face and sew the side seams. Overcast the allowances together. The seam is 0.5 cm wide. For the upper ring, we grind two panels, for the middle one - three, for the bottom - five. The result is 3 different sizes. All allowances must be ironed, overcast.

We process the bottom edges. There are two options. The first is folded by hand or on a typewriter. The second - oblique trim.

Then we grind together all the steps. How to do it? To begin with, we measure the width of the lower cut of the second step. At this length, you need to pick up the top of the third skirt. To do this, a line is sewn with long stitches by hand or on a typewriter. We stretch the threads of the line. The length of the top of the lower step should be equal to the bottom cut of the middle skirt. The ends of the threads are tied with knots. We chip off with pins with the front sides the smooth edge of the lower step and the middle one. We scribble. We remove the threads, overcast the allowances, iron. We do the same with the middle and upper stage of the skirt.

The next step is the processing of the upper edges of the skirt. Here you can apply 2 options.

  1. Sew over with a zigzig stitch (or use an overlocker). Cut the tape to the required length. Stitch into the ringends. Mark 4 segments (identical) on the tape and on the upper cut of the first step. Break off the marks with pins. Attach the tape to the cut, stretching it in the process so that it lies evenly between the marks. Make sure that the assemblies are evenly distributed. We additionally overcast the lower edge of the ribbon, grabbing the tulle.
  2. Sewn under the drawstring elastic. Next - the upper skirt, the upper cut of which is connected to the stepped one and processed as one piece. On the wrong side, tuck the upper cut, first by 0.5 cm, then by another 1.5 cm. Baste. Attach the drawstring to the edge. Leave a hole in the seam where the tape will be threaded. Get into the ring. Sew up the hole by hand.

Final touch

Now you can proceed to the top panel. Any fabric is taken. First, a pattern of a half-sun skirt is drawn. There will be two side seams. The pattern is superimposed on the fabric, folded in half, so that the dashed line coincides with the fold. So 2 canvases are cut out. Then the side sections of the upper skirt are ground down. Overcast and iron seam allowances. The bottom edge is folded twice to the wrong side and attached. Then you should mark 4 segments on the upper cut of the skirt, on the drawstring (or elastic band). Next, the swept overskirt must be connected to the stepped skirt and sewn into a drawstring. Done!

do-it-yourself tulle skirt for a girl how to make

Do-it-yourself organza skirt for a girl is also sewn.

Every girl's dream

From early childhood, every little princessfascinated outfits like ballerinas. The dream of any mom is to make such a product as a fluffy tutu skirt with her own hands. A master class on its tailoring is presented to help them.

What you need:

  • 2, 5m organza;
  • 0.5m stretch;
  • elastic band (2 cm wide);
  • threads.

Now we take measurements and start sewing. You need to start with a ruffle. To do this, we cut 13 strips along the organza oblique, the width of which is 10 cm. Cut it.

The edges of each strip must be processed on a typewriter on both sides with a zigzag stitch. You can use an overlay. To make the wave beautiful, you need to slightly stretch the fabric. The stripes are ready. Putting them aside.

do-it-yourself organza skirt for girls

Next, cut out a rectangle 8025 cm from any stretch, grind it into a ring. It turns out the base. On it exactly in the middle we adjust the finished stripes. We lay the folds and make them more often. So the skirt will turn out airy, lush. Ruffles must be closed in a ring, the ends hidden in folds. Iron the first stitched row on one side, so it will be easier to sew the next ones. The distance between the stripes is 1 cm. We dress up the skirt row by row. We sew the last one from the edge at a distance of 6 cm. We bend it and make a drawstring into which we insert the elastic.

Handmade organza skirt for girls!

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