Learning to knit booties
Learning to knit booties

Knitting booties for beginners is worth trying after the first knitted scarf. Ease of execution, small size and minimum time spent, and as a result - an excellent command of the technique of making crochets, adding and decreasing loops. And most importantly, you will learn how to knit charming warm baby booties. We start knitting booties.

For booties you will need 25-30 grams of yarn, wool or cotton is better. Since you are just learning to knit, we will take plain booties, but at the same time quite beautiful.

knitting booties

Knit booties start from the middle of the sole. We collect 40 loops on knitting needles and knit 2 rows with facial loops (pattern - garter stitch). From the third row, add 4 loops through the row to expand the sole. To do this, after the hem we knit 2 persons., Raise and twist the broach between the loops (so that there is no hole in the product), we knit it with the front one. The next loops are added in the middle of knitting (between 19 and 21loop) and at the end, before 36 loop. In the same way, we knit the fifth, seventh and ninth rows, in the middle between each addition with each row it becomes 2 loops more. As a result, we get 56 loops.

How to knit booties: toe

Toe we knit with "English rubber band". 1st row gum - 1x1, 2nd row: hem,remove the purl untied, while putting the working thread on the removed loop, it turns out, as it were, a double thread. Repeat from to to the end of the row. In the third row, the front (double) loops are knitted with one front, purl according to the pattern of the second row. We knit only 16 rows with an English elastic band.

Next, decrease the loops to form the toe. First row: hem, 17 English knit, purl, 3 loops of one (remove 1 loop untied, the working knitting needle is inserted from left to right into 2 loops, knit them 1 front and put on it the removed front loop). Fromtowe knit 4 more times, purl 1, 17 English elastic, hem. Row 2: Knit English Rib over English Rib. Over the shortened loops, we knit all the wrong loops. Third row: hem, 17 English elastic, 2 loops of one knit, 7 knit, 2 loops of one knit, 17 English elastic, hem.

The fourth, sixth and eighth rows are knitted similarly to the second; the fifth and seventh rows are knitted similarly to the third. In height, knit booties with English elastic for another 12 rows and for the side 7 rows with front stitch. We knit the second penetka in the same way. Sew along the front side with a knitted invisible seam. Everything, booties are ready! Decorate as you wish.

knitting booties for beginners

How to crochet booties for a boy.

For work you will need:

- hook matching yarn;

- wool blend or cotton yarn, 2 or 3 colors;

- laces.

Knit the sole of the booties, according to the scheme. In the last row, we have 60 single crochets along the edge of the insole, cut off the thread and carefully hide it.

how to crochet booties for a boy

Begin to tie from the center of the middle of the insole with single crochets, inserting the hook into the penultimate row. The middle of the insole is found by folding it in half lengthwise.

2, 3 and 4 rows are knitted without additions with single crochets (we knit the 3rd row with a thread of a different color). We break the thread.

In the 5th row we count 16 loops and from 17 we start knitting the toe according to the scheme. We break the thread.

From the place indicated by the red arrow in the photo, we begin to knit the sides of the booties.

1 row. With a contrasting thread, we knit 4 lifting loops, 28 columns without crochets.

2 row. 4 instep stitches, 29 single crochets.

In the third row: 4 lifting loops, 2 single crochets, 1 air loop (hole for the lace), skip 1 loop of the bottom row, continue knitting with single crochets, knit the last 3 loops of the row similarly to the initial ones.

how to crochet booties for a boy

4th row knit with single crochets without gaps.

The fifth and seventh rows are knitted similarly to the third.

The sixth and eighth rows are knitted similarly to the 4th.

how to tiecrochet booties for a boy

We knit the tongue of the bootie on the middle part with the thread that was used to knit the side. 9 rows high, 10 single crochets wide. We make a rounding of the tongue - 2 single crochets to a common top, 6 single crochets, again to a common top 2 single crochets. We break the thread, carefully hide the end.

We tie the edge of the side and the tongue with a contrasting thread "crustacean step". We knit cords from air loops or use a satin ribbon. So warm, soft and beautiful booties-shoes are ready.

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