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Textile brooch is a beautiful and simple decoration
Textile brooch is a beautiful and simple decoration

A brooch is a decorative item or piece of jewelry that can be attached to clothing with a pin. They can be of any shape, but are usually small in size. But if you try to imagine a brooch, the image that most often comes to mind is a metal jewelry with intricate details and exquisite beauty. But not all brooches are like that. These jewelry are made from precious stones and glass, beads, pieces of fabric, etc.

Broch like message

Brooches can have not only a decorative function, but also convey information. For example, during the time of Louis XIV at the court of this French king, a certain court lady came up with the idea of ​​​​using her collection of accessories to inform gentlemen about the place and time of a date. Other noble persons also liked the idea, which became one of the reasons for the spread of this type of decoration. Then brooches from an attribute of luxury turn into a symbol of sophistication andaristocratic chic. Now they are used to emphasize the sophistication of the image and complete it.

how to make a textile brooch

Materials for modern brooches

Recently crystal and gemstone brooches have been more common. Until now, many families keep such jewelry in jewelry boxes. Textile brooches are popular with modern fashionistas. They are created by hand, using shreds of fabrics, felt and felt, glass beads, beads and seed beads. Textile brooches with your own hands can be made independently. They are suitable not only to decorate a dress, but also transform a boring stole or a strict hat.

How to make a textile dragonfly brooch?

First you need to decide on the style of your future accessory. What outfit will it be for? Will it be a daily decoration or will it become an accessory for an evening dress? If you need a universal option, you should pay attention to textile brooches in boho style. Due to the peculiarity of this style to combine seemingly incompatible details, they are suitable for a variety of outfits. In vintage style, textile brooches are suitable for evening dresses and hats. They are created most often on the basis of flowers from fabrics of muted shades. The textile brooch can be used to transform simple clothes and accessories.

dragonfly brooch

If you're not sure you can make an intricate piece of jewelry right away, start with an easy option - dragonfly brooches. She will needvery little material and time. Prepare felt, beads, thread and needle, faux leather and a brooch clip.

Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Take two small pieces of felt of any color and put them together, and then in half, cut out the wings of a dragonfly.
  2. On a thread, collect several beads of different diameters to make the body of an insect. For the head, use the largest bead or ball in a contrasting color.
  3. Take two small pieces of faux leather. Take dragonfly wings, connect with the body. On the back, put a piece of leather, a clip on it, and then another piece of leather to fix it.
  4. Sew the pieces together.

You will get a very simple textile brooch. Additionally, it can be decorated with beads, beads or embroidery.

textile brooches vintage

Second clamp fixation option

The most common way to create a textile brooch is with fabric or felt flowers. The assembly principle of such a product is slightly different from the previous one:

  1. First, a flower or inflorescence is created separately. If the flower has a center, for example, like a poppy or a sunflower, it is embroidered with beads on a felt blank, to which the petals are then attached.
  2. A piece of felt is also used as a base. A clip is glued to it, and then the mount is closed with another layer of felt, in which slots are made.
  3. The edges are connected with a decorative seam. So the product looks more neat from the back side.
  4. textile brooches vintage

Flower brooch

To create flowers, you can use the kanzashi technique or any other technique you like. If you are a beginner and do not know how to make flowers, try the simplest options. For example, often strips of fabric are simply folded into a bundle, and then small roses are formed from them. It can be a silk ribbon or a regular chintz. When folded, it will look unusual and vintage.

The kanzashi technique uses silk and satin ribbons and other types of fabric. First, round and triangular petals are created from shreds of a certain size. Silk ribbons are fixed with a flame, and cotton fabrics with threads. Flowers are collected from round and triangular petals with a glue gun.

DIY textile brooches

Another option is to cut the petals of the desired shape from a satin ribbon, process them over a flame and collect them into a bud. You can take real flowers as a basis and see what petals they have. Heat treatment allows you to give blanks different shapes, bend them, so that the flower will look natural.

How to make a bouquet?

Textile brooches can be made in the form of bouquets. To do this, several ready-made flowers are gathered together on a felt substrate or on stems. For stems, ordinary wire is suitable. It is convenient to use one end of it to add stamens to the middle of the color, and the other end to fasten the flowers together. If the stems are not too attractive, they can be wrappedin a piece of fabric or use green floral tape. Berries and other small decorative elements, such as metal leaves, are often added to bouquets. This makes the composition look more complete.

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