Small flowers are a nice decoration for any composition
Small flowers are a nice decoration for any composition

Do-it-yourself decorative jewelry is very popular with modern fashionistas. Artificial small flowers from various materials can decorate any outfit, handbag, panel, postcard. They can also become an original element of a gift to a loved one.

little flowers

Paper Joy

Before holding various festive events, they often resort to decorating the premises, banquet halls and dining tables with various decor. In this case, compositions containing small flowers made of multi-colored paper will look original.

To work, you will need simple stationery tools available in any home, such as glue, scissors, a stapler, if necessary, thread with a needle. Also, to create a composition that is installed in vases, you will need a wire or a cocktail tube, which is a stalk. A small paper flower can have a bright center, so it will be useful to prepare beads of the right size.

little flowers

How to quickly and easily create floral decor

The easiest way to create an element for a bouquet is to make a rose from a spiral. To do this, take a red paper sheet and draw a small circle on it with a pencil. Then, along the circumference, not reaching the middle, cut a spiral curve. Do not try to keep the same width of the strip, due to this, small flowers will look more realistic. Start twisting the spiral, approaching the center of the figure. At the end of the work on the bud, fix the base of the rose in the middle with glue.

The next step is to create the flower stem. A strip of green paper should be wound on the prepared wire, gradually rising to the base where the bud will be. At the same time, drip a little glue along the length of the stem. Under the rose, form a cup with leaves and, leaving a small piece of wire clean, put a bud on it. A small paper flower is ready. By making several elements of paper of different colors, you can create a small and original bouquet that will serve as an excellent decor for your holiday.

small paper flower

Knitted decoration

Beautiful crochet floral elements can be used to decorate any outfit, making it festive and unique. To do this, you need quite a bit: a working tool, threads and basic knowledge of knitting. Crochet small flowers, following the detailed description, even a beginner can do.

When knitting small items, mostlychains of air loops, single crochet and double crochet are used. Take a small skein of any yarn and crochet 6 air loops. Then lock the chain into a ring, attaching the last loop to the first cast on. Each flower petal will consist of three columns with one crochet. To do this, you need to climb one loop and knit three more air loops, and then knit 2 columns with a crochet. Between the petals you need to dial a chain of three loops. Repeat the element 4 more times. This will form 5 petals. This description is suitable for those who want to crochet very small flowers.

crochet small flowers

Using fabric

Satin ribbons make very beautiful small and neat kanzashi-style flowers. To create this decor, you do not need much experience and some kind of sophisticated equipment, the main thing is patience and perseverance. To create a small flower, you will need narrow ribbons in two shades for the bud and leaves. You should also choose threads to match the material and needles. Can be used when decorating rhinestones or beads.

Cut off a strip 40-50 cm long from the tape. We apply the fabric with the short side to the adjacent one, forming a triangle. We bend the top and grab it with a needle and thread. Next, you need to collect the tape on a thread along the edge, folding the strip alternately in small triangles. Fold the fabric gathered on the thread into a bud and sew the base, thereby tightly securing the composition.

The next step is to create a leaf for the flower. To do this from the tapecut off a green part equal to 10 cm. We apply the upper corners of the figure to the middle of the opposite side, forming an equilateral triangle. We grind the base of the leaf and tighten it. To complete the decoration, at least one more leaf should be formed. We connect all the elements with a needle and thread.

how to make small flowers

We looked at ways to explain how to make small flowers, what materials to use for this. Thanks to detailed instructions, you can create original compositions and decorate outfits or the space around you with them.

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