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What to mold from s alt dough with your own hands: photo ideas, modeling workshops
What to mold from s alt dough with your own hands: photo ideas, modeling workshops

S alt dough is a wonderful, soft and cheap material for children's creativity. It is easy to work with him, the steps for performing crafts resemble modeling from plasticine, only after drying the work is stored for a long time and becomes hard. You can start doing crafts already from a younger preschool age, because it is much easier for a child to roll out soft dough in still fragile fingers, and not hardened plasticine. Clothes stay clean while working, which is not expected with clay.

What to mold from s alt dough? Any figure, both flat and voluminous. A thin layer is rolled out with an ordinary rolling pin and various figures of animals or fish are squeezed out with baking dishes. An adult craftsman can cut out any outline using a drawn stencil with a knife, and then add small details. Volumetric figures are molded step by step, starting with a central, large element, decorating it with additional parts.

In the article we will give a recipe for s alt dough, you will find out what ingredients are used to knead the plastic mass for crafts.We will also consider what can be molded from s alt dough with children, how to dry thin and voluminous figures. Let's share the secrets of making colored material, as well as painting finished dried crafts with a brush.

S alt dough recipe

If you have figured out what to mold from s alt dough, the first thing you need to do is knead the mixture soft and pliable in children's hands. There are several recipes for preparing material for modeling at home. Main ingredients: fine table s alt, white wheat flour and water. The remaining components are added for the plasticity of the mixture. Consider one of the most popular recipes that is suitable for working with children.

Prepare a large bowl and dry mix 2 cups of white flour and half a serving of s alt. Be sure to take only a small fraction. It will dissolve faster, and pebbles will not come across in the modeling mass. Then pour half a glass of cold water into a homogeneous mixture and mix thoroughly. To give greater elasticity to the material, it is advised to add 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil or baby hand cream. To get the job done faster and better, you can use kitchen helpers - a blender or a dough mixer.

Shop play set

When the dough is ready, you can start creating. What to mold from s alt dough with a child? Of course, you need to start with the simplest things. For example, mold vegetables and fruits to play in the store. These are small toys that a 4-5 year old child can easily make.

set for playing "Shop"

Prepare a plastic stack for drawing small details and cutting off excess dough, a small rolling pin, a ballpoint pen for pressing holes, a modeling board, a container of water. For an adult master - a knife.

You can mold toys from s alt dough in the same ways as when working with ordinary plasticine. Use the techniques of rolling and pressing, pulling and pinching, flattening in the palms or between the fingers. All of them are necessary for the development of hand motor skills in a child. In addition, the baby during the game will quickly remember the appearance and structural features of each object, which will undoubtedly develop the child's mental abilities.

Methods of modeling toys

Before starting work, you need to think not only what to mold from s alt dough, but also which way to work. Consider all known options:

  1. Constructive. Each item is made up of separate parts, which are then combined into a single structure by pressing or rubbing the dough. In order for the elements to connect well with each other, you need to use water prepared in a bowl. It is enough to slightly wet your hands to make the dough more moist and pliable.
  2. Plastic. This type of work, both with dough and with plasticine or clay, is the manufacture of an object from one piece of material. All small parts are made by drawing.
  3. Combined. This method of modeling includes both pulling out individual parts from a common layer, and attaching some elements by pressing and rubbing, that is, connectingthe first and second methods described above.

How to mold a lark from s alt dough

The lark is a migratory bird that is one of the first to return to its native land. In the spring, you can make an easy craft for a couple of larks with your child and place the finished, dried and painted figure in a nest of branches. To do the work, the s alt dough must be divided into two equal parts and rolled up "sausages" of the same thickness and length. Then lay them side by side on a plank and tie a single knot first at the front and then at the back ends.

dough larks

The edge of each "sausage" remains outside. On one side, they form a round head with a pointed beak by pulling and pressing the dough with your fingers. To make the tail of the craft, you will need a fork. It is convenient to flatten the dough with it, besides, the striped print resembles tail feathers. The eyes are made from small seeds pressed deep into the dough. You can use beads or plastic balls, any material will do.

Snowman for the little ones

Often crafts are made before the New Year holidays. They will be needed to decorate the Christmas tree or decorate the room. Such a simple craft can be planned by a teacher in the younger group of a kindergarten. You need to prepare a soft dough and divide it into three parts in order of increasing size of the breasts. The teacher shows in detail how to mold a figure from s alt dough. The kid should roll each part in the palms and give it a spherical shape, and thenflatten the ball on the plank.

snowman for kids

It remains only to connect the parts of the snowman and decorate the craft with small buttons. To be able to hang a Christmas tree toy on a branch, be sure to make a hole on top. When the craft is completely dry, you need to color the snowman. For this, gouache paints, usual for kindergarten, are suitable. First, paint the entire figure with white, and then it remains to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the character.

Easter Egg

If you still think that you can mold from s alt dough, then we can advise you to make a flat Easter egg. To work, you will need a rolling pin and a metal egg shape, the core of a ballpoint pen to extrude a hole for a string or ribbon (optional).

Roll out a layer 5-7 mm thick from a small breast of s alt dough. Then the form is put in place and put pressure on it with the palm of your hand. The excess dough is set aside, and a hole is made in the remaining egg with the rod of the pen.

easter egg painting

The main work on the craft begins after the workpiece has dried. Painting Easter eggs is a creative business. You can realize any idea. It is interesting to make both geometric and floral ornaments. Paint the background first, let the paint dry, and then work on the small details. Insert a bright ribbon into the hole and tie a beautiful bow. You can insert a loop to hang the egg on the stand.

Decorative pendant

The photo below shows a sample of a flat pendant with several parts.This is a separate body and 2 feet connected by ropes. How to mold a cat from s alt dough? First you need to draw a template of all the details on a piece of cardboard. Then we transfer the contours to the rolled out layer of s alt dough. Next, you need to cut out the eyes and front paws of the cat from the same layer, give them the necessary shape and prick the pattern from the holes. It is more convenient to cut the claws at the ends of the paws with a stack or a knife. Insert a coin into the character's hand.

s alt dough cat

The nose in the form of a ball is rolled out separately in the palms, and then it is pressed in the center of the cat's muzzle. Remember to make holes for the rope with an awl or ballpoint pen. They will be needed both above and below the torso. And on top you need to make an additional hole for attaching the pompom in the center.

Separately roll out small piles of dough for the hind legs, or rather, stops. On their wide side, the lines of the fingers are cut and the cap from the felt-tip pen is pressed in shallowly. On the narrow part, make a hole for the twine.

When all the details are dry, it remains to paint the craft, insert the ropes and make a pom-pom out of white yarn threads.


Introducing another version of the owl pendant. You already know how to mold a bird from s alt dough, because the way to make flat crafts is identical to that already described above. It is enough to transfer the template drawn on cardboard to a rolled out layer of dough and carefully cut it out with a knife along the contours. Then, with a stack, you need to draw all the small details: feathers, wings. Separately cut out or manually roll out the eyes,beak and attach by pressing on the selected places.

owl flat craft

Paws with carved claws are fixed with wire in the center in one hole. Also make another one in the center of the head of this feathered predator. After drying, the workpiece is covered with acrylic varnish. For dark areas use stain.

Creating a three-dimensional figure on a plane

Let's look at how to mold a cat out of s alt dough using a drawn image of an animal. Spread the details directly on a sheet of paper. Actions are performed step by step, by stretching they achieve complete similarity in the shape and size of the elements. Then they are connected together and all joints are carefully smoothed using water.

how to make a cat

The eyes and the protruding part of the muzzle of the beast are molded separately and attached already on top of the finished work. At the manufacturing stage, you can insert any part into the paws, such as a plastic fork.

After coloring, the figure can be glued with a flat part onto a rectangle cut out of plywood and inserted into the frame. Such an interesting craft will decorate any children's room.

S alt dough hedgehogs

It's incredibly easy to make a three-dimensional hedgehog figurine out of s alt dough. Be sure to add vegetable oil to the mixture so that the material is malleable and plastic. First you need to roll the dough into a ball, then lengthen the front of the workpiece by indenting from all sides.

Dough hedgehogs

Put the blank on the plank and press down a little so that the bottom becomesflat and the figurine stood well in an upright position. Needles are made by cutting with scissors, starting from the head of the animal. Try to keep the distance between the cuts the same, otherwise the craft will look untidy.

At the end, insert beads into the places of the eyes and nose. Additionally, a fungus or an apple can be placed on the needles. After drying, the craft is painted and coated with acrylic varnish.


With older children, try to make a voluminous craft of the popular cartoon character about Winnie the Pooh - a pig named Piglet. It is best to do it in a plastic way, namely by pulling individual elements from one piece of s alt dough. First you need to divide one large piece into two parts: leave the smaller one for the head, and the large one for the body. Between them, leave a narrow bridge of the neck. To prevent the head from falling to one side, it is recommended to insert a piece of wire or a toothpick into the neck area inside the dough.

Piglet from dough

Further work is to pull out of the dough for small details: paws, ears and patch (nose). If the toy is intended as a pendant, then a wire ring should be inserted into the dough between the ears on the head. After drying, Piglet needs to be painted accordingly along with the character.


April 12 is celebrated as Cosmonautics Day every year. Kindergartens and schools may offer to take part in an exhibition of crafts. Blinding an astronaut from s alt dough is easy. This is an ordinary person with arms and legs. Do not feel sorry for the body test, because the astronaut's suit shouldbe spacious. At the junction of the spacesuit and boots, the thickness of the dough is significantly reduced. The main work is carried out on the helmet. The astronaut's head is molded large and spherical. The contours of the glass are cut out in a stack in front, and after drying the dough in the oven, depict the astronaut's face on it. Find a photo of a real astronaut on the Internet and look at it carefully to color the suit correctly.


If you are going to work with s alt dough, then check the child's hands for cracks and scratches. Since the composition of the mixture includes fine s alt, when it enters the wound, it causes a painful burning sensation. The child will not want to continue modeling if he is in pain. If this has already happened, then rinse your hands under running water and lubricate the redness with baby cream or oil.

In the article we presented options for different crafts. Now you know what to make from s alt dough with children. Try and create to your heart's content!

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