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Magnificent "African flowers" crochet (master class knitting a gift needle bed)
Magnificent "African flowers" crochet (master class knitting a gift needle bed)

Many experienced craftswomen say that they are very fond of knitting "African flowers" crochet.

african crochet flower master class

These are not literal flowers. This is the name of the details that can be used to create almost any complex or not very complex thing. These motifs are like mosaic fragments, from which magnificent finished products are assembled. The article will help you learn how to crochet an "African flower" on your own. Schemes of the sequence of work are presented clearly in the photographs. Knit a needle bar using this delightful pattern.

"African flower" crochet (master class on making a needle bed)

It has long been noticed that if you create a particular thing, then the work of mastering a newtechnology becomes more productive. Skills are acquired faster, and besides, there is no feeling of wasted time spent on knitting a pattern. We invite you to learn how to make a very pretty needle bed, which you can easily finish in just one evening, without even looking up from watching your favorite TV series. In addition, along the way, you will be able to understand the basic principles of how to crochet "African flowers", and in the future you will be able to decorate your work with these exotic motifs.

  • Prepare a 3.5 mm hook and the rest of the multi-colored yarn.
  • You will also need soft material to stuff the needle bar.

How to knit the centerpiece?

• Start with 4 chain stitches and join into a ring.

crochet african flowers

• Tie them with double crochet stitches (12 stitches).

• Knit 3 chain stitches in a different color and start knitting 6 elements, each of which has 3 triple crochets.

african flower crochet patterns

• Next row - knit again with a different shade of yarn. We start with 3 air loops. You need to knit 6 elements, consisting of 6 columns with a triple crochet. The number 6 is the basis of the pattern by which "African flowers" are formed.

african flower crochet patterns

• Crochet around the edge of the motif using thread in a contrasting color. Single crochets alternate as shown in the photo. The motif looks more and more like a flower.

Africancrochet pattern flower

Knitting needle bed

• Now we move on to knitting the body of the needle bar itself. To do this, we tie one row with double crochets. And then in each new row, several loops should be knitted together so that the knitting shape resembles a cylinder.

african flower crochet patterns african crochet flower master class

• After a few centimeters of the side walls of the needle bar have been formed, continue to knit the bottom. To do this, divide the loops into 8 parts and reduce their number in each row, knitting together 2 loops in a group.

african crochet flower master class

• Before finishing work on the needle bar, fill the inner cavity with cotton wool, pieces of foam rubber, or other soft material. This will give it a beautiful shape, making the "African flowers" crochet even more expressive.

• The last stage of work: nullify all the loops and fasten the end of the thread.Such a cute thing to give to friends or use in home.

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