How to knit washcloths for the whole family: tips and tricks
How to knit washcloths for the whole family: tips and tricks
how to knit washcloths

Have you just started to master this wonderful hobby - crochet? While you are learning the basics and acquiring the necessary skills to make some kind of large and complex product, we suggest that you practice performing simple but practical tasks. Learn how to knit washcloths and make DIY gifts for all family members.

General principles for making washcloths

This bath item is necessary for everyone, because it is a means of hygiene. Therefore, special requirements are imposed on the materials from which the washcloths will be made. Yarn should not irritate the skin, causing allergic reactions. And at the same time, you need to choose a material so that it does not absorb water too much, then the washcloth will wash well and will not become too heavy during the washing process. In addition, drying time is also of great importance - synthetic products dry quickly and bacteria do not grow in them.

Sohow to knit washcloths is quite simple, you can make enough of them for different types of water procedures and skin types. Here the knitting texture itself plays a role. High and dense bumps in the knit will help to thoroughly clean the skin in adults. Delicate baby skin requires softer textures in simple patterns.

This item should be individual for each family member, so all washcloths must certainly be different from each other. Showing imagination knitter will get great pleasure, as knitting washcloths, as you will see, is a very exciting thing.

It is worth considering that all bath accessories fit into the interior of the bathroom and are made in the same style.

How to knit a washcloth for beginners?

The easiest way is to use a double crochet rectangle.

how to knit a washcloth for beginners

As shown in the photo, the size of the washcloth can be arbitrary depending on the age of the person. For a beginner knitter, this is a great workout. On this basis, you can master the knitting of the chain, and the alternation of columns with air loops and the creation of the edging of the finished product. Here are some options for how to knit washcloths.

crochet washcloth master class

The idea that this is not just a square sample, but a necessary thing in the household will give the craftswoman a sense of satisfaction and teach her to bring the job to the end, which is very valuable in needlework.

crochet washcloth master class

Bathingnewborn - crochet a washcloth (master class)

In order not to harm the baby while bathing, you should be very careful in choosing all items for this procedure, especially the washcloth. Tie her yourself:

  • We connect the air loops (a chain of 5 p.) into a ring and start knitting single crochets in a spiral, adding a few loops in each row. You can alternate threads of different colors.
  • When the main part reaches the desired diameter, stop knitting and fasten the thread.
  • If desired, you can tie details in some places - ears, paws, ponytails and other elements.
  • Make a loop so that the washcloth is convenient to dry in a hanging position.

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