Small masterpieces: DIY satin ribbon flowers
Small masterpieces: DIY satin ribbon flowers

Instead of buying ready-made things decorated with standard decorations, try making your own flowers from satin ribbons. You will see that they look amazing! At the same time, making them is very simple and exciting.

DIY satin ribbon flowers

Where could these decorations be used?

• Such a satin flower can transform an already not-so-new sun hat or a bit of an annoying handbag.

• A variety of satin brooches using rhinestones or pearls can change a familiar suit beyond recognition or make a casual evening dress.

• Pretty satin ribbon flowers add a glamorous touch to hair ornaments. Attach them to headbands or hairpins - and any hairstyle will become romantic and feminine.

• Having a few of these accessories in stock, you can decorate gift wrapping with them for friends. If you made flowers from satin ribbons with your own hands in the form of a brooch, then they themselves can become an independent gift.

• Satin flowers as wedding accessoriessimply irreplaceable: boutonnieres, decorations for glasses or a bride's handbag, bridesmaids' bracelets and much more.Perhaps you will come up with many more ways to apply these lovely things in your life.

make a satin ribbon flower

How to make a satin ribbon flower?

You will need:

• An iron and a board.

• Satin ribbons in various colors and sizes for petals and leaves.

• Chalk, fabric marker, or ballpoint pen (the pencil slides over the satin).

• Thick paper to create templates for flower details.

• Sharp scissors.

• Candle or lighter (you can use matches) to melt the edges of the petals. • Glue.

• Large crystals or rhinestones to decorate the middle of the flowers.

Look at these satin ribbon flowers. With your own hands, you can make not only roses, but also other varieties of graceful plants.

• Make one pattern of such elements out of paper: a petal (its size depends on the desired size of the product), a leaf and a base circle. • Mark the tape. You need 10 petals, 2 leaves (green satin) and 1 circle for the center of the flower.

beautiful satin ribbon flowers

• Cut out the details.• Using the flame of a candle or lighter, carefully work all the edges of the details of the flower. To avoid accident during this process, keep a bowl of water handy.

DIY satin ribbon flowers

• Glue the crease at the base of each petal with glue and press to create voluminous flowers. Fromsatin ribbons with your own hands, it is easy to make solid samples resembling roses (it is enough to assemble a piece of braid into an assembly). In this case, there is no need to fire the sections of the petals.

DIY satin ribbon flowers DIY satin ribbon flowers

• The last operation is the connection of all fragments. All the petals and leaves are gradually glued onto the base circle. The installation of the central crystal or bead completes the work.

These are the general principles for creating flowers from satin ribbons. When you master this technology, you can make them from other materials.

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