Master class: s alt dough panel for the kitchen. DIY s alt dough panel: step by step instructions
Master class: s alt dough panel for the kitchen. DIY s alt dough panel: step by step instructions

If you want to be creative, make a panel of s alt dough. To work, you will need a minimum of material, and the result will be a beautiful and original craft. The panel will help, for example, capture the size of your baby's arms and legs, allow you to decorate the kitchen wall, turning a piece of dough into an amazing picture.

Making dough

Start creating by preparing everything you need. The main components of the dough are flour and s alt. Usually they are taken in a ratio of 1:2. So, for 2 cups of flour you will need 1 cup of s alt. Stir this dry base, add water. For this number of components, approximately 125 ml of liquid will be required.

Start kneading the tough dough. If it still sticks to your hands even after kneading, add some flour. If you shifted it, add a little water. The result should be a cool elastic dough that does not stick to the walls of the dishes and to the hands.

s alt dough sheet

If you are satisfied with the color of the resulting material, you can immediately make panels from s alt dough. If you need colored material, use gouache. Cover ita piece of dough, knead it well. Then color the next portion of the dough in a different color. Wear rubber gloves to keep your hands clean.

If you do not immediately make a panel of s alt dough, cover the plastic material with cellophane. Thus, the mass does not dry out. After preparing the dough, roll it out on the board on which you will shape. Then the fun begins.

Panel for memory

If your baby hasn't grown out of diapers yet, capture this period by creating an original panel of s alt dough.

Roll out the dough on a board to a thickness of 1-2 cm, giving it the desired shape. For the next step, it is better to involve an assistant. Bring the rolled out dough to the child's foot so that he can leave his mark. An assistant will be able to carefully attach the baby's leg to the test.

s alt dough panel master class

On the other side of the future panel, it is necessary to capture the child's palm. If he is still breastfeeding, he can keep his hands in a fist. Gently straighten his fingers, put your palm on the dough, and press lightly. If the child is not so small, he will be happy to do it himself.

To hang such a self-made panel of s alt dough in the kitchen, you need to make 2 holes. Insert a wide straw for a cocktail into the upper part from one side and the other, or make a hole with another similar tool at hand.

How to dry the product

Cover the panel with baking paper, carefully transfer it to a baking sheet. Put the mass in the ovenheated to 90°C. Dry it there for 2 hours, during which time carefully turn it over 1 time. If the dough is not dry enough, leave it in the oven for another hour.

s alt dough panel photo

Then take out the panel of s alt dough. The step-by-step instruction is completed. When the product has cooled, cover it with white or colored gouache. Thread the ribbon through the hole and hang your creation on the wall.

Basket of flowers

The next panel will look great on the kitchen wall. For needlework, in addition to the s alt dough that you will prepare according to the previous recipe, you will need a wooden photo frame. Place it on the table in front of you.

Pinch off a piece of the resulting mass, knead it in your hand into a cake, cover the surface with brown gouache.

Tear off another piece of dough, set it aside for now. Roll out the plastic mass on the board into a cake 3 mm thick. Draw a basket on a sheet of cardboard, attach the cut-out stencil to the dough, cut to shape.

Wrap the basket around the rolling pin. Transfer it to foil. To give the basket texture, add a little water to the reserved piece of dough, mix. Place this mass in a syringe, squeeze out thin longitudinal and transverse strips from it onto a basket to get a weaving effect. To make them stick better to the base, pre-moisten it with water using a brush.

Making flowers

handmade s alt dough

Continue the master class. We decorate the panel of s alt dough further. Fromroll a piece of dough, make diagonal parallel notches on it. Lay the tourniquet horizontally on top of the basket. In the same way, but having previously rolled out this strip of dough, make a handle by attaching it to the top of the basket vertically.

To make flower leaves, first color the dough green. Lay the leaf plucked from the tree face down on a flat surface, dust it with flour. Attach a piece of dough to it, press it down with your finger so that the dough covers the entire surface of the sheet.

To make a flower, roll 4-5 small pieces of white dough, give them the shape of a drop, knead in your hand to make thin petals. To make them grooved, press the grooves with the back of the knife.

Place a thin layer of dough over the basket, giving it the shape of a semicircle on top - we will attach flowers to this base.

Apply three green leaves of dough to the resulting base, and four or five petals on top, laying them out in the form of a flower. Make some flowers with leaves to make them look nice from the basket.

Color everything with watercolors to your liking. You can make the core black to give the flowers volume, and the petals - pink, lilac. Dry the painting on a radiator or in the sun.

Christmas motifs - lamb

s alt dough panel step by step instructions

It's easy to make a symbol of 2015 - a lamb. Take a piece of dough, shape it into a thin oval. Attach the animal's head to the top side, 4 legs to the bottom.

Nowit is necessary to make curls of wool. You can draw them on the body of the animal with a wooden stick, or roll small sausages from the dough and twist each into a curl shape.

Make the animal an elongated muzzle, four legs and a hole in the upper back to thread the tape. Next, dry the lamb in the oven or on the battery. After that, you can thread a tape through the hole and hang a three-dimensional panel of s alt dough on the wall. The photo shows clearly how to make this cute animal. It can be hung on the Christmas tree or on the wall.


If you want to quickly make a panel of s alt dough with your own hands, you can make a funny snowman face. To do this, prepare a plastic mass, wrap it in cellophane, put it in the refrigerator for an hour.

s alt dough for the kitchen

Take out the base, sprinkle it with flour, roll it out with a rolling pin. Shape the snowman's head into a thick pancake.

Take a piece of dough, add some orange paint to it, mix it, make a snowman's nose. Add a little bit of black paint to the remaining dough. Roll it into circles to make the character's mouth and eyes.

It remains to make a hole in the upper part of the panel, thread the tape and leave the snowman to dry on the battery for 2 hours, after which it can be hung on the wall in the kitchen for everyone to admire.

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