Paper airplane - back to school years
Paper airplane - back to school years

We all come from childhood - this statement is true. As soon as you start making some crafts with your child, you immediately want to make an airplane out of paper and launch it into flight. This is exactly what former notorious hooligans, and now, perhaps, reputable management companies, liked to do in the classroom. But, however, it does not matter. We finish the excursion into childhood, and are engaged in origami.

paper airplane

This hobby came to us from Japan, it is there that the implementation of various paper models is very popular. Perhaps a paper airplane is one of the easiest models that you can make. There are a large number of different options for it, and there will not be enough time to consider each of them in detail, so we will focus on only a few. They are not the most difficult and even a child can make such crafts.

How to make paper airplanes

The first pattern is "Fast". Despite the fact that it will be made of ordinary paper, it will be able to fly through the air far enough. For its manufacture, we need only an ordinary sheet, bending it in different directions, weget a real plane.

How to make paper airplanes

So, bend it lengthwise and draw along the addition line, squeezing it on both sides with your fingers to indicate the outline. Then we return the sheet to its original state. Next, fold in half across the formed line. At the next stage of execution, from the center to each lower corner, we bend the paper down, and then wrap half of each part up. Next, we bend each of the lapels, first the inner, then the outer. They should be the same size. Wrap a part of the wing back on each side and bend each element at some distance from the bottom. Fix the line of addition and return them to their original position. The last thing left is to bend the wings parallel to the fold line, and your paper airplane is ready.

paper planes

The next model is a bomber

Such aircraft during the war were a real thunderstorm for the enemy, and in peacetime they look no less intimidating. This model looks very serious and deserves respect. It has wings curved at the top and is designed for rapid flight. This shape allows you to increase the speed of flight, and this paper airplane looks almost like a real one.

It is made of paper according to the same principle as the previous one, only it has its own sheet fold structure. First you need to mark the fold lines in both directions, and then bend the two upper corners to the center. Wrap the resulting top to the junction of the corners. On the nextstep, fold the sheet in half, and then unfold. Again we bend the corners to the center and bend the sheet along the previously marked line. It remains to bend the wings at some distance from the center of the sheet and, folding each in half, mark the fold line. The last thing left for us to do is deploy the wings to the flight position. That's all. The model is ready. Here we have such interesting paper airplanes.

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