How to make paper airplanes? Walkthrough
How to make paper airplanes? Walkthrough

Origami is a great art, but there is nothing simpler than a paper airplane. On this page you will find a detailed explanation of how to make paper airplanes that can fly long and high.

how to make paper airplanes

You need:

  1. Standard size sheet of paper. It is better if it is dense, but thinner than cardboard.
  2. Stapler or glue.
  3. paper plane game

If the paper model is tossed up correctly, you will see aerobatics! Not surprisingly, for many children and adults, the most interesting game is a paper airplane.

Stage 1

Fold a sheet of paper in half lengthwise like a book and open it. You should have a fold line in the center.

best paper airplane

Step 2

Carefully fold the opposite top corners so that they match as shown in the picture.

how to make paper airplanes

Stage 3

Fold the resulting triangle with the point down and align its top with the fold line so that it looks like a high envelope.

best paper airplane

Step 4

This step of the lesson on how to make paper airplanes is one of the most difficult. Fold a couple of upper corners to the central axis of symmetry about one centimeter above the tip of the triangle.

how to make paper airplanes

Stage 5

Fold the top of the triangle over the folded corners. Smooth out the fold lines.

paper plane game

Stage 6

Fold the future airplane along the very first fold line as in the sample.

best paper airplane

Step 7

Fold the wings so that the body of the paper airplane is one centimeter high.

how to make paper airplanes

Stage 8

Fold the flanks of both wings to a height of one centimeter as shown in the photo.

paper plane game

To actually make the best paper airplane you've ever made, it's worth taking these little details into account. All of them are here for a reason, but taking into account the balance of lift and center of gravity.

Stage 9

Finally, it's time for the final part of the lesson on how to make paper airplanes. Simply glue the body of the aircraft or staple the fuselage to keep it in shape during flight.

best paper airplane

Step 10

Start the most enjoyable - the test!


  1. The main thing now is the correct launch. To make the model make a dead loop in the air, point the nose of the glider up and push forward with force. The airplane will cheerfully outline an invisible circle and then it will simply plan. Two corners, bent on the flanks of the wings, did their job!
  2. This aircraft design is convenient to launch from a hill, then it will level out and glide down in the air stream for longer.
  3. One corner of the wing can be left unchanged, and the other can be bent down. After such a transformation, your test aircraft will be able to go into a tailspin! The flow of oncoming air will inevitably pick it up and, like a pinwheel, spin it around the axis of symmetry.

Now you no longer face the question of how to make paper airplanes. The plane you made is a real conqueror of the hearts of all generations and peoples! However, most likely, this paper airplane model is not your last one.

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