Such different paper planes
Such different paper planes

We were all noisy kids, some of us still are. Many in the depths of their hearts want to let them plunge into that time for a few minutes. It can be stated with absolute certainty that each of us in childhood made paper planes from ordinary notebook sheets. Now we are teaching this to our children. For children, this is a very exciting, interesting and useful activity. It develops imagination, motor skills, imaginative thinking, and most importantly, while you are teaching your children how to fold paper planes, you are spending such precious time together.

paper planes

If you think that after showing your child a version of the classic "Soviet" airplane, you can consider your mission over, then you are mistaken. As it turned out, much to the surprise of many parents, there is a huge variety of designs for these winged machines. Despite the fact that this activity seems childish and frivolous, launching airplanes today is a whole science.

A trip to history

The idea itselfpaper airplanes have their roots in the 1930s. Jack Northrop, founder of aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Corporation, began using these paper planes to test new ideas for real aircraft designs.

how to make a paper plane

A game for adults and children

Later, the idea of ​​paper airplane launch sports was born, the founding father of which was Briton Andy Chipling. Today, such competitions are held at the world level under the well-known name Red Bull Paper Wings. The most interesting thing is that adult men play this seemingly childish game with great passion. In 1989, the Briton became the founder of the Paper Aircraft Association.

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He is also the author of the set of rules for launching airplanes, which are still used by experts from the Guinness Book of Records. They are official in world championships.


Here, for example, are the rules for how to make a paper plane: in order to create an airplane, you must use a regular sheet of A4 paper. You can only bend this sheet. Do not cut, glue, or use anything (paper clips, etc.) to secure the paper.

paper planes

The rules of these competitions are very easy: three people in a team, and they compete in three disciplines: airplane flight time, flight distance and (the most spectacular part of the competition) - aerobatics.

paper planes

At home with your children you canmake different paper planes. You will find schemes of a wide variety of designs in the literature and in other sources - this will not be difficult. The article presents a diagram of one airplane, and there are more than 20 options. This will not require tangible financial costs from you, if there is no such paper at home, most likely you have it at work. There should be no problems with colored pencils or felt-tip pens, there are always enough of them in the children's room. Color your paper planes in different colors to add excitement to the game. And if the weather permits, arrange a competition to launch your airplanes outside. So you combine a pleasant and interesting activity with a walk in the fresh air.

Make your children a holiday, arrange competitions with them on your days off. What could be more precious than children's laughter and time spent with them! And don't forget to give in.

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