How to make paper airplanes with your own hands?
How to make paper airplanes with your own hands?

Thirst to fly arose in mankind at the dawn of time, when our ancestors first looked at the sky. From the levitation of Icarus in Greek mythology to the high-speed maneuvers of the modern Superman, this incredible ability has always been a dream of man, which has already partially come true. And do-it-yourself designed paper airplanes played a significant role here.

handmade paper airplanes

Paper and human brain

Before real aircraft saw the light of day, they tried to make them from improvised materials, including paper. Long before the first Boeing appeared, many artists and engineers looked to paper planes as the object of their fantasy. And the best designs could even become prototypes of real aircraft. Now you can make paper airplanes of various sizes and shapes with your own hands.

paper airplane that flies

Creationpaper aerodynamic structures

Despite the fact that this activity seems to be just child's play, in fact it is a whole science. It all started with the fact that in 1930, the founder of Lockheed Corporation, Jack Northrop, used paper airplanes. These were a kind of tools for implementing new ideas when designing real flying machines. At the world level, entire sports shows are even held, where champions compete to launch this kind of technology. In order to make a paper airplane that flies for a long time, you will need a sheet of thick A4 paper and some free time.

paper planes scheme

Wide variety of shapes and patterns

Do-it-yourself paper airplanes are made in completely different ways, from the simplest to incredibly complex designs with many elements. However, there is one feature that unites absolutely all paper flying machines. It consists in bending the paper, other manipulations are prohibited. That is, only hands and a sheet of paper are needed for work, no scissors, glue and adhesive tape. How to make a paper airplane that flies for a long time and over long distances? There are many models, and therefore a large number of ways to design them.

Simple scheme

We all made paper airplanes as children. Schemes that even a child can do are simple, including just a few simple actions. More complex designs require more time, manipulation andpatience. Moreover, depending on which scheme was chosen, it depends on what the appearance will be, as well as the duration and specifics of the flight. Somewhere you may need paper softer and thinner, but somewhere - quite the opposite. Some crafted paper airplanes draw a straight line in the air with their own hands, while others are capable of maneuvers.

paper airplane scheme

Very useful activity

Creating paper airplanes with your own hands is not only interesting, but also a very useful activity. First, fine motor skills of the fingers develop. Secondly, it stimulates imagination and creative thinking. Thirdly, there is concentration of attention, since a specific sequence of manipulations must be followed, which, in turn, strengthens self-discipline.

Where to start?

The main advantage when creating such models is that the minimum amount of materials and fixtures is used. All you need is a sheet of A4 paper (color does not matter), a little patience, perseverance and the presence of a certain scheme in front of your eyes. You can use markers, paints, stickers, and so on to decorate finished products.

paper airplane step by step instructions

Paper Airplane: step by step instructions

Step 1. Take a sheet of paper and fold it in the middle so that the fold line is exactly in the center. After that, turn it back

handmade paper airplanes

Step 2. Bend the top corners on both sidesto the line where the central fold passes

handmade paper airplanes

Step 3. Fold the sheet horizontally so that the resulting triangle looks down

handmade paper airplanes

Step 4. Bend the edges on both sides, forming the so-called "towing flaps"

handmade paper airplanes

Step 5. Bend the wings. To do this, add two more doors to the center of the plane. The figure is already starting to look like a real paper airplane

handmade paper airplanes

Step 6. Make additional folds on the wings, parallel to the central fold

handmade paper airplanes

Step 7. The plane is ready to fly

handmade paper airplanes

Step 8: Bonus. If you want your paper airplane to fly farther and longer, you need to attach a regular paper clip to the front of the body. The extra weight will help it fly farther

handmade paper airplanes

There are many skills that parents pass on to their children: how to ride a bike, how to learn to swim and, of course, how to make paper airplanes with your own hands.

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