Making organza flowers, or a Home Jewelry Factory
Making organza flowers, or a Home Jewelry Factory

Do-it-yourself decorations are quite easy to make. They can also be nice gifts for all your girlfriends. Today we will learn how to make organza flowers with our own hands and create many useful things based on them. In one evening, you can open a real factory for the production of such trifles.

organza flowers

Source material

Of course, organza flowers cannot be made from any other material. Therefore, we go to the fabric store and buy it. It is better if there is a little organza, but in different colors - from pastel to bright and defiant. Everything will be useful to you. Knowing the width of the fabric at 150 cm, you can even buy 10-15 cm of different shades. And at the same time, look how surprised the saleswoman will be. You will also need matching threads, a candle or lighter, and tongs so as not to burn your fingers. You also need a glue gun or a regular moment, as well as various beads and large beads.

Everything is in progress

making organza flowers

First, cut off a strip of organza. The length depends on the number of your petals. Let it beat least half a metre. The width of the strip is 5-6 cm. Now we cut it into squares, from which we subsequently cut out oval petals. Now they need to be burned over a candle. In order not to get burned, we use the same tongs with a long handle. We do everything as carefully as possible, as the fabric can instantly flare up. Don't overdo the firing of the petals so they don't lose their shape. If you need rounded petals, then you need to bring the fabric from above to the candle. When all the details are ready, you can start assembling the flower. They just need to be fixed in a circle all together. This can be done with both threads and a glue gun. In the design of the flower, you can use pieces of tulle or mesh, and designate the middle with a large bead or pearl. These organza flowers are made in seconds, now let's see where they can be applied.

How to use

satin and organza flowers

  1. Hairpins for girls. Here the scope for imagination is great. It can be ordinary hairpins, hairpins, and not quite simple headbands and bandages. It is very easy to do all this. For example, in order to decorate a hairpin with such a flower, you must first put on and fasten a button of a suitable size on it, and then hot-glue the flower you created on it. White airy organza flowers are the perfect decoration for a wedding hairstyle.
  2. Brooches and beads. Very often, even ordinary beads are decorated with similar flowers. It is enough to plant flowers from satin and organza on a piece of felt, to which to pin a pin. You will get a great brochure.In order for such a flower to look more spectacular in a necklace, it must be in harmony in color and style, and its center must also be decorated with the main bead from this ensemble.
  3. Decoration of glasses and vases. You will get very beautiful wedding champagne glasses if you decorate them with such accessories. In general, organza flowers are often used in the wedding industry in various decorative elements.
  4. Gift packaging decoration. Different boxes and bundles will look more elegant and elegant with this decor.
  5. Bouquets of flowers. Today, such unfading flowers are in fashion. Such a bouquet can be made in the colors you need, and it will decorate your interior for a long time, almost endlessly.

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