Modern valuable coins of Russia: rare and commemorative pieces
Modern valuable coins of Russia: rare and commemorative pieces

Our planet is inhabited by a huge number of people. And almost every third person has a favorite hobby to which they devote their free minutes from work. At the same time, sometimes a favorite pastime also becomes a way to receive additional or basic income.

Numismatics as a way to generate income

For example, numismatics. Acquired in childhood or over the years, the habit of collecting ancient and modern, but no less valuable coins of Russia and the whole world can eventually turn an ordinary person into a millionaire. Of course, true numismatists will never want to voluntarily part with their collection. There are cases when, even in extreme need, collectors were ready to starve, but did not want to part with their treasure.

valuable coins of Russia

Practically in every country where there was or is a coinage of banknotes, there are valuable coins. Russia owns a huge territory and a long exciting history of development. It is the coins of the ancient minted courts (imperial, royal) that are used by numismatists all over the world as a priority. Collectors are ready to lay outquite a tidy sum in order to get another rarity in your vault.

The development of technology and technology has allowed people with similar interests to unite. A positive moment was a simplified search for a seller or a buyer of the goods of interest.

rare valuable coins of Russia

Examples of valuable Russian coins

The following examples are rare valuable Russian coins issued not so long ago. Dreams about these metal banknotes are seen by many numismatists.

For example, a five kopeck coin, issued in 2002. It was released both in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. The value is determined by the place of manufacture. If there is a letter “M” (Moscow) or “SP” (St. Petersburg) on ​​the reverse side of the coin under the horse’s hoof, then it can be easily spent. Numismatists are attracted by their "sister", which has no insignia. Even if traces of a mint cannot be found under a microscope, you automatically become richer by at least 5,000 rubles. This is the starting price for this metal banknote.

Valuable Russian coins also include:

1. 5 kopecks, the issue of which dates back to 2003. Like the previous one - without a sign of the place of manufacture. The preliminary cost is 900 rubles.

2. 50 kopecks, which appeared in circulation in 2001. There are no restrictions or features. It's just that the coin was issued in a minimal circulation. If you accidentally discovered it at home - congratulations! You have become at least $1,000 richer.

3. Any ruble that was born in 2001. Small run does it allthese valuable Russian coins are even more expensive. For each copy, you can get about 23,000 rubles.

4. Ruble coins of 2003 issued by the St. Petersburg Mint. The approximate cost is 13,000 rubles.

valuable commemorative coins of Russia

5. Two rubles, also issued in the northern capital in 2003. It has no varieties, but has crafts. The price for this metal banknote is set at 8,700 rubles. Etc.

Commemorative coins

The list, which includes valuable coins of Russia, does not end there. There are several more species that will be of interest to numismatists. These include defective and valuable commemorative coins of Russia. The last category includes:

1. A two-ruble coin from 2001, on which Yuri Gagarin is depicted on the reverse side. At the same time, only those specimens on which the place of minting is not indicated are of value. The absence of a label looks to the right, from the very edge from the number "2". If there is no sign, the value of the coin automatically rises to 4700 rubles.

2. In 2010, in honor of the beginning of a new stage of life in Chechnya, the Bank of Russia issued a commemorative coin with a face value of 10 rubles. This banknote is smelted from brass and cupronickel. The cost of such a coin is 2650 rubles. At the same time, the price for it is growing every year.

3. A ten-ruble coin issued in 2010 by the Bank of Russia in honor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug of the country. Made of an alloy of brass and cupronickel, it gradually increases its value. At the moment, the price for it is about 9000rubles.

Be careful: maybe in the bank where you put your change, there is a coin hiding that can make your cherished dreams come true.

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