Modern valuable coins of Russia, or How much is a pile of little things
Modern valuable coins of Russia, or How much is a pile of little things

How often have you had to dig into the little things, look for a coin of a suitable denomination that the cashier asked for in a store? How often have you been angry that because of this “heap of scrap metal” your pockets are torn and your wallet is not fastened? Have you ever thought that this very “heap of scrap metal” can give you the opportunity to become richer by a couple of thousand rubles? And it is quite possible that tens or hundreds of thousands … All you need is patience, attentiveness and a bit of luck. Don't understand how this is possible? Explaining.

valuable modern coins of Russia, cost

Valuable modern coins of Russia, value

Since 1991, many coins have been produced in Russia. Most of those that were issued before the denomination are worth nothing (except as scrap). The ones currently in circulation can mostly be sold atface value. But among those and others, no, no, and a round ball will flash, because of which numismatists are ready to part with a tidy sum. This is because not all of them are the same. In some years the circulation was limited. Once it was completely withdrawn from circulation. Some coins are not made according to the standard, and some had a factory defect. This is the modern valuable coins of Russia. There are not many of them, and therefore their cost is high. For some of them you can get only a little more than they are worth at face value. For example, in this way 10 or 50 kopecks turn into 2, 3 or 7 rubles. Other coins are worth several tens or hundreds of rubles. But there are also such modern valuable coins of Russia, the monetary equivalent of which is already in the thousands and tens of thousands of rubles, and for some collectors they can even lay out about 200,000. It is certainly extremely difficult to find them. And basically everything that they give us as change is a common trifle. But suddenly luck smiled at you today? Want to dig into your wallet for luck? It is very difficult to list absolutely all modern valuable coins of Russia. Although they are much smaller than the usual trifles, they are nevertheless enough. Therefore, we will name only a few of them.

List of valuable coins of modern Russia

  1. Let's start with the rarest and most valuable banknote. Many collectors consider it a myth. It is said that he was never released. But there are photographs, exhibitions were held where this coin was presented in all its glory. This is 5 rubles, issued in 1999. If you accidentally lost in your walletsuch a coin, congratulations - you can become we althier by about 200 thousand rubles.
  2. modern valuable coins of Russia
  3. Another coin from the realm of "myths" - 50 kopecks, issued in 2001, minted by the Moscow Mint. The circulation of that year was withdrawn from circulation, and it is difficult to reliably say whether the original of this banknote is somewhere. If there is, it can bring its owner from 100 thousand rubles. But be careful. Folk craftsmen often try to turn 2004 or 2007 on the reverse into 2001. But what is interesting: there is a known case when even such “folk art” was sold at an auction for 4,500 rubles, while it was initially stated that it was a fake.
  4. list of valuable coins of modern Russia
  5. The cost of two other banknotes of 2001 is somewhat lower: denominations of 1 and 2 rubles. They will bring their owner "only" 30 thousand rubles.
  6. 1997 and 1998 also gave the world modern valuable Russian coins with a face value of 1 ruble. But even here it is worth being more careful. In circulation there are not only these rare coins, but also the most common ones. We are only interested in coins with a wide edging. They can cost from 4,000 (1997) to 10,000 (1998) rubles.
  7. Coins with manufacturing defects are also of some value, which, for example, can be considered the absence of a mint mark.

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