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The most expensive coins of the USSR: rare and valuable specimens
The most expensive coins of the USSR: rare and valuable specimens

Most likely, every person who lived during the time of the Union, or who has grandparents who lived at that time, has coins of that era in their "secrets". And, perhaps, among them there may be such expensive coins of the USSR, for which collectors are ready to pay a lot of money. They may be of great value today, decades later. What else intrigues the owners is the rare and expensive coins of the USSR, the price of which is not simply measured in rubles. Therefore, look in the "secret". Maybe you also have such relics.

Some expensive coins of the USSR

Expensive may include:

  • copies of the 20s, for example, a gold ducat;
  • coins of the 30s-40s also keep their we alth, for example, silver 20 kopecks;
  • money from the 50s-70s, for example, 1/2 kopeck or 15 kopecks issued in 1970;
  • some commemorative coins.

Suchmany values. Therefore, having a coin, research its value!

Gold chervonets issued in 1923

Golden chervonets 1923

This coin is made of gold of the highest standard. It was minted in the Mint of Petrograd for only one year. The weight of gold in it is 8.6 grams. It was intended for settlements in the external economy, so it practically did not get into circulation. However, almost all of the coins had to be melted back into gold bars because the money of the new Bolshevik state did not gain enough popularity on the international market. And although its circulation at that time was impressive - more than 2.5 million, very few of them have survived to this day. Its cost today fluctuates within 150 thousand Russian rubles.

2 kopecks 1925 issue

Such expensive coins of the USSR are very rare. Given their limited circulation, these two copper kopecks at one time did not meet collectors at all. Its feature is the meridian emerging from under the end of the handle in the image. Today, these two kopecks exist only in a few copies and are valued at 60 thousand rubles.

2 kopecks issued in 1927

And this one is even rarer. Its circulation was quite limited, so this coin is hard to find today. Its cost is about 100 thousand. She is a rare "guest" among numismatists. On the reverse of this small coin there is a denomination - 2 kopecks, its date - 1927 and a pattern - ears of wheat. On the obverse of two kopecks there is the coat of arms of the Union and the inscription:"Workers of all countries, unite."

10, 15, 20 kopecks issued in 1931

1931 was the last year when precious metals were used in the manufacture of coins. Therefore, silver kopecks of this denomination are not only valuable and rare, but also remarkable. They hardly reached us. The exception is 20 kopecks, which are slightly more common. They can be sold for 150k.

Other rare coins from the 20-30s

It is from the 20s that expensive penny coins of the USSR remain, for which all numismatists of our time are hunting. At that time they were minted in the Petrograd Mint. This was the period of the formation of the Soviet monetary system, since the new state had just formed and there was an urgent need for funds to buy / sell. And since banknotes prevailed, coinage became a priority.

Silver ruble 1921

1 ruble, minted in 1921, is, so to speak, the beginning of the country's monetary reform. Made of silver, it is decorated with a five-pointed star surrounded by a wreath of oak and laurel. Its cost is relatively small - about 2000 rubles. But for a coin minted in 1922, the price increases by more than 4 times. This is due to the change of power in the mint that occurred in 1922.

50 kopecks issued in 1924 were made of silver and had several types. The price of a coin exceeds the value of its metal. It is estimated at 11 thousand Russian rubles.

The 1929 50 kopeck coin never entered circulation because it was made astrial copy in a limited edition. Today we know of only one sample of this denomination and year, which was purchased by a private collector for ten million rubles.

Among the expensive coins with a denomination of 20 kopecks of the USSR, one can single out a copy made in 1934. Every collector would like to own it. But today only about a dozen copies are known to exist. One of them is kept in the Hermitage. The fact is that they decided to destroy the entire batch immediately after its manufacture for unknown reasons.

Expensive pieces from the 50s and 60s

I would like to note that all the coins made in 1947 in the Soviet Union are valuable and expensive, because the country's leadership ordered them to be disposed of, possibly due to marriage. There is one version - the inconsistency of the minted coat of arms. Therefore, only a few valuable copies of such coins have survived today. In 2008, the exhibited coins of this year were bought at auction for a price of 200 thousand euros.

1958 was also noteworthy. Monetary reform was planned for this year, but it dragged on considerably. Therefore, the government decided to melt the entire batch of this year's coins. However, a small number of them made it into circulation. The denomination of coins of one, two, three and ten kopecks exists today and has a value of up to 150 thousand Russian rubles. Money of other face value, minted this year, is practically not found, so it can be valued in millions.

In 1961, the government decided to mint a coin of half a penny. But due to lackthis denomination and its inconvenience in payment, production was quickly stopped. Today, there are very few such coins and they are extremely expensive. Those who possess them can set the value of a coin in half a penny.

Pyatak Ilyich

In 1967, the production of a commemorative coin of 50 kopecks began. It depicts a monument to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. This coin acquired the name "Piglet of Ilyich". Its cost today is several tens of thousands of Russian rubles.

Expensive coins of the 60-90s

Copper pennies of the USSR

Copies minted between 1965 and 1976, from three to 20 kopecks, were issued in a rather small circulation. For this reason, each such coin has its own value. The value of such money today is determined by the limits from 5 rubles (a coin of 10 kopecks issued in 1976) to 16 thousand (15 kopecks issued in 1970). It is noteworthy that during 1963 and 1964 coins with denominations ranging from 3 to 20 kopecks were not issued at all, and in subsequent years they were made to a limited extent. Therefore, the price of collectors is high. For example, among the expensive 5 kopeck coins in the USSR, minted in this period, 5 kopecks of the 1970 issue can be distinguished. Their cost is estimated at 9 thousand rubles. 10 kopecks in 1965 and 1966 have a value of 4 and a half thousand. 15 kopecks of a three-year period, namely, from 1971 to 1973, is estimated at 8 thousand rubles. Coins of 20 kopecks, issued in 1970 and 1973, also have a value of 8 thousand.

Valuable 15 kopecks 1970

Another valuable period that is of interest to all numismatists is the year 1991. Since that time, the letters M or L began to be put on all coins, which means Moscow or Leningrad mints, respectively. Samples with such letters and the date 1990 began to be used, although, most likely, they were minted in the next, 91st. The price of such coins reaches the amount of 20 thousand rubles. There are known specimens on which the letter M or L is not found. For example, this is a 20 kopeck coin of the 1991 issue, the cost of which is estimated at 25 thousand. The same 10 kopecks are more common, so they cost much less, 3 thousand.

The last copy of an expensive coin of the USSR - 10 rubles of issue of 1991, made of two metals of white and yellow colors. They have the monogram of the Moscow Mint. The price of such a ten-ruble note is 30 thousand rubles.

Expensive commemorative coins of the Union

Among the multitude of money, perhaps, it is important to single out another type of expensive coins from the times of the USSR - these are Soviet commemorative rubles. They have always been published in limited quantities, so today many numismatists hunt these specimens. We can only highlight some of them.

Soviet commemorative ruble 1975

For example, 1 ruble issued in 1965 with the title "XX years of victory over Nazi Germany". Its price in excellent condition is about 10 thousand rubles. With defects, such rubles also have a considerable cost. 1 ruble with the date 1970 and the name "Lenin" is worthtoday up to 40 thousand. 1 ruble issued in 1977, minted for the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution, costs tens of thousands of rubles. If someone owns a 1 ruble coin of 1984 with the name "Lomonosov" (there is an error of the year on it - instead of 1986 it is 1984), such an owner can sell it for several hundred thousand rubles. Other coins also have some value.

Determining the value of Soviet coins

To know the value, it is important to consider a number of factors. Taking them into account, you can understand what kind of treasure you possess. So what is important to consider?

  1. First, the rarity of the coin. The fewer certain coins that have come down to our time or the smaller the circulation, the more expensive they are.
  2. Secondly, the appearance and safety of the coin. The newer it looks, the more it costs.
  3. Third, the denomination. If all other factors are taken into account, then the larger the denomination of the coin, the more expensive it is.
  4. Fourth, metal. Naturally, the more expensive the metal used to make it, the more expensive it is.
  5. Fifth, the popularity of the instance. The coin doesn't have to be rare. For example, money can be very attractive and have a beautiful appearance. Therefore, its value may become much higher than the real one.
  6. Sixth, the age of the coin. It is clear that the older it is, the higher its price will be with subsequent years. That is, today there may be one price, and in 5-10 years it will already increase significantly.

Old coins are a good treasure and contribution

Over the yearsold and expensive coins of the USSR become a good treasure and contribution for those who acquire them. There are two ways to make money on this.

The first way. For example, you bought expensive coins of 3 kopecks of the USSR of a certain year for such and such an amount. In a few years, the amount of this money will increase significantly. Although there are also reverse cases - these pennies are getting cheaper! Therefore, you need to be an expert in the field of numismatics to make money on it. It is also important not to fall into the trap of scammers who can counterfeit coins or exaggerate their real value.

Old coins are a treasure

The second way. It can be called a simple phrase - "find a treasure." If there are old Soviet coins in the piggy bank that you found at home or with your grandmother, be sure to research and determine their value. First, you can enjoy this process. And secondly, you can find a really real treasure. The main thing is not to sell your find too cheap.

So, to the question "How much is the most expensive coin of the USSR today", as it turns out, it is not so easy to find an answer. Each decade had its most expensive, rare, attractive specimens. Everyone, for sure, will agree that holding a coin in your hand that has survived generations, the Soviet era, and carries some value, you feel the extraordinary power of history.

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