We sew ourselves: a dress pattern for a girl
We sew ourselves: a dress pattern for a girl

With the advent of hot summer, many mothers begin to think about what kind of new thing to sew for their beloved child. There are a huge number of models of summer dresses for girls - beautiful and light.

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If you wish, you can find good patterns for children and interesting clothing ideas. One of these ideas is a summer sundress.

Such a product can be sewn by any girl, even if she has no talent in needlework. It can be done in just a few hours. A free dress pattern for a girl is quite rare, but some professional tailors still share their invaluable experience and unique ideas.

Sundress, which we will try to sew, is the same front and back. The pattern is designed for a two-year-old child. So, take a square piece of fabric, you can use a large scarf if you are new to sewing and are afraid to ruin the material. For this product, woolen or cotton fabric, that is, natural, is best suited. Make sure your fabricwas at least 33 cm long and at least 35 cm wide. First you need to give the cut the desired shape. To do this, along the top edge of the fabric, measure 13 cm exactly in the middle and make

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mark with soap or pencil. Draw lines from these marks to the bottom edges of the fabric. Thus, you will get the shape of a sundress. Then you need to make an armhole 9.5 cm long and 5 cm wide. With a dotted line, mark the middle of the dress vertically - and the dress pattern for the girl is ready!

Now let's start the sewing process. Measure about 3 cm at the top of the dress and make loops for the ribbon, then connect the front and back of the sundress. Pass the ribbon through and tie a bow. A cute summer dress is ready.

If your child has entered a difficult teenage period, soon you will need a dress pattern for a girl for a prom. This task is not easy, since many sites are engaged only in the sale of finished products. Girls' prom dresses become extremely popular with the arrival of spring, so it will be difficult to find a free pattern at this time.

Short prom dresses are in fashion this season. We will consider the simplest

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tailoring option. So, first, choose a fabric. The dress pattern for a girl will not take much time, but before that, wash, dry and iron the fabric. Then take measurements from the girl and make a pattern according to the style of the chosen dress. It happens that the volume of the waist and hips fall into different sizes. In this case, you needbe sure to correct the pattern so that the dress fits perfectly.

As for sewing, first you need to sweep the darts at the waist and bodice with the largest stitch, and then try on, after which you also sweep the rest of the seams. It is better to use bright threads so that it is easy to remove them later. After all fittings and adjustments, proceed to sewing “clean”. You need to sew in the sequence "darts - side seams - sleeves". And the last step is processing the bottom of the dress. You can simply stitch it on a typewriter, but first bast the hem with a hidden seam. Then decorate the dress as you like - here you can safely let your imagination run wild!

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