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Wonder Woman costume: how to make your own for an adult girl or girl
Wonder Woman costume: how to make your own for an adult girl or girl

The costume of Wonder Woman - a popular comic book heroine, a female superhero - is very extravagant and will not suit modest girls at all. Such a revealing outfit will emphasize beauty, courage and sexuality, but attempts to make the costume less provocative will only spoil the image.

Tight red top

It's easy to make your own Wonder Woman costume. The outfit is made up of simple things that can be found in your own wardrobe or bought in a second-hand store. Be sure to need a bright red top, which is very tight to the body. It's fine if you can find a shiny red t-shirt that's lavishly embellished with sequins, but to match the look, the outfit must be strapless.

wonder woman costume

Of course, you can take the usual red tank top, but then the image will not quite match the usual clothes of Wonder Woman. In addition, you can wear a red bodysuit or a closed red swimsuit. If you feel more comfortable in clothes with straps, then you can slightly modify the originalsuit. Ideally, the top should emphasize the shoulders and chest.

Blue shorts or skirt

Wonder Woman costume also has very short blue shorts with stars. You can find blue knitted shorts or a skirt (remember that the clothes should be really very short), put on denim. To decorate shorts or a skirt, you can use ready-made star stickers. If these could not be found, stars cut out of white adhesive tape, fabric, paper will also do. To glue the necessary parts, use special fabric glue.

do-it-yourself wonder woman costume

Correct shoes

In addition, you need to find high red boots made of leather (leatherette). Shoes should reach at least the middle of the game, it is better to wear knee-high boots. If you can’t find red boots, you can buy ordinary white boots in a second-hand store and paint them red with a can of leather paint. Also, boots need to be decorated with thin strips of white duct tape. The white stripe should be at the very top of the boots and run the entire length of the shoe in front.

To make a Wonder Woman costume for Halloween or a New Year's carnival party, you can use not only boots, but also high-laced leather sandals. This image of Wonder Woman will be close to the Amazons.

Finishing the look

When all the details of the Wonder Woman costume are prepared, you need to decorate them accordingly. You will need gold-colored adhesive tape, adhesive paper or fabric. On the top you need to make a golden emblem resembling a regular Latin letterW. To do this, simply decorate the top edge of the swimsuit or top with gold duct tape. To make the pattern more interesting, you can make a double W.

Similarly, you need to decorate shorts. You will need a wide gold belt or duct tape. You can also just take a white belt (or cut it out of fabric) and dye it golden. If desired, add a buckle in the form of a letter W in front, cut out of thick cardboard, to the belt. You can attach this piece to your belt using fabric glue.

wonder woman costume for girls

A Wonder Woman costume would be incomplete without accessories. You need to find at least gold (made of plastic, painted in golden color) thick bracelets. They can additionally attach one bright red star on the outside. If you do not have such gold bracelets, you can simply wrap your hands in gold foil, wrapping paper or a bandage of a suitable color.

Complement Wonder Woman costume and gold tiara. The comic book character wears a tiara adorned with a star. Instead of a classic accessory, you can use a golden bandage or cardboard wrapped in golden foil or wrapping paper. On the tiara you need to stick a sticker in the form of a red star. The star can also be made from fabric or duct tape.

Another attribute of Wonder Woman is the lasso. A traditional lasso can be replaced with a regular rope, painted yellow or gold. At the ends of a piece of rope, you need to tie knots, roll it up and hang it on your belt.

Makeup and other tips

Wonder Woman costume does not requireextravagant makeup. It is enough to draw attention to the lips, making them up with a bright red lipstick, to the eyes. They should be black and inviting, so a neat eyeliner and a few layers of mascara will do. Shadows may not be used at all. The skin should be smooth and well-groomed, so you need a suitable foundation. Wonder Woman has black hair, so blondes should wear a long wig.

wonder woman halloween costume

Girls who feel too uncomfortable in such a revealing costume can wear flesh-colored tights under shorts or a skirt. A good way out is to use a very short blue skirt-shorts. Then you can not be afraid to show something superfluous.

Girl version

Wonder Woman costume for girls, of course, should not be too provocative. Such an image for children is suitable for summer costume parties, but certainly not for a New Year's party. You need to buy a red one-piece swimsuit, decorate it with gold stripes at the top. Sandals will do instead of boots. Baby Wonder Woman costume ready!

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