Do-it-yourself gifts for a man: we knit, sew, weave, weave, we make confectionery
Do-it-yourself gifts for a man: we knit, sew, weave, weave, we make confectionery

It is customary to make gifts for the holidays. A man with his own hands can cook something that no one can ever buy anywhere. And if it is decided to “kill on the spot” the representative of the stronger sex, then one should act only in this way. That is, to present gifts to a man, made from the heart with his own hands.

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Knit, felt, sew, weave, embroider

  1. The first on the list of “Gifts for a man with your own hands” are things knitted by yourself: sweaters, pullovers, socks, shirts, t-shirts. Of course, sweaters and pullovers are best knitted from warm yarn, while shirts and T-shirts are best knitted from fine cotton thread.
  2. You can dry felting a cute trinket from unspun wool: a souvenir-toy that is nice to hang in the car as a pendant, or a keychain. And you can make such gifts for a man with your own hands, which will be not only pleasant, but also useful. For example, a representative of the strong half of humanity will be pleased with creative felted ankle boots, a kind of super fashionable soft colored hand-felted felt boots with prints, fur trim and rubber soles.
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  4. Skillful needlewomen prefer to present their men with hand-sewn exclusive things: shirts and shorts, jackets and covers for car seats, cases for keys and glasses.
  5. And you can even make a gift with your own hands to a man by weaving a carpet for him! At first glance, this seems like an impossible task. But the weaving process is simple and exciting. You just need to make a special needle, apply a pattern to the fabric and carefully, painstakingly “stick” the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe carpet with loops formed on the back of the fabric.
  6. Every man is pleased to receive something super original as a gift. But the donor does not always have any creative abilities. Therefore, we can advise you to simply decorate some little thing with embroidery, and let it decide what to embroider.
  7. And if a man prepares a gift for a man? Not every representative of the masculine sex will sit over the hoop, needles, knitting needles and sewing machine! However, there is a way out: you can even turn an ordinary plain T-shirt into an exclusive one. You can simply apply a unique cool print on it with paints using a stencil. Or place an order in a workshop that deals with drawing pictures on fabric, attaching your own version of the print to it.
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Cake on the festive table is the head of everything

Almost every festive feast is accompanied by a dessert in the form of a cake. He can act both as part of a presentation, and as the main gift made to a man with his own hands. Photo original,creative pastry, decorated with cream and sugar mastic figurines, will give the chef a lot of ideas. After all, even in this case, you can turn a treat into an extraordinary unique gift. If the cake looks like a guitar or cello, then it is clear that this gift is intended for the musician. The hunter can make a sweet miniature, which will remind you of the painting "On a h alt". If the confectioner finds it difficult to sculpt the faces of hunters, it is quite possible to use puppet heads, for example, detached parts from toys named Ken. And you can make a sweet car or a castle on the seashore, a doctor's bag or a book with a binding on which the name of the future writer, that is, the recipient, is inscribed. And cakes made in the form of half-naked ladies will look absolutely super-creative. Although such a frivolous plot for decorating a dessert can only be made for a very close friend, whose sense of humor will allow you to appreciate the joke.

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