Simple and beautiful rabbit pattern
Simple and beautiful rabbit pattern

Fairy tale rabbit, being a cartoon character, fell in love with many children. Every child dreams of having such a toy friend to spend time with him and fall asleep in the same bed. You can fulfill the dream of your child not only by buying a toy, but also by making it yourself. Moreover, the creation of mother's hands will be loved and more expensive than the store. In order to create a beautiful toy, you will need very few things: just a couple of pieces of fabric, a rabbit pattern and a little imagination.

Best friend

Soft and cute rabbit toy can be the best friend for any child. To do this, the craft needs to be made as cute and functional as possible, that is, do not use fragile and small jewelry to decorate it. It is best to choose natural fabrics or fur for tailoring and decoration. When using fur material (especially natural), you should make sure that the child is not allergic.

rabbit pattern

The size of the future crafts may be different, depending on the age of the baby. But many needlewomen are advised to make toys that are not too big to bethe ability to quickly wash and dry them. Also, you do not need to sew a very small rabbit, because he will get tired of the child very quickly. Therefore, it is best to choose an average size, from about twenty to thirty-five centimeters. As for the clothes of a fairy-tale hero, they must match the gender of the child, because not every boy will like a rabbit in a dress. But for girls there are no restrictions.

Toy style

Among the huge number of styles of toys, Tilda crafts are especially popular. The creator of this trend, Toni Finnanger, was able to embody the simplicity of forms and the graceful magnificence of fabric dolls in her crafts. Recognized worldwide for their sophistication, all Tilda products are the favorite toys of many children. One of the features of such toys are long arms and legs, as well as a minimal image of the outlines of the face. Also in the collection of the needlewoman there are rabbits. The charming rabbit Tilda, the pattern of which is placed below, is the most favorite exhibit of many people from among all the crafts of the artist.

rabbit tilda pattern

When cutting out the details of the toy from the fabric, you need to take into account the fact that the pattern is shown without a seam allowance, so you should make a small indent from the edges of about 1-1.5 cm. If this is not done, you will get too narrow details that can ruin the appearance of crafts.

Also, the Tilda rabbit (the pattern of which is placed in the article) is drawn on a small scale, which can be enlarged if desired. As a filler, you can choose a synthetic winterizer,holofiber or sintepukh. As for the design of the face, you need to sew two small beads in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe eyes, and embroider the nose with a triangle, using embroidery threads. You will also need to lightly brown the cheeks of the rabbit, using blush. You should also pay attention to the fact that the ears of a fashionable rabbit can be sewn in different ways. In one case, they are cut out from one material, and in the other, a fabric of two colors is used. As a rule, the inside of the ears in this case should be made of multi-colored linen or cotton.

Fluffy gift

No less charming and cute than a fabric rabbit looks like a rabbit made of fur. To create such magnificence, it is best to choose short-haired fur that will not crumble. The toy can be sewn in several ways, resorting to a combination of material and making it completely fur. In the first case, the head of the craft is cut out of some kind of soft fabric, and all other details are made of fur. This version of a toy rabbit looks very beautiful and original. Below is a fur rabbit pattern that is suitable for sewing both types of crafts.

fur rabbit pattern

Speaking about the design of the muzzle of a rabbit, it should be mentioned that very expressive eyes should be made on a completely fur toy. Most often, special glass eyes are used that look like real ones. Making them yourself is very difficult, so you need to use purchased parts. As for the combined crafts, they look equally charming on itdifferent eyes. They can be purchased, embroidered or made from beads and buttons.

Long-eared surprise

There are few differences between all toy rabbits, most often it is the different types of material taken for sewing, as well as the shape of their ears. Such a handicraft can have ears of medium length, erect ears, as well as very long ears, which sometimes reach the height of the craft. Below is a bunny pattern with long ears that any child will love.

rabbit pattern with long ears

The toy depicted on the pattern can be sewn from various materials. Therefore, it may look like Tilda crafts or like the above fur version. In any case, the rabbit toy will turn out to be very beautiful. Sometimes a soft wire is inserted into the ears of such products so that they can be lifted. But most often, long-eared rabbits are made with drooping and soft ears.

Desired scale

Very often it turns out that the rabbit pattern shown in the picture does not fit in size. Sometimes you want to sew a toy more, and sometimes less. In this case, you should resort to zooming in or out. It is not difficult to do this, you need to take the finished image of the details, and if you need to enlarge them, then add a few centimeters along the edges of the product. If it should be reduced, then you need to measure the pattern data with a ruler and draw it, taking into account the changes, subtracting a few centimeters along the edges.

toy rabbit

Making suchchanges in the toy, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the rabbit pattern is filed taking into account the proportions of the body of the craft. Therefore, you do not need to draw images by eye, without having certain skills. It is best to follow the recommendations of the experts as stated above. If it is difficult to make a correct pattern on a regular landscape sheet, then you should use a sheet from a squared notebook or special paper designed for this purpose. It will be much easier to draw details on it and make various roundings correctly.

Fancy stuffing

As a rule, the same materials are used for stuffing toys, this is a synthetic winterizer, synthetic winterizer or holofiber, as mentioned above. But sometimes other fillers are used to give the craft durability. Most often, these are various cereals that are pleasantly felt through the fabric. Being completely natural, these ingredients will not harm the playing child.

When using natural fillings, you need to take into account the fact that cereals are heavier than synthetic fillings. Therefore, the pattern of the rabbit and the material for its tailoring should be chosen taking into account this nuance. It should also be remembered that before using any cereal, it must be well fried so that it does not deteriorate inside the craft. Although this method of filling products is completely natural, it has one big drawback - it is impossible to wash the toy. Therefore, it is most often used for crafts that are used as indoor decor.

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