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Simple and beautiful crochet and knitting booties for a boy
Simple and beautiful crochet and knitting booties for a boy

Knitted booties for a boy will be a great alternative to expensive shoes until the baby starts walking actively. They will help keep your little one's feet warm. The appearance of the product is more attractive than that of ordinary socks. You can choose any manufacturing scheme that suits its parameters - the variety of options is huge. Easy crochet booties.

Choice of yarn for making booties

First of all, you need to choose the right yarn. It should be soft and pleasant to the touch, so as not to irritate the skin of the crumbs. Here are some threads you can use to make baby booties:

  • Children's acrylic in various thicknesses. This type of yarn is very soft and delicate.
  • Plush. It is soft and pleasant to the touch. Suitable for making booties for walking.
  • Decorative yarn is often used: grass, boucle, thread with lurex.
  • Cotton is ideal for making summer shoes.

Knitted booties for a boy should be decorated in the appropriate color scheme. The standard options are blue, cyan,white, green, purple. You can combine and combine several colors within one product.

Bootie designs for boys

Knitted booties can have a different design, which determines the functionality and principle of using the product:

  • Booties-socks - relevant for the little ones. They do not squeeze the baby's leg and are very comfortable to put on.
  • Slipper booties - suitable for babies who are starting to walk. Item may have ties or other closure options.
  • Booties-boots - must be high to cover almost the entire part of the leg to the knee. The product is suitable for use in the cold season.
booties design options
booties design options

Booties can have a different shape: flat or voluminous.

Option for knitting booties for beginners

The easiest option to make are marshmallow booties. It will take 25 g of yarn in two colors. This coloring is used to improve the contrast of the product. Need a pair of knitting needles and a thread with a needle.

Knitted booties for boys have all sorts of patterns and descriptions. But the following are the most optimal:

  1. Cast on 30-35 sts. The quantity will determine the height of the booties.
  2. Knit 80 rows in garter st - all knit.
  3. In the 81st row you need to cast off half of the loops from the original set. The front of the booties will now be formed.
  4. Introduce a thread of a different color, knit 4 rows alternately with purl and facial loops. It should be a stocking stitch.
  5. Thenreturn the first thread and knit 4 rows of facial loops.
  6. Alternately changing the balls, you need to knit 6 strips of each color. The latter is not knitted to the end, but only 3 rows are formed. Next, cut the thread, leaving 40 centimeters of tail.
  7. Thread through the needle and stitch the product. To do this, gradually pull the needle and thread through the loops, removing them from the knitting needle. Thus, the workpiece is stitched in a circle. The bottom part needs to be sewn too.
  8. Next, we form the toe of the booties. To do this, string loops from each strip onto a needle and thread and tighten.
booties decoration option
booties decoration option

Fix the threads and cut off the rest.

Finishing finished booties

In addition to the color scheme, you can think of additional decor. There are many options for finishing the product. Knitted booties for a boy can be decorated as follows:

  • Choose a wide satin ribbon in the same color as the extra yarn used to form the toe stripes. Fold the tape into a bow and sew in the center of the sock, where the contraction was made.
  • From beads and beads weave a small pendant. Beads can be of different shapes, sizes and colors. After manufacturing, the element is fixed in any part of the toe.
  • You can knit thread decorations. For example, make a miniature bunch of grapes with leaves and fix the decoration on any part of the booties.
  • Embroidery with threads, yarn, ribbons, beads remains an actual option. It is enough to choose the right one for the boydrawing.

You can combine several decoration options. It will be interesting to look like a ribbon bow on which a beaded pendant is placed.

Knitted booties for a boy with knitting needles can be made in accordance with more complex patterns - just understand the description.

creating marshmallow booties
creating marshmallow booties

Original crochet baby booties

Even easier to crochet booties. You need to take threads (you can use two colors), a hook of the corresponding number. Crocheted booties for a boy with a description can be made in accordance with this pattern:

  • Start with the sole. To do this, you should follow a simple scheme for its manufacture.
  • Tie the sides of the booties. The first row of the transition is knitted so that the hook grabs only the back thread of the loop. When using two colors, all work is still done from one type of yarn.
  • Next, a toe is formed (it is possible from a thread of a different color). Knit the first row with half-columns with a crochet, connecting into one loop. Each next row knit in the same way. As a result, the number of loops is gradually reduced.
  • After making the toe, the rest of the booties is knitted in a circular pattern. Do not close knitting in the center of the toe!
crochet booties foot shaping
crochet booties foot shaping

Tuck up the top of the booties. Sew a satin ribbon bow under the roll, a few beads down. Thus, the booty will visually look like a tailcoat.

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