Original cone candlestick
Original cone candlestick

Pine cones are not only a beautiful decoration for everyone's favorite tree, but also a wonderful material for creating great products. Homemade candlesticks made from pine cones are especially popular, because they help bring comfort to the home, as well as fill the house with fabulous flickering candles.

Holiday every day

Most often, crafts made from natural material, from cones, are made by the arrival of the New Year and Christmas, and after the holidays are over, they are simply removed to gather dust until next year. But such a thing as a candlestick can be useful all year round. It all depends on the way the product is decorated. If you use sparkles and shimmering beads, then the “house” for candles will look festive and fabulous in winter. And if, for example, cones are combined with sea pebbles, coffee beans or even cinnamon sticks, then the candlestick will take on a completely different look, more casual, but at the same time romantic.

The most important requirement in the creation of all types of candlesticks is their manufacture from non-combustible materials. Also, they should not be too bulky, otherwise the appearance and functionality of the products will be lost. But this only applies to portablecandlesticks, and if they are stationary, then the use of large compositions is allowed.

Fabulous atmosphere

In order to create a beautiful candlestick of cones for the New Year, you do not need to be an artist or a great craftsman. You just have to show a little imagination and use the right materials. A very interesting idea is to make such crafts without the use of additional decor details. To do this, it is necessary to drill a small hole in the cone in the shape of a candle, but this must be done carefully so that the material does not crumble. As a decoration, you can use gold or silver paint, as well as sparkles of any color. In order for the candlestick to be stable, a small round saw cut from a tree should be glued to the bottom of the cone. As a result, after completing all the steps correctly, we get the original candlestick, as in the photo below.

cone candlestick

Such a candlestick made of cones is good not only for its appearance, but also for its versatility. Because it can be used both in one copy and form different compositions. Single "fireflies" are very popular when decorating a festive table. To add more originality to this kind of candlesticks, they can be painted in different colors and sprinkled with sparkles.

Rainbow magic

For lovers of unique and bright things, a candlestick made of cones is suitable, for the manufacture of which you will need the whole palette of colors. To create such a masterpiece, you need to prepare a lot of cones and paint each of them in a different color. Then you need to take a large plateand start gluing cones to it, imitating a mountain. Painted parts must be glued in such a way that neither the plate nor the void between the cones is visible. When forming a candlestick on the top of the slide, you need to make several holes - they will serve as candle holders.

cone candlestick for the new year

In this craft, long and narrow candles of different colors will look best. If desired, the composition can be additionally sprinkled with glitter varnish or small pearl beads can be glued on. A candlestick created in this way is well suited for decorating a festive table or will become an excellent detail of the decor of the room as a whole. Those who do not like large and bulky details in the interior are invited to perform this type of candlestick not on a large plate, but on a small saucer.

Wonderful capacity

Let's look at how to make simple candlesticks from cones (master class).

For this you will need the following materials:

  • 2 1 liter glass jars with tall screw caps;
  • bumps;
  • pine branches;
  • bunches of rowan;
  • rose hips or any other bright berries;
  • glycerin;
  • water;
  • small round candles in tin frames;
  • wax;
  • cellophane;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors.

Let's get started.

crafts from natural material from cones
  1. Cones, pine twigs and existing fruits should be put into jars one by one.
  2. Glycerin mixed with water inproportions 1:1 and pour the contents of the cans to a level just below the neck.
  3. Cut out 2 circles from the cardboard along the diameter of the neck of the jar and wrap them in cellophane. Then you need to put them one by one in each container so that the liquid does not show through the edges of the circles.
  4. Melt the wax and pour it on top of the cardboard and cellophane mugs.
  5. In the lids of the jars, make small holes so that the candles fit tightly into them.
  6. Tighten the jars with lids and insert candles into the cut out holes.

The resulting amazing crafts made from natural material (cones) can be used not only on winter holidays, but also on weekdays.

Easier than ever

Continuing the theme of using cones and glass jars as candle holders, you can create another kind of such useful things. The recommended candlestick made of cones, or rather using them for decoration, is very easy to make. For this you will need:

  • glass jar;
  • bumps;
  • small candles;
  • ribbons or thin brown string;
  • gold or silver spray paint;
  • s alt;
  • silver sequins;
  • golden threads for fastening cones.
candlesticks from cones master class
  1. In a jar you need to pour coarse s alt mixed with sparkles. Fill it about a third.
  2. Tie the neck of the jar with a rope or ribbon and tie a bow.
  3. Dye a couple of cones in the desired color and tie a golden thread to them(like a Christmas tree toy).
  4. Fix the bumps on the neck of the jar.
  5. Put the candle in the container.

This candle holder is very easy and simple to make, so even a child can handle the job. If desired, the jar can be additionally decorated with sequins, halves of beads or white paper appliqué.

Glare of fire

The original candlestick made of cones and a jar can be used not only as a desktop item. If you add a couple of details to it, then it will turn into a hanging candlestick that will look beautiful both on a tree in the garden and on the wall in the house. If you make several of these crafts, they can light up the room well, creating a romantic mood.

pine cone candlesticks

In order to make such changes in the candlestick, you will need beautiful and strong chains or ribbons. They need to be firmly attached to the neck of the jar. It is not necessary to close the containers, otherwise the candles will not burn.

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