Interesting and elegant crafts from a cone on the eve of the New Year holidays
Interesting and elegant crafts from a cone on the eve of the New Year holidays

Ordinary pine, spruce, cedar cones are an excellent natural material used to make various crafts. From them you can create all kinds of figurines of animals and birds, Christmas tree decorations, decor items for the interior.

crafts from cones

The master only needs to find a sufficient number of cones of various shapes in the forest, stock up on the necessary consumables and start creating. A pleasant job will charge you with a good mood and positive. Children can also be involved in the creation of original souvenirs from natural materials, they will definitely enjoy such an interesting pastime. In this article, we would like to share with you a master class on the topic "Crafts from cones". We hope you find our tips useful!

Cone Crafts: A New Year's Eve Decorated Christmas Tree

crafts from cones master class

On the eve of the New Year holidays, we invite you to decorate your home with a beautiful and original Christmas tree made of cones. For hercrafting you will need the following materials:

  • bumps;
  • thick paper or cardboard;
  • gold or silver spray paint;
  • glue gun or Moment glue;
  • acorns.

Also, to decorate cone crafts, you may need various decorative elements - bows, ribbons, tinsel, sparkles, and so on. First, prepare the pine cones - paint them with gold or silver spray paint and let dry. Next, we will make a fairly narrow cone of cardboard or thick paper, fastening it with glue. Now gently grease the bottoms of the cones with "Moment" and attach them to the paper blank. It is necessary to place the cones on the cone tightly to avoid the formation of ugly gaps. We leave our Christmas tree to dry, but for now let's take acorns - they also need to be painted. Then glue them on the cone, covering the cracks. That's it, our New Year's crafts made from natural materials are almost ready. It remains only to add a little gloss to it, decorating it with sparkles, tinsel, ribbons and other holiday paraphernalia. As you can see, making crafts from cones is quite simple. Such a Christmas tree will surely decorate your home and delight the household. You can even put gifts and candies under it!

Let's make crafts from a cone with our own hands: a basket for gifts

Another interesting, and most importantly - useful, handicraft made from natural materials is a basket. You can put souvenirs and sweets in it and present it to your colleagues, friends and relatives. In order to make thisproduct, you will need the following materials and tools:

how to make a cone craft
  • spruce cones;
  • varnish;
  • glue gun;
  • thin wire;
  • golden spray paint.

How to make a craft from cones - a basket? First, dry the base material well, then cover it with spray paint and varnish. After drying, gently apply glue to the scales and fasten the cones together so that a circle is formed. This will be the bottom of the basket. Now cut a few cones in half (across) and start attaching them to the workpiece, inside with scales. Hold the buds together well by applying glue between the flakes. As a result, you should get a basket. Now you can proceed to the manufacture of the handle. Take the wire and gently thread it through the base of the buds. Decorate the handle in the same way as the bottom, and leave the craft to dry. Everything, the product is ready! These are the two original and elegant crafts made from cones. The master class presented in this article is not difficult, and any master, even a beginner, can perform it. The main thing is to be careful, patient and create with pleasure!

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