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10-ruble commemorative coins. List of 10 ruble commemorative coins
10-ruble commemorative coins. List of 10 ruble commemorative coins

Besides the usual coins that "live" in all our wallets, the Central Bank of Russia regularly mints and issues commemorative coins. How do they look? And what is the cost of individual such copies? In our article you will find not only answers to these questions, but also a list of commemorative 10-ruble coins. It is about them that will be discussed further.

Commemorative coins of Russia

10-ruble commemorative coins of the Central Bank of Russia (or simply "dozens", as they are also called in the numismatic society) are not among the precious ones. However, the number of people who want to collect them is only increasing every year. Such numismatists are usually divided into two types.

10 ruble commemorative coins

The first ones collect all copies of 10-ruble commemorative coins indiscriminately. Others approach this process more seriously and systematically. Such collectors "hunt" for copies of a particular series or even a certainmint (Moscow or St. Petersburg). By the way, the abbreviation of the manufacturing enterprise is indicated on the obverse of all 10-ruble commemorative coins.

It is very difficult to understand all the variety of these banknotes. Experienced numismatists, of course, cope with this task. But novice collectors will face many difficulties here. After all, the complete collection of 10-ruble coins (commemorative) today has more than a hundred different copies of this denomination. And it is not easy to understand which of them are more expensive. It is precisely such beginners that our article should help.

10 ruble commemorative coins

Below you can find a list of commemorative 10-ruble coins, as well as their series.

What metals are these coins made of?

Depending on what metal the "money" is made of, all commemorative 10-ruble coins of Russia can be divided into two large classes:

  1. Steel.
  2. Bimetallic.

The first ones started to be minted only in 2001, and they, as a rule, are distinguished by low cost (about 50 rubles per 1 piece). These are yellow banknotes with brass plating.

Bimetallic coins, in turn, have been minted since 2000. In everyday life, they are much less common. Their appearance is quite nice: the central cupronickel disc is bordered on the outside with a brass ring.

list of commemorative 10 ruble coins

10-ruble commemorative coins: series list

To datethere are five series of such coins. Let's list them:

  1. "Ancient cities of Russia": includes 34 different coins that were issued from 2002 to 2014 with the same mintage (5 million pieces). Among them there are copies dedicated to Pskov, Kazan, Belgorod, Smolensk, Kaliningrad and other ancient cities of the country.
  2. Series "Russian Federation": total of 39 coins with coats of arms of different subjects of the Russian Federation. These copies were produced in different editions. So, for example, the coin "Lipetsk region" was put into use with a circulation of 10 million pieces. But the coat of arms of the Chechen Republic can be found only on 100,000 signs of this series.
  3. Series "Ministries of Russia": total of 7 coins issued in 2002. After all, it was in 2002 that the 200th anniversary of the founding of the first ministries in Russia was celebrated.
  4. Series "Cities of Military Glory". She started in 2011. Today, commemorative coins have already been issued with images of 32 different cities. Since the list of settlements with this honorary title is constantly updated with new names, in the near future numismatists can expect the release of new coins of this series.
  5. A series of "tens", which are dedicated to all sorts of memorable dates. Here you can find various examples. For example, in 2001 a coin was issued in honor of the 40th anniversary of the first space flight of Yuri Gagarin. There are even exotic examples here: for example, a coin in honor of the All-Russian population census.
collection of 10-ruble commemorative coins

A little about the real price of these coins

What is the real value of "tens"? This issue should be given special attention, so that later, out of ignorance, you do not have to give too much money for a specific "penny".

It should be noted right away that the cost of a commemorative coin of this denomination depends on the following factors:

  • issue circulation;
  • degree of preservation and appearance of the coin (of course, worn copies with various external defects will cost less than their brand new counterparts);
  • year of issue (the earlier the coin was minted, the higher its value will be);
  • metal;
  • mintmark (in some cases, a coin produced by one of the two factories may cost more).
commemorative 10-ruble coins of Russia

As mentioned above, the value of such banknotes depends on the metal. So, steel coins are much cheaper. Their average price is 50 rubles. Bimetallic coins sell for more: from 150 to 500 rubles apiece.

The rarest tens coins

Among the "tens" there are those that are harder to find than others. Accordingly, their cost will be much higher.

So, the coins with the image of the Chechen Republic and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug on the reverse can be considered the most expensive. For them, the collector will have to pay a substantial amount: about ten thousand rubles for one copy. Why are these coins so expensive? It's all about circulation, which in this caseis only 100 thousand copies.

Also, numismatists are hunting for another coin from the same series - "Republic of North Ossetia - Alania". It is valued by collectors for its rare herd and is sold at a price of about 800-900 rubles.

However, other 10-ruble commemorative coins are quite expensive. Even despite the fact that their circulation is quite decent: 5-10 million copies. What is the reason for this?

The fact is that with the appearance in everyday life, most of these coins settled as a "dead weight" in the piggy banks of many ordinary fellow citizens who are not collectors. Thus, it became much more difficult for numismatists to get these coins. And high demand, according to the main law of the economy, forms a high price of goods.

10 ruble commemorative coins 2014

10-ruble commemorative coins of 2014: list

A lot of commemorative "ten" coins were issued in 2014. Their entire list is presented in the table below.

Coins-"tens" issued in 2014

Coin name Total circulation
"Nerekhta" 5 million pieces
"Saratov Region" 10 million
"Tyumen Region" 10 million
"Chelyabinsk region" 10 million
"Penza Region" 10 million
"Republic of Ingushetia" 10 million
"Kolpino" 10 million
"Anapa" 10 million
"Tver" 10 million
"Tikhvin" 10 million
"Vyborg" 10 million
"Stary Oskol" 10 million
"Nalchik" 10 million
"Vladivostok" 10 million
"The entry of Crimea into the Russian Federation" 10 million

Where can I get tens coins?

"Ten" can be obtained in the market or in the store in the form of normal change. After all, these banknotes are in free use. However, if you dream of collecting a complete series, then you should not rely on luck alone. In this case, specialized online stores or numismatist societies in your city will help you find the right coin.

And, of course, it is much more pleasant for a collector to get himself not a shabby, battered copy, but a beautiful and clean coin in a plastic case (in a "bag", as numismatists say).

There are also special albums for storing collectibles. They have already signed holes for all coins from each series. The process of placing a new copy of the collection in such an album will bring indescribable pleasure to a real numismatist.

In conclusion…

10-ruble commemorative coins began to be issued by the CentralBank of the Russian Federation only at the very beginning of the XXI century. These beautiful banknotes will definitely become a worthy decoration of any numismatic collection. We hope that our article has helped you understand all the variety of these coins.

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