Applique "Tulips" from different materials
Applique "Tulips" from different materials

The application "Tulips" can be very beautiful and original. It can be made from different materials, and in several ways. Choose the option you like and get creative with the kids.

applique tulips

Tulips: paper applique (simple)

For the easiest way, you will need stencils in the shape of a flower and a leaf. It is better to make blanks in advance from thick paper or cardboard. If a very small child will do the craft, then adults will have to immediately cut out all the elements from colored paper.

When a lesson is held with a child who can trace the outline on a stencil and cut out the blank, the sequence of work is as follows:

  1. Take a flower stencil and circle it on a red, yellow or other sheet of a suitable shade as many times as needed.
  2. Cut out blanks.
  3. Also make leaf blanks.
  4. Cut thin strips from green paper. These will be the stems.
  5. To make the application "Tulips" look neat and complete, you will need to frame the panel, so prepare four strips ofpaper or cardboard, which, when finished, glue on the sides of the base.
  6. When all the elements of the craft are cut out, proceed to the "assembly". This process is simple. Glue the tulip blanks to the top of the base.
  7. Glue a stem down from each flower.
  8. Place the leaves on top of the stems.
colored paper tulip applique

Frame it - and the craft is ready.

Paper Craft (Intermediate)

A more complex, but beautiful application "Tulips" can be made on the basis of a lanceolate stencil, which plays the role of both a leaf and a petal at the same time. The craft is done as follows:

  1. Prepare a cardboard stencil in the shape of a leaflet, but not too elongated, draw and cut the blank.
  2. According to the template made, circle a few details on a sheet of green paper. These will be leaves. Two pieces are enough for one tulip.
  3. Cut out the elements along the path.
  4. If you wish and enough time, you can make for each leaflet one more blank of a larger size from paper of a different shade of elements that will be glued first and serve as a decorative outline of the leaflet.
  5. Use green paper to make narrow strips of suitable length for stems.
  6. Circle the pattern you made earlier on a sheet of red (orange, pink, yellow) paper three times for one flower. You can fold the sheet, if the paper is thin, in the right number of layers and circle the stencil onetimes.
  7. Cut out the colored petals.
  8. Make the same number of blanks from white paper. Of these, a fringe will be formed for each petal. Fringed tulips look very impressive in a flower bed, so they will also be very unusual in the form of paper crafts.
  9. Now you need to cut the fringe. For one tulip, for two white blanks, it is cut along the inner sides, which will be directed towards the center, and for the third white blank, only a sharp tip is required, along the sides of which the fringe is cut.
  10. When all the elements are prepared, take the base and start the gluing process. You can pre-draw an outline drawing showing the location of the parts.
  11. Glue the center white blanks first.
  12. Second layer, glue the colored petals gently onto the white fringe.
  13. Glue the fringe on the outermost pair of petals, and then the petals themselves.
  14. Glue the stems and leaves.
  15. tulips paper applique

Frame the craft or use it to decorate the front of a postcard.

Tulips from napkins

If the applique "Tulips" from colored paper seems difficult for a child, use a simpler technique when the baby lays out a craft from pre-rolled lumps of colored napkin particles along the drawn contour. You can also use white ones, only after rolling into balls they will have to be dipped in gouache and dried.

Tulips: applique fromfabrics

This craft can be used simply as a decorative panel or as an element of decorating some accessory, for example, bags, pillow cases. Any fabric will do, but it is better to use fleece or felt. They do not require processing the edges of parts and allow gluing small elements.

tulips fabric applique

You already know how the application "Tulips" is made from colored paper, it is easy to make decor from felt using a similar technology. The only difference will be that the blanks can not be glued, but sewn along the contour with a needle and thread.

So, the application "Tulips" is easily made both from paper in different ways, and from fabric or other materials. Choose your favorite craft. Make a panel with your child to decorate a wall or a spring-themed postcard.

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