How to make a cap out of paper - step by step guide
How to make a cap out of paper - step by step guide

Paper hats are a universal tool for creating a wide variety of masquerade costumes. Indeed, thanks to the many existing techniques, almost any model can be made from this material, from a pirate hat to a Napoleon cocked hat.

Today we will learn how to make a cap out of paper using the Japanese art of origami. This headdress can perform a variety of functions. For example, such a design, made in haste from improvised material, can protect the wearer of a headdress who has forgotten it at home from sunstroke.

how to make a cap out of paper

So, how to make a cap out of paper? First we need to decide which piece of paper to take. If you give preference to the A4 format or any other rectangle, the headdress will turn out to be pointed. And if you need a hat with a flat top, you should choose a square sheet.

make a cap out of paper

In addition, we should not forget that the smaller the paper size, the smaller the cap itself will turn out. For a small child, a standard landscape sheet is quite suitable, and for a teenager or adulta person, a newspaper would be a more appropriate option.

step two - bend the first corner

This material is also convenient in that it is quite common and can be found wherever you are, be it in the park, street, garden or village.

step two - bend the second corner

We will clearly show you how to make a cap with a flat top for an adult out of paper, and at the same time we will explain how the material should be handled in the case of making an acute-angled version.

step 3 - bend the bottom strips

We need a square sheet of newsprint for the first case and a rectangular one for the second. We fold the figure in half, and then bend the corners as shown in the figures. Try to keep them equal, otherwise the headdress will turn out crooked. If you have problems with this item, you can use a ruler to measure the fold lines. This will make things easier.

step 3.2

If you are wondering how to make a cap with a sharp top out of paper, then you should keep in mind that the differences are already at this stage. If our sheet were rectangular, we would fold it along the long side, after which we would form two equal triangles touching at the middle line.


In this case, we would have left free space below, which in the version with a flat top is formed due to the distance between the folds.

Further actions will be similar in both cases. We bendloose stripes from bottom to top, first on one side, then on the other. After that, we open the model and put it on with a sense of accomplishment. Our headdress is ready. Also, for greater structural reliability, protruding corners can be bent, but this is not necessary.

paper hats

Now you know how to make a cap out of paper and how you can adjust its appearance. The sharper the vertex you want to achieve, the closer you need to place the triangles in the second step. Conversely, your hat will look as flat as you place the shapes above.

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