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How to make an origami bird out of paper according to the schemes
How to make an origami bird out of paper according to the schemes

The art of origami was born many years ago in distant Japan. The monks folded figures of animals, birds and flowers from square pieces of paper. Now this technique has gained popularity all over the world, the number of origami fans is increasing every year. Lovers of needlework in our country did not remain indifferent either. The easiest way to learn how to fold various figures is according to the schemes. They can be found in printed publications or on Internet sites.

In the article, we will consider how to make an origami bird out of paper with your own hands. We will provide some interesting step-by-step schemes, according to which it is easy and simple to assemble the craft. All origami is made only from square sheets. If you like to do such crafts, then make patterns out of cardboard by drawing them using a triangle. Clarity is incredibly important in the art of origami. If the error in the calculations is equal to 1 mm, then the figureit will turn out to be crooked and sloppy.

Beginning origami craftsmen make squares from sheets of A-4 paper, folding one of the corners to the opposite side. The excess strip is cut off with scissors. It is advisable to additionally check the dimensions with a ruler. Next, let's look at how to make origami birds out of paper using several examples. A step-by-step job description will help you cope with the task in difficult places.


In the photo below there is a scheme for assembling a bird of prey crow. It is best to make crafts from thin colored paper, since the crafts from thick sheets for a printer turn out to be too rough and dense, it is difficult to make folds. In the diagram, folding patterns under No. 1, 2, 3 are clear, so we will skip the explanation. Let's start the tips on how to make an origami bird out of paper right away from No. 4.

crow origami

Between the folds of the triangles you need to stick your finger and lift the connection of the two elements up. From the corner in the center, bend the paper so that you get a sharp corner. Repeat the procedure on the other side as well. You will get a figure under No. 6. Bend the corners from the middle in opposite directions. These will be the crow's legs. Fold the blank in half lengthwise and make one fold in the place indicated by the dotted line.

Further again, bend the figure in half, but already in width. At this stage, the contours of the future bird become noticeable. Lay the upper part, where the head is located, inward and turn the head to the front side. It remains to bend the paper 5 mm inward to form a beak. Use a marker to draw eyes and the bird is ready!


Despite the fact that the penguin can swim and has completely forgotten how to fly, it is classified as a bird. Next, consider how to make an origami bird living on the seashore out of paper.

penguin origami

The paper folding scheme is quite understandable, the only thing you need to pay attention to is turning the parts inside out. So, when folded along a dotted line to form a head, the part consists of stripes of the front and back sides of colored paper. It is necessary to make a fold, then open the workpiece and turn the part to the other side, adhering to the folds made. You will get a blue part. Do the same procedure with the crease on the penguin's belly. When turning the part to the other side, the tail will become visible.


How easy it is to make an origami bird out of paper, see the following step-by-step photo. Fold the paper square in half diagonally and fold the corners in different directions. Then the workpiece is turned upside down and bent in half. Further in the direction of the dotted line, the neck of the swan and its head are folded. Press the outermost corner inward, making a 2 mm paper fold. This will be the bird's beak. It remains to form the shape of the tail with folds and the swan is ready!

origami swan

If you attach two swans on a sheet of cardboard with their beaks to each other, having previously pasted a large red heart, you will get an interesting postcard for Valentine's Day. You can give this craft for a wedding. The newlyweds will appreciate the efforts of your child and will keep such crafts formemory long.

Blue bird of luck

Next, let's figure out how to make a bird of happiness out of paper (origami is an art, as you can see, that allows you to do anything). Usually it is depicted in blue, so prepare a square of such paper. First you need to fold the sheet in half diagonally on one side and the other to indicate the center lines. Then the workpiece is assembled in half, and the strip is bent along the dotted line from the middle.

blue bird of luck

Make sure that its sides are parallel. The second fold is formed in the center of this strip. It divides the double triangle into equal parts, which need to be turned in opposite directions, as shown in the figure under5.

Next, we connect the two halves together and raise the wings up along the dotted line. It remains only to form a beak. This is done in the usual way, already familiar to readers from other descriptions.


To work on this version of the origami dove, prepare not only a sheet of square paper, but also scissors, as some sides of the workpiece will need to be cut, and parts of others cut off altogether.

pigeon origami

The folding scheme is quite simple, so it does not need a step-by-step explanation. You need to act from top to bottom and from left to right. Where the dotted line is drawn, folds are made.

Now you know how to make an origami bird out of paper, and a photo with square sheet folding patterns will help you make crafts easily and simply. Good luck!

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