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How to put a ship in a bottle: simple ways to make
How to put a ship in a bottle: simple ways to make

A pirate or romantic ship in a bottle surrounded by fish is a wonderful souvenir that impresses and fascinates at the same time. A sailboat in a bottle seemed to have landed on a modern shelf from the pages of an adventure novel about sea robbers. How are ship models in a bottle made? More about this in the article.

An old ship from book stories

The inventor of "bottle" ships was an ordinary school teacher Harry Eng. He was full of ideas and figured out how to make unique souvenirs. His skillful hands created a large number of similar crafts, inside of which there were not only sailboats. The bottle got: ships, books, tennis and baseballs, padlocks of an unusual shape.

Today, there are a large number of such souvenirs on store shelves. Many buyers have a question about how to put a ship in a bottle. Someone turns the bottle in their hands for a long time, trying to understand the secret. Someone is sure that the bottle is simply cut and then glued together. They are then very surprised if they do not find any tracesbonding.

But the secret is quite simple. And for a person who likes to do something with his own hands, it will not be difficult to make such a souvenir. This interesting and creative work will bring great pleasure. The main thing is to understand how the ship gets into the bottle.

ship at sea

"Bottle" frigate

There are several ways to put a ship in a bottle. Consider the most popular.

The first option is quite simple. Materials needed:

  • wide mouth glass or plastic bottle;
  • foldable sailboat model;
  • threads, hinge;
  • decorative cap or cork.

The boat can be purchased at the store (you need to choose a model with removable parts) or you can make it yourself. An important condition is the flexibility of the mast, which can be tilted to the sides. To do this, a hinge is laid at its base, providing sufficient flexibility. Rigging threads are attached to the mast. When folded, the boat can easily pass through the neck of the bottle. For clarity, all stages of work are shown in the picture.

  1. First you need to install the base to which the boat is attached. Then carefully place the vessel inside the container and gently pull on the strings to straighten the mast.
  2. When the sailboat is in the proper position, cut the threads. It remains only to close the cap or cork bottle neck.
ship laying plan

Easy way to assemble a souvenir

There is another way how to doship in a bottle. In this case, the ship does not have a flexible mast and is a complete product.

  1. A plastic bottle is used, the top is carefully cut off in it. The inside of the bottle is ready for use. You can easily place any item inside.
  2. A stand is attached to the bottom of a horizontally laid bottle with hot glue. From above, its base is also smeared with glue. The ship is fixed on it. The inner walls of the bottle and the space around the ship can be decorated with artificial algae, figurines of fish, seagulls, a mermaid or a starfish.
  3. The cut off part of the container must be returned to its place, smearing the edges with hot glue. Some people use tape. To hide the seam, you can use small shells, algae, sand. The final touch will be the original cork or a folded piece of paper in the form of a note.
  4. souvenir boat

Men are the inventors of the ship in a bottle

Many are fond of collecting such fakes. Someone is waiting for them as a gift, and someone understood how they put a ship in a bottle and makes such models on their own. Moreover, instead of a sailboat, the inside of the bottle is filled with planes, cars, trains and other elements of modern technology. Skill and special tools help in the work.

master tools

Such structures are becoming more magnificent and more complex every year. Manufacturing methods are being improved, new models are appearing.

Some craft makersknow how to put a ship in a bottle piece by piece. They collect it directly in the container itself with long tweezers and magnets. This method is one of the most difficult. But even a master can do it.

A beautiful souvenir is an excellent gift idea. It is used for interior decoration to create an atmosphere of mysterious adventures to distant lands and romantic sea stories.

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