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How to crochet a basket for functional use
How to crochet a basket for functional use

How to crochet a basket, it becomes clear when knitting circle patterns are considered. Then the walls of the product are formed, which can later be finished with any material and in any way. Decorative baskets are created in the same way as openwork napkins. Additionally, the canvas just needs to be starched.

The easiest knitted basket for decoration

Decorative baskets are most often used to store small things. For their manufacture, it is worth using knitted yarn. This material is easy to clean and easy to work with. It holds its shape well and is elastic at the same time.

To learn how to crochet a basket, you need to use the following pattern:

  • Create an amigurumi ring that will have 8 single crochets.
  • The second row involves an increase in the number of loops by 2 times. Therefore, you need to make an addition in each loop, knitting 2 single crochets in 1 previous loop.
  • In the third row you need to make additions through 1 column, in the fourth through 2 loops. In each subsequent row, increase between additions by 1 loop. Makeincrements until you get a circle with the desired diameter.
  • Next, it is worth knitting the walls. The first row is knitted so that only the front thread of the loop is knitted when creating a column.
  • The rest of the rows are knitted without adding or decreasing. Each loop is performed according to the standard. Knit until the sides of the required height are obtained. The walls can be knitted with double crochets.
  • making an oval basket

The simplest basket can be square or oval. The main thing is to find a suitable knitting pattern.

Crochet openwork basket

Crocheting interior baskets is quite simple. You can get started in the same way as the most ordinary basket. This will make it possible to form a strong base that will hold its shape well. A simpler manufacturing option involves knitting an openwork napkin.

decorative basket

To give the product rigidity to maintain its shape, you need to starch the napkin. Next, put the moistened product in water with starch on a bowl, let it dry. This will turn out a decorative basket, which, after washing, can change its shape in accordance with the desires of the needlewoman.

Decorating a knitted basket

Before you crochet the basket, you should consider further decoration. To do this, you can use a lot of different tools and materials:

  1. Glue gun.
  2. Needle and thread.
  3. Stapler.
  4. Super glue.

Crochetbaskets do not always have an attractive appearance or require additional finishing. To decorate a knitted basket, you can use ribbons, with which it is easy to make embroidery. Lace and guipure will help make the basket more romantic.

decorating a knitted basket

You can knit some elements from threads, then sew them to the base of the basket. Additionally, sequins, beads, beads, buttons, stripes can be used. Whole applications from different types of materials can be created on the body.

Basket bag for DIY functional use

To make the basket more functional, consider how to make it look like a bag. To do this, you need to find a diagram of how to crochet a basket bag, which will have handles to improve functionality. It is worth preparing knitted or cotton yarn with a thickness of at least 1 cm, it is also important to choose a suitable hook.

How to crochet a basket with handles:

  1. Cast on a chain of 15 air loops. Stepping back 1 loop from the edge, knit a single crochet in the second from the edge. Work in single crochet without indent to the end of the chain.
  2. In the last loop of the chain you need to knit 6 single crochets, forming a turn. We continue to knit from the second side of the chain with single crochets. At the end of the chain, knit 5 stitches in the last loop.
  3. The second row is also knit in a circle. In each turn loop, knit 2 double crochets. Knit the third row, like the previous ones, but in the turn loops, add after 1column.
  4. In all the following rows, increase in the turn loops, respectively, through 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 columns. Having formed the bottom, proceed to knitting the walls of the basket bag.
  5. Walls knit without additions. Knit the first row of the transition from the bottom to the wall so that only the back thread of the loop is captured. Then knit normally.
  6. When the walls are ready, you need to make handles. First, count the resulting knitting columns. Determine the diameter of the handles by counting a certain number of columns. For example, to form a pen, you need 20 columns. Mark 20 columns on opposite sides of the basket.
  7. Knit a row in the same way as the sides of the basket. Over the marked 20 columns, knit a chain of 20 air loops. To make strong handles, you need to knit about 5-10 rows.
crochet basket bag

Then you need to finish the job and start decorating.

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