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How to make a cash register out of paper at home
How to make a cash register out of paper at home

Cardboard and paper are a unique material for creating children's toys and play attributes. From cardboard boxes, creative parents make a TV, a car, a rocket, an electric stove, a kitchen set. For playing shop, home masters know how to make a cash register out of paper.

Make toys at home

Modern stores are full of various game devices. Usually their cost is quite high, and not every parent can afford. However, you should not spend money and get upset about this. Parents are excellent masters in the field of creating toys. They can sew soft animals, build houses and furniture, make themed items for playing in a hospital, restaurant, shop. In order for a new "sales outlet" to appear in the children's room, the child needs goods, paper money, price tags, and a cash register. Making a cash register out of paper, like a real one, is within the power of every creative member of the family. It just takes a little effort.

cash register

Make a paper cash register like a real cash register

The cash register counts the cost of groceries, counts the change and keeps the savings. There are several ways to make a cash register out of paper with your own hands. Having acquired such a toy, the little seller will be delighted to sell books and toys for friends and family members.

You can make a simple cash register by drawing a dial on a piece of cardboard and sticking a stack of check papers, but the game will become much more interesting if you make a large cash machine for a small seller with real buttons, a counting machine and a roll of checks.

Required Materials

Before making a cash register out of paper, the craftsman needs to prepare the materials.

For work you will need:

  • calculator (you can use a non-working one);
  • box (larger than a calculator);
  • plastic bowl (like the bottom of a container);
  • cardboard;
  • toilet paper roll or cardboard roll;
  • scissors, stationery knife;
  • hot glue;
  • paper;
  • old reel;;
  • pencil or pen;
  • felt pens;
  • scotch.

When the necessary items are collected, we will consider in detail how to make a cash register out of paper for money.

cash register items

Operating instruction

Having prepared the material, let's get to work:

  1. Display. Glue circles on both sides to the roll (toilet paper sleeve) forformation of an integral figure. In the middle, along the roll, we make an incision - numbers will be shown here, indicating the weight and cost of the product. Cut out 12 oval shapes from cardboard. On each of them we write down a serial number.
  2. Buttons of the cash machine. We measure the dimensions of the calculator and mark it on the box. Cut out the corresponding hole. From below, with the help of adhesive tape, we fasten the calculator so that the buttons look out.
  3. Cash drawer. From the side of the box, make a cut and remove the bottom. From here, a plastic container will act as a cash drawer.
  4. Cut out a window for the paper reel on the side. We string the coil onto a pencil. We attach it with tape to the box from the inside. In this case, the coil should look out on the surface. We cut strips of paper and wind them on a coil. The edges of the paper peek out over the top of the cash register. This way the seller can issue a check to the buyer.
  5. Cut out buttons from the remnants of cardboard, which we will fill and decorate the surface of the cash register.
  6. To make a cash register for money, like in a store, colorful and interesting, it needs to be painted. We use bright felt-tip pens and paints. The body can be painted yellow, the buttons can be painted pink or red.
  7. Leave the painted parts to dry completely. After that, we proceed to the assembly of the trading machine. We fix the display, buttons with hot glue.
children's cash desk

The little seller will be delighted with the new invention and the necessary inventory for the toy store. Don't hesitate.

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